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Marla took a deep breath, then headed to the door. She slowly opened it. She floated into the lair. "Who's there?" Technus yelled.

"D..Dad.." Marla managed to say. Technus turned to face her. His face softened.



"I haven't seen you in years." Technus replied as he pulled her into a hug.


"So tell me, how you found me?" Technus asked Marla.

"Well, Phantom boy..."

"Danny Phantom"

"Yeah whatever...he was the key. I knew that between him and the ghosts, I'd find out. So, I set it up so that Danny would stay in the hospital. That way I could talk to him. And get his trust."

"By trickery." Danny complained.

"So what! Anyway, once I had Danny helping me, it was easy."

"Well I'm just glad you found me."

"Why are you known as evil though?" Marla asked.

"Well, when I was told I could never see you again, I got upset. And I wanted to be able to defeat those that kept me from you. Being evil let me do that." Technus explained.

"Question! Why is Marla half ghost?" Danny asked.

"Oh, cause I was half ghost." Technus told him.

"W..w...wa!" Danny stuttered.

"Yeah, I went to college with Vlad and Jack and Maddie, only they knew me as Nicky. Anyway, I went to school with them, and we hung out at times, but I didn't know them that well. So, when they were doing their ghost experiments, I walked in right as it went off. The blast hit me and Vlad."

"Weird, why have I never heard of you in their stories?"

"Power to erase memory was one of my first powers I got, so I used it. I was humiliated by what happened, so I erased the memory."

"Oh, makes sense I guess...but why didn't Vlad get that power?"

"For the same reason Vlad does not have the ghostly wail, not every ghost gets the same power."

"Oh, I suppose that would make sense..well, I'll leave you two now." With that Danny flew out. Danny heard from Marla from time to time. But mostly she stuck with her dad. Technus returned to being good now that his daughter was back. He didn't really help him with the other ghosts, unless he needed mroe help.

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