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Summery: Fox, being the little inventor that he is, makes a machine that allows people to switch bodies. Roy and Ness decide to have a look, and want to be the first to try it out. A little mistake happens, making the machine inactive. How will Roy and Ness now cope in each others bodies? Implied Roy/Marth, Ness/Marth Shounen-ai. I suck at summarizing! All my fics have shounen-ai, get used to it, haters! There will be straight pairings, those will be mentioned later on.

Disclaimers: If I owned this...you don't want to know...Nintendo does. Of COURSE the name of the fic came from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken.

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Road of Trials

The vulpine clapped his hands together, and began to bear a wicked smile on his face as he glanced over the machine he had just made. Although it WAS one of his many useless inventions, that he had made because he had too much time on his hands. But he was still happy over it, it was a masterpiece.

He giggled uncharacteristically, and his body trembled with excitement. A machine that allowed people to switch bodies.

"And they say this could only happen in fairy-tales, stories, and even science fiction! Although it is cliche...but no one has made one yet!" He frowned when he realized he had no name for it...yet.

Fox felt a yawn coming while he stretched. He glanced over at the clock, hanging on the wall three feet away, in his makeshift lab.

In actuality, it was just an extremely large, dark green bathroom, decked out with scientific materials, test tubes lining the verdant walls..it didn't bother him. He used the wash area down the hall from his dorm room.

Fox rubbed his eyes and stepped out his 'lab', shut the door and promptly ran to his bed.

'One am, I'm going to sleep for a long time...'

I knocked on his door, no answer. Another knock...nothing. I sighed and whipped out Captain Falcon's maxed out Master Card, and slipped it between the crack of the door frame and the knob,and pushed the door open.

Everyone would think I would make friends with people like Young Link, or Nana and Popo.

Kids my age.

But I was friends with Roy. And he was pretty good friends with me. Even if we were totally opposite in personality.

He was cynical, always doubting his abilities, sadistic.

I was handsome, hot, debonair, all the cool stuff.

When I entered his room, I found him sleeping on his bed, window opened half-way, which made the room really cold.

He was also snoring pretty loudly also, his hair and clothes were haphazard, as if he had done some 'hard labor' in the past few hours.

Well that couldn't be, it was 9am. I shrugged and tip-toed over to his small bed, pushing my cap out of my field of vision. As I reached his bed, Roy grunted, grabbed his bed sheets and rolled to the right.

I paused for a second, before continuing my approach. When I reached him, I lifted my hands up, ready to pounce, when he turned back around, facing me.

His eyes shot open and then immediately narrowed. "Ness! What are you doing in my room? I thought I locked it."

Roy rubbed his eyes and sat up, letting his legs dangle over the side of the mattress.

I flashed him a grin and pulled some journals out of my pockets.

"Check these out!" I handed it to him, giggling gleefully.

Roy's soft frown slowly turned into a ugly smirk, "Is this what I think it is?" He asked, looking down at me.

Boy, did he look taxed. "If you think they're journals, then yes, you are right! They are Peach's, Mr. Game and Watch's and Fox's."

We both stared at each other for a second, before Roy opened up to a random page in Fox's diary.

I frowned, "But! But! What's about Peach's! Her's will be much more exciting."

"You do not understand, Ness! Remember, Fox is an inventor! I'm sure he has already formulated something worth my time. The last one, the Instant Juice Maker, was stupid." Roy responded, flipping through pages and pages of Fox's journal. He, at last, found a page, narrowed his eyes and began reading. His face was serious at first, but it then grew into a silly grin. "My friend, we must go and check this out!"

He shoved the book in my face, as if I could read something that close. I brought up my hands to force it away a few inches and began to read it aloud,

"'I think I have FINALLY constructed something worth while! A machine that allows two people to change bodies! Although some of the quirks have not been worked out, I am positive this invention will be the best. I have yet to try it...'"

