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Chapter 6- Crash

Luke and Anakin were awakened by several warning alarms sounding on their ship. Luke, a bit quicker than his father due to his lack of armor, made it to the cockpit first. However, Anakin was not far behind.

"What is it?" Anakin asked, slipping quickly into the pilot's chair.

They had been in hyperspace for days now, passing the time playing games, sleeping, or merely chatting. This problem appeared to be their first…and one that could not be worse.

Luke shook his head. "The ship took some damage while we slept, apparently." He scanned a few of the ship's readouts before adding, "We'll have to make an emergency landing. What's the nearest planet?"

Anakin hit a few buttons, his black mask downturned toward the command screens of the ship. After a few moments—all the while, the alarms still going—he motioned for Luke to sit.

"I've found one. It's not labeled on the ships maps, which tells me that we're in Lorelei's galaxy—the Milky Way, did they call it?" he asked off-handedly as Luke belted in.

"I think so. Have any idea if we're even close to her solar system?" the younger Jedi replied, trying to help his father's attempt to land as much as possible.

"Without any of the planets being named, I can't tell. I'm pulling us out of hyperspace now and beginning the landing cycle as soon as we're close enough."

Luke chose not to continue the conversation, his mind filling with worry. Odds were that they were going to be stranded on a strange, possibly uninhabited planet that was a galaxy away from his daughter. Not to mention, he might be systems away from his wife. The fall out of hyperspace ceased the sounding of the alarms, which led both father and son to silently agree that it was the hyperspace engine that had taken most the damage. The planet ahead looked nice enough…Luke even thought he saw a structure far on one of the continents. They had come out close to the planet's atmosphere, and its gravitational pull forced Anakin to start the landing cycle a mere fifteen minutes after leaving hyperspace.

"I'm aiming for a forested area on this island mass," Anakin said, pointing to a computer generated map of the area.

Luke nodded. "Are you hoping for a clearing or making one of your own?"

Luke could feel his father's mischievous smile through the Force. He sighed, gripping the consol in front of him for added support. The shuttle burst through the levels of the planet's atmosphere, making the forest almost instantly visible. Luke thought, for a moment, he had caught a glimpse of another, larger structure as well, but, when he looked again, it was gone. He thought it odd, but, with the ground approaching fast, he quickly wiped it from his mind.

However, Anakin Skywalker was known for his piloting skills. Deciding to indeed make a clearing of his own, he managed to land the shuttle close to one edge of the forest. Luke listened as branches and trunks of trees groaned, bent, and broke all around them. But the landing, on the whole, was a success. Anakin, through his mask, sighed—which sounded quite strange given his automated breathing.

"Well, shall we explore our temporary home?" he asked.

Luke's heart seemed to skip several beats. Anakin quickly amended his statement.

"Until we fix the hyperdrive, that is. I'm sure we have all the parts necessary with us."

Luke stood, not quite trusting himself to speak. Instead, he called on the Force, willing himself to find a calm center. He approached the shuttle's rear and lowered the gangplank. It got itself stuck on a tree trunk, but Anakin and Luke were still able to exit the shuttle with no difficulty.

It was night on this planet…and the forest had a strangely unwelcoming feel to it. Anakin surveyed his surroundings for a moment, before heading off in the direction to his right. Luke followed without question. They approached the barrier of the forest and found a great field of green nothingness. No signs of inhabitation anywhere…except for a dilapidated castle with a warning in what appeared to be Lorelei's language.

"What does it say?" Anakin asked, pointing to the sign.

Luke shook his head. "It's a warning, but I only know that for the colors. Lorelei was teaching me her language…in writing of course. We speak the same language and just call it something different."

"And use different symbols in our alphabet. But…writings you recognize, Luke. This is a good sign."

Luke nodded, concentrating hard on the ruins. They sparked a memory…something long ago. He could hear his wife's voice in his ear, from a time before the two were even married.

