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'Til We Meet Again
by: cloudgoddess

Chapter 1

The moon is glowing brightly. Under its intense shine, three 16-year-old kunoichi possess nothing similar to its radiant luster. One is crying and the remaining two try to hold back the tears.

They will be leaving Konoha.

Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino and Kagami Tenten were walking away from the shopping district. Despite the apparent exhaustion, it was satisfied smiles that highlighted their faces. Their hands gripped tightly their prized possessions - colorful bags of different sizes, loots from their shopping spree.

The sight was akin to an aftermath of a successful mission.

"It has been a really tiring day! I want to rest already. My team even has a training session tomorrow. Kami! This is too much for having a day off," Ino complained, as she wiped of the sweat glistening in her face.

Her companions looked at her like she had grown two heads. "Stop complaining Ino-pig! It was your idea to go shopping on our day off," Sakura said.

"But both of you were willing to go with me forehead!"

Sakura sighed in defeat, and the complaining blonde grinned smugly. Sensing irritation from their brunette friend, the two bickering friends shifted their focus to Tenten, who has just taken out a kunai from her pocket. "Relax Ten!"

"Somebody is following us," Tenten said. The two other girls dropped their shopping bags, took their kunai out and assumed a fighting stance. They tried to locate where the chakra was coming, but it seems scattered.

"Where is Hinata when you need her?" Ino whined, but kept her focus for possible attacks.

It was a surprise to the girls that somebody wants to attack them while they are wearing civilian clothes. Just newly inducted chuunin, it was almost impossible for village enemies to know them. But Sakura was gripped with fear that the person's real target was not them, but her teammates. "Come out and show yourself!"

A maddening laugh replied to her command.

They did not have anything to worry from that encounter. The stalker appeared before them, and he was far off from their expectations. Ash blond hair, expressive grey eyes, well-defined jaws, lean physique – he was nothing short of handsome. And he was the guy who was taking them home, away from home.

"D-do we really need to leave Konoha, Sano?" Ino said in between her sniffles. The sole female member of Team 10 was clutching her handkerchief like it was her lifeline. "I still can't believe that I'm one of the successors to a throne of a place I don't even know."

"Naruto will probably die from envy if he gets a whip of this," Sakura added wistfully.

Their stalker, Sano, looked at them with great interest. Ino, Sakura and Tenten were the next rulers of Rakuen, his home town. "Yes. You really need to assume your responsibilities in the country now. Tsunade-sama understands."

"Were you able to give Tsunade-sama, what you need to give?" Tenten asked, as she gently traced the flower mark on her arm. Ino and Sakura nodded.

Having settled their luggage, all four boarded the carriage.