Alex's Friend Comes Back Part 1.

By Batkid1 05/23/05

Note: This story takes place before Andrew is born. So it's in the 83-84 season. And this is my 1st fanfic. This might have been a good episode and a script that I would have sent in if that had been possible. This idea came to me after I had a dream about it. The story is set in late December 1983, about 3 weeks before Christmas.

Chapter One: "She returns."

Alex Keaton woke up to the sound of his Ronald Regan alarm clock going off. He got up still half-awake, only to become fully awake when he realized that today he was going to a Republican convention. He quickly got dressed and started to run out his door when he accidentally made a book drop. He went to pick it up, thinking it was a Ronald Regan biography he had checked out of the library, but instead it was his old grade-school yearbook. He opened it and flipped through some pages, looking at all the faces he recognized from years back. But it wasn't until he got to the signature page when he saw her. Nancy H. Fox, the quietest kid in old Mrs.O'Lee's 1st grade class. He looked at the signature that she had signed, "Alex Keaton, I wish you luck on becoming an important Senator for our country, Nancy Fox."He sat and thought about her for a minute, remembering her sweet, beautiful, sad face. She was a friend, and maybe even more then a friend to him, but back then, he remembered that she didn't trust anybody, because she came from a bad home. He hadn't known that until she had told him that information in the 4th grade, and she made him promise he wouldn't tell anybody else. After a week he finally told his Mom & Dad about it and they called Child Protection Services. After that, he heard she had been taken to a better home with a nice family. With that last thought in his head he closed the Yearbook and walked out into the kitchen. There, everybody was eating breakfast.

"Good morning son," said his father. "Hey dad," came Alex's reply. He looked at his mother and said, "Hey mom, do you remember Nancy H. Fox?" She looked up from the newspaper she was reading. "Sure. Wasn't she the one that came from a bad home?"

"Yeah that's her." Said Alex.

Mallory also looked up from her magazine she was reading, "That girl? Man did she have a bad taste in clothes."

Alex came to Nancy's defense "Hey, you would too if your home life was really bad," he shouted.

"Ohhhh, don't tell me Alex has a "crush" on this girl," said his younger sister Jennifer who had just looked up from a newspaper article her mother had just given her.

"No way" said Alex sheepishly.

"Yeahhhhhh Righttttttttttttt," said Mallory & Jennifer at the same time.

"All right girls, you've had your fun. Don't you have to go somewhere today," asked their father.

Mallory & Jennifer left the room, only to break into a chorus of "Alex and Nancy sitting in a tree…" Steven went up to Alex and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Alex, there is one fact to life I want to share with you…" he said.

Alex looked into his father eyes. "What Dad?"

"I'll tell you that when you marry Nancy…" his dad said with a giggle. He smirked too and with that, Steven patted his son on the back and walked away… leaving his son looking a bit confused.

"Everybody wants me to marry Nancy," Alex said to himself.

Five hours later, Alex was getting ready to go to the Republican convention.

"Alexxxxxxxx, Hurrrrrrryyyyyyy," yelled his dad. Alex looked out his doorway, "Commmmmmiiiiinnnnnnng," he shouted. As he got down the stairs, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" he yelled to no one in particular. When he open the door, he couldn't believe who he saw. It was her.

"Nancy………." Was all Alex could say.

Sorry, I have to end it here.

Batkid1 05/23/05

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