You said that non-magical folk can't come to Hogwarts…but it's a castle. How do you keep it hidden? his memory self asked.

He could see Lorelei's bright smile in his mind.

It's enchanted. All the muggles see is a condemned castle with a warning sign, nothing else. If they are still too curious and approach it, the charm reminds them of something else they must do immediately, and they leave.

Luke's eyes widened. Could he be so lucky as to have made an emergency landing right outside the very school his wife was currently at? Anakin, to his left, sighed again in his strange way.

"Perhaps we ought to see if it is safe enough to provide shelter? I don't know about you, but I sense danger in this forest," his father said.

"No. Let me try something first, Father," Luke said, holding out a hand to halt him

The younger Jedi reached out with the Force to the clearing. To his own surprise…he could feel nothing. Not even the grass, in which he could normally feel every single blade. His heart swelled with hope.

"I think this is Hogwarts!" he said suddenly.

"Because you can't feel the grass, son? Is that really enough to go on?"

Luke pursed his lips, thinking. "I have a theory, Father. Since Lorelei and I have been married, I have been able to feel her presence…or, almost like a ghost of her presence. I haven't thought to explore it further…but if this is Hogwarts, I may be able to…"

"Tickle her mind?" Anakin said, not without a hint of amusement in his voice.

Luke pushed a small huff of air out between his lips, his sign of displeasure at his father's joke. But he nodded. Anakin motioned forward with his hands.

"Try it, then."

Luke pushed out again, but focusing now on the tiny bit of presence he knew to be his wife's. He pushed and concentrated as hard as he possibly could…feeling nothing. Just as he was about to give up, he felt his father aid him in his outreach. Feeling rejuvenated, he pushed harder still. Then, suddenly, he felt something. It was like finding a trickle of water in the desert—something that Luke and Anakin both knew to be a miracle. He could feel Lorelei!

With great relief coursing through him, he called her name in the Force.



Lorelei sat bolt upright in her bed, her long braid of hair swinging around her shoulder with the momentum. She stared around her darkened castle room, sure she had just heard someone speak her name. And not just anyone…It had been Luke's voice! She strained her ears, waiting for it to come again. Instead, she found in its place the strangest idea…to go outside the castle.

Even for professors, Hogwarts at night was not particularly safe. And the added threat of Voldemort made it a foolhardy venture indeed. However, Lorelei threw her legs out of her bed and groped the nearby nightstand for her wand. Finding it, she cast a quick spell to ignite the candles that immediately lit her room. She shook her head, waiting for her eyes to adjust. When they finally did, she stood.

She grabbed the black dressing gown thrown over a nearby armchair and put it on over her straight cut, white nightgown. She tied it closed and left for the sitting room that was a part of her tiny suite of quarters. She passed the large, comfy looking chairs and the elegant looking tables—pausing only a moment to ignite the floating candles in the room—as she approached the tiny fireplace at the head of the room. She waved her wand, conjuring a little, friendly fire and reached for the jar of floo powder that was a must for any witch or wizard. She grabbed a small handful—only slightly larger than a pinch—and tossed it in, causing the flames to erupt into flickering emeralds.

"Headmaster?" Lorelei whispered into the fireplace. "Headmaster Dumbledore?"

Lorelei jumped as the head of Dumbledore—in a purple nightcap—popped suddenly and loudly into view.

"Lorelei, why on earth are you awake? Something wrong?" he asked, seeming very much awake and not even bothering to whisper.

"Maybe…maybe not. Did I wake you?" she replied.

"No, not at all!" he chirped a bit too cheerfully for what must be at least three in the morning. "Tell me, what is it?"

Lorelei shook her head. "This is going to sound strange…but, how is it that my friends can walk on Hogwarts grounds without being affected by the charm on the school? They are muggles after all."

Dumbledore arched a brow. "A very strange question for this hour, indeed."

"Indulge me."

