By: S. Eerandgel © 2005

An: just a poem in Serenity POV. Enjoy. Oh, I do not own Sailor Moon or anything like it.

I see a look in his eyes

A look of true love

I know he means for me to see

How is changes the glance of those dark depts.

His love for me is great

He honors me with his ways

He loves my skin, my hair, my eyes

He loves my very soul, with his very most

In his castle he wouldworship me

Feed me with his hands and

With his fingers, wipe my tears from my face

And in his strong arms he would hold me close.

I fear his love for me is his death

His passion for me is overcoming

There is one who love him with like passion

Yet not a glance will he spare her

To my credit I spare neither glance nor caress

When lesser ones would succumb

I regret his love, though is it true

I wish it not for me.

How wish for my rescue

Soon I shall see my love again

It will brake him to see me in his embrace

But that is where I belong

Dark Prince I fear, you will not live long

For my love is near

Regret your actions Prince

For my Endymoin is here.




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