I: I Am

It was cold. His uncovered skin felt the frosty chill as his entire body shivered. Groping around in the dark for something to cover himself with, he could feel a warm finger sliding down his neck to his back slowly, sensuously. He shuddered involuntarily, listening to breathy whispers that were low and husky in his ear. He suppressed the arousal that was rushing through his body. He had to resist it.

"You're mine," the voice whispered, his hands sliding across the smaller man's smooth chest. "All of you. . ." the hands went to his stomach, then the navel, and then even lower. . .

He choked, gasping as he struggled to get those hands away. If this went on, he wouldn't be able to suppress his urge anymore. He had to get away. Get away before it's too late.

"Why do you resist?" The voice asked mockingly, "I know you want me. You've always wanted me. That's why you are mine. . ."

He could feel tears stinging his eyes.

"N-no. .! Get-get away! Get away!"

"Why do you resist. . .?"

"D-don't touch me! I-I'm not yours. .! I don't belong to you!"

"Why do you keep fighting me. . .?"

"N-no. . .! NO! Nnnnngh. . . nnnoo. . .!"

". . . Cloud. . ."

That had to be some sort of a singularly transcendent dream. Or something along those lines.

Cid was crossing his arms, looking down on the young man currently thrashing under the sheets. And not in that kind of really scared shitless or struggling kind of thrashing but. . .

Well, he was thrashing all right.

A gasp eluded the young guy. Cid couldn't help but wince. He suppressed the urge to smack the kid, and make him stop but opted to keep watching instead. Might prove to be informative, people sleep talking usually let out more informa-

A moan.

Cid's eye twitched, but he seemed oddly fascinated by this. 'Is this voyeurism?' he wondered, a smirk crossing his features. 'Heh, this shit seems like fun.' He leaned forward slightly, anxiously waiting for the next action. He could hear rising whispers from the kid as he began to moan longingly. 'Looks like the fucker's gonna hit his peak. . .'

He felt a heavy piece of metal connecting with the back of his scalp promptly.

"What the FUCK do ya think you're doing! Fucker! That fucking hurts!"

"Shut it you perverted old man," the young brunette countered, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Cid wanted to retort but held his tongue as he caught sight of the hilt of the Gunblade that was responsible for his concussion.

The brunette sat on the bed. He gently looked through the man's injuries, murmuring as he wondered what had happened. The wounds looked bad, real bad. The man began to mutter feverishly as he ran a hand along a particularly deep incision.

Well that did it.

". . . .ack. .!" the man managed to choke out as his hand shot up, whacking the brunette in the face and causing him to fall backwards onto the floor. Blinking slightly, he fingered the incision with his other hand, massaging it. Eyes still out of focus, he could make out three silhouettes in front of him, but that was all. He was too battered to be able to put his guard up.

As the wheels in his head finally began to turn, he had so many things he wanted to shout out to these blurry strangers. He wanted to know who, and what, and where. He wanted to know if they were allies or enemies. He wanted to tell them to back off and let him be. He wanted to say that he needed to know if anyone else was still alive. His throat was parched.

Eventually, his vision became clearer and his throat began to work as well. He could see the guy on the floor was back on his feet, massaging his jaw. He tried to synchronize his body so that he could say whatever he wanted to say intelligently so that he would be relieved of all his burdens, so that he would know the next step he had to take. He had to say so many important things. These people were looking so expectantly at him. The last fight was bad. He thought that he wouldn't even be able to survive. And now, he would finally voice all of it out.

". . . am I naked. . .?"

If he had the energy, he would have throttled himself there and then.

An amused expression flickered across the young girl's face who was leaning against the doorway.

"Not nearly as much as we'd like you to be," she replied mischievously.

Cid whacked her upside her head.

"Oww! Hey, you're one to talk, pervert!"

The blond man on the bed looked at them dazed, as though still battered from the previous battle. The injuries marring his body were serious and major. He wouldn't be able to move for weeks. It was amazing enough that he was still alive.

"Are you okay? Can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?"Yuffie asked as she walked towards him, leaning forward and thrusting her hand a little farther from his face. He squinted, inclining his head to a side and slowly, words began to form.

"Th-three. . ."

She nodded in satisfaction, letting her hands rest on her hips and turning her upper body to face the two behind her. "He seems better now. Maybe we should let him get his head straight first," she said conclusively. The other two didn't respond.

After a while, it seemed like the he was able to fully use his body the way he remembered. He scanned the room, taking in all he saw. He locked eyes with the brunette whose hands were still rubbing a sore spot on his jaw.

"Ah, um. . . I'm sorry. . . sorry about that," he said, pointing. The brunette raised his eyebrows in reply, letting his hand drop to his side. "It's fine. You were having a nightmare."

Cid smirked.

Squall glared at him.

"Are you feeling okay? Can you tell us who you are?" he asked, turning to the blond man one again.

". . . I am. . . Cloud Strife."

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