"Very well. In my experience, I should have to say that muggles that know, without a doubt, of the existence of the school seem to be unaffected by the charm. Usually, they must have first accompanied a witch or wizard onto the grounds to affirm their beliefs before the charm breaks on them."

"Okay," Lorelei said slowly, digesting the information. "Then how were Anakin and Kitster able to just appear on the grounds when they came to retrieve Harry a year ago?"

Dumbledore seemed to mull the question around in his mind, and then decide it was amusing. He had a strange smile on his face as he answered her question.

"Actually, since you have been married to Luke, I have been studying the Jedi and their past, in relation to wizards. Just as the Force seems to treat us magical blooded differently, magic may, occasionally, treat a Force-user differently. Typically our magic has the same affect on Jedi as it would anyone else. However, some spells just may not work."

"Really? Huh…you seem very knowledgeable on this subject, Headmaster. Perhaps a marriage union could affect the charm as well?"

"Perhaps. Love is a very powerful thing, as you and your brother know well. And thank you, if our collective governments were not denying the existence of your husband's world, I would publish a book."

Lorelei smiled, despite her somber feeling. "Well, Luke's world isn't denying us. Perhaps you could get it published on Coruscant?"

Dumbledore laughed. "Yes, I'll look in on that. Now, back to our original topic. Why would you like to know all of this?"

"Well, I have the strangest feeling that I need to go outside…off the grounds a bit. I can't explain it."

Dumbledore didn't answer right away. Instead, he seemed to be lost in a far away thought. When he came back, he nodded decisively.

"Yes, I think you may indeed need to venture out tonight. I'll have Severus meet you in the Entrance Hall…you shouldn't go alone. Head towards the forest."

"Why do you say that?"

"Just a feeling…let's just say, a little elf told me," Dumbledore answered, appearing to look at something near his feet on his side of the fireplace.

"Okay. I'll wait for Severus in the hall and then do so. Thank you, Headmaster."


Fully dressed and with a black-clad Severus at her side, Lorelei made her way down the sloping hill of the Hogwarts grounds towards the Forbidden Forest. Snape looked rather disgruntled at having been roused at such a late hour, but he remained quiet nonetheless. There was a chill in the air that made Lorelei wish she had thought to put on a cloak over her red robes. She wrapped her arms about herself in a desperate attempt to retain warmth.

"What are we expecting to see, Potter?" Snape snapped, his own arms wrapped around his person.

"Skywalker. And I'm not sure."

At this, Snape withdrew his wand. Lorelei shook her head.

"I have an odd feeling, but I don't think it is necessarily bad. But…"

She withdrew her own wand, the barrier of the forest coming view. At first, there was nothing but woods visible. Then, a figure appeared. She raised her wand higher, noticing that Severus did the same. They slowed their approach, eyeing the figure. Suddenly, another appeared.

Severus halted her by grabbing an arm. There was nothing to seek shelter behind, leaving both the figures and Lorelei and Snape in plain view. However, the figures did not seem to notice them.

"We're in plain view…if this were the Dark Lord's minions, we would be under attack by now," Snape muttered thoughtfully.

Lorelei nodded, staring hard at the figures. One of them stepped into a beam of moonlight, and she gasped.

"Luke!" she called, rushing towards her husband.

At first, he did not react. Lorelei reasoned that the charm must be working on him. Midway on her run, she noted the other figure as Anakin. She called her husband's name again.

He turned, eyes wide. Then, a large grin broke out across his face.

"Lore!" he said, catching her in his arms. The two exchanged a kiss.

"Luke, what are you doing here?" she asked as Snape approached behind them.

Luke laughed and an involuntary shiver shook him. "Um, can we discuss this inside? I'm kind of cold, Lore."

She laughed and nodded, taking him by the hand. "Of course…but as soon as we're inside, okay?"

"Fair enough," he replied.

The couple led the way back to the castle, followed by Anakin and very disgruntled looking Snape.

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