Passing Glances

A series of drabbles for the characters of Gargoyles: Life Goes On

By Kimberly T. (email: kimbertow at yahoo dot com)

For those who weren't already aware, a "drabble" is a piece of writing exactly 100 words in length. (Before anyone else asks, titles don't count in the word length.) Beyond that word restriction, anything goes; it can be a glimpse into a character's mindset, a scene snippet, or whatever.

Each drabble in this series will focus on just one or two characters in my series, on how they're feeling or what they do immediately after the events of "Mating Games 7: Moments of Silence", "Meanwhile, Back in New York: Keeping Watch" or "And in Ishimura: Hot Baths, Hot Sake, Hot Topics". More drabbles will be added as I think of them; I'm hoping this will keep the fans of my Life Goes On series mildly entertained, while I work on some other stories that aren't in the series.