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Full Summary: During a ghost fight, Danny gets hurt and end up in the hospital. While he is in the hospital a new ghost hybrid moves into Amity Park and starts doing Danny's job. She appears good, but when Danny returns, she starts to appear evil. Technus comes back, but he starts to work with the ghost hybrid.

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Danny, Sam, and Tucker were just walking out of school when Danny's ghost sense went off. Danny looked around to make sure no one was watching before he went ghost. He flew up into the air and looked around, but didn't see anything. He was about to change back when this dragon like ghost appeared.

"ARRRRR!" the dragon ghost spat.

"Who is that ghost?" Sam asked Danny.

"I don't know, I've never seen it before."

Danny turned back to face the ghost, but instead got a big tail wack from the ghost. This sent Danny flying back into the school building. He sat up and fired a ecto-blast at it, only to have the dragon breath fire on him. Surprised by this, Danny didn't go intangible quick enough and got hit. It hurt, but he'd been hurt worse before.

He shook it off and continued to fire at the ghost. The ghost was weakening, and so Danny pulled out his thermos, ready to trap it inside. The dragon ghost instead gave him another tail wack. It then hit it with more of its fire breath. Now Danny was weakening. He flew back into the air and fired at the ghost.

This pattern went on for the next few minutes until Danny couldn't fight anymore. Danny was lying on the ground, trying to sit back up. The ghost rushed over and tail wacked him again. Danny cried out in pain as he was wacked into a tree. The ghost breathed more fire breath on him before leaving.

Danny hurt worse than he could remember. All over he ached, his skin felt like it was burning. He tried to sit up, but was too worn to sit up. He could hear his friends as they came next to him. He heard as they asked what they could do. Slowly, their voices began to fade as he fell unconscious.

Sam and Tucker looked at him desperatly trying to know what to do. They finally decided to call Jazz, since she also knew about his powers.

"Jazz," Sam said as soon as Jazz answered, "you need to come over here now, Danny's hurt."

"I'll be right there." Jazz said then hung up and got in her car and rushed back over to the school.

Jazz arrived soon and she ran out of her car to where Sam and Tucker sat next to Danny. After telling Jazz what happened, Jazz carefully picked him up and took him over to her car. Sam ran next the car and asked if she could come with Jazz.

"I don't know Sam..."

"Please." Sam begged.

Jazz looked from her to Danny and back to her. Looking into her eyes she could feel her sadness and she knew how she'd feel if she couldn't be with him right now.

"Okay Sam, get in."

"I have to go home, can you call me as soon as you know how he is?" Tucker asked.

"I will." Jazz said.

Sam sat in the back seat with Danny. She held his hand, and with her other hand, she gently ran her hand through his hair. Jazz went back home first because she wasn't sure if she should take him to the hospital. Jazz ran inside and in a matter of moments, she was back with Maddie and Jack.

Jazz then drove them all to the hospital. Once there, doctors took him back right away, and they didn't see or hear anything for the next few minutes. Finally after what seemed like a eternity, a doctor approached them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fenton."

"Yes, what's wrong with him..."

The doctor stopped Maddie's worried rambling and said, "We aren't exactly sure, however he is awake, and you may see him, but one at a time."

They looked at each other before Maddie went back first. She walked into his room and saw him looking over at the window. She walked up to his side and said, "Danny."

Slowly he turned to look at her, ""

With tears in her eyes, she leaned down and gently huged him.

"What happened?" was all she managed to say.

"I...a ghost."

Her face hardened when he said that, but she softened it as she turned back to look at Danny. Inside she vowed that if she ever found the ghost that did this would pay big time.

How could a ghost just attack a helpless human. She thought, well, this proves that ghosts don't care about being evil.

Danny started to fall asleep, so she left so that hopefully he'd still be awake long enough to see the others.

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