"So, why don't we be the first two to check it out?" Roy asked, putting Mr. Game and Watch, and Peach's diary's under his pillow.

"What are we waiting for!"

So, like little kids on Christmas Eve, the two of us quickly got out of the room and sneakily found our way to Fox's.

We were like Ninja's!

"Dude! We're Ninjas!" I squealed, causing Roy to glare at me. I shut my mouth, realizing that we arrived at Fox's door.

Roy tried for it, and muttered, "Locked..."

I pushed him aside, placing the Master Card into the certain slot, forced the door forward and it opened.

Roy gave me a questioning look, and walked in with me. We froze when we realized Fox was still inside his dorm, napping of course.

"Oh Peppy, shut up. I hate you so much, blah!"

Sleep talking...how typical.

Roy pointed towards the door that lead to his bathroom. I rolled my eyes to myself, I've been in here plenty of times. I knew where his 'lab' was.

Being quiet, making sure we didn't make any noise, we got to our hands and feet, and shuffled to the bathroom. Roy, who was in front, reached up to the door knob and opened it.

He entered first, followed by me, and then I closed the door.

"So...that should be the machine right there..." Roy whispered, pointing in front of us.

The machine was black and blue, it had two, 6 feet tall, glass tubes, on either sides. There was a panel in the middle of it, and it had two levers, both red and black. The thing was humongous, probably 12 feet wide, and 10 feet tall. I now wonder how Fox made these things...much less, fit them in this bathroom.

Roy got to his feet, took a remote control that was situated on a makeshift cabinet, and tapped in some numbers.

"What are you doing?" I questioned, walking over to him.

Roy looked down at me, another smirk forming. "I came in here before, and I saw Fox working on it. This remote is like a timer. Type in some numbers, and that's how much time you have for the switching-thing. It's like a countdown. We have 20 seconds." He eyed me, furrowing his brows, "You look worried. Are you scared?"

I didn't answer, eliciting a small chuckle from him. "It won't hurt, I swear! And I definitely know how to switch out bodies back." He pushed another button on the remote, causing the two glass tubes to open up.

Just like in a sci-fi movie, gas flowed out from the bottom, and a small 'psssshhh' sound filled the room.

Roy stepped into the tube on the right, and I stepped into the left. I heard him giggle madly, and I was beginning to have second thoughts.

A white screen flashed in front of my eyes, like some sort of hologram. On it, the screen showed the time counting down.


A faint gas came pouring in from the top, causing me to look up. My vision began to blur, and then I felt a bolt of electricity go through me, causing me to yelp.

My head began to hurt and I began to sway...

Damn you Roy!

I thought, before my world turned black...

"Wake UP." A person's hand met my cheek, pretty hard, several times. "Wake up, damn it! I KNEW I should've locked the door!"

Another slap made my eyes fly open, one of my hands was already going to my burning cheek, while the other was out in front of me, defensively. "S-stop! That hurt!"

I paused...whoa...my voice sounded really deep...

My vision cleared, the blur that was in front of me began taking shape.

It was Fox...and boy did he look mad.

"What were you two doing!" He clenched his fists, making me stand up on my own two feet. "For your sake, I hope nothing happened. My machine hasn't been tested yet, so that..."

I wasn't even paying attention. My eyes widened, everything seemed so much lower now! I felt so much taller! And Fox! He was around the same height as me!

"Roy! Where is he!" I exclaimed. I just remembered about him.

Fox lowered his eyelids, giving me another glare. "Roy, shut-up. I'm in NO mood for your jokes. Ness is okay, he's awake...in my room."

I just realized that I was still in the lab. Fox sighed, his face dropped, giving me a sad look.

"Ness told me nothing happened. So I dismantled the machine, I can't believe this! I thought this invention was supposed to be the one. But for some reason, Ness went hysterical, saying I shouldn't change it back. But I just slapped him. Hey...WAIT!"

But I had already ran out of the bathroom.

Why was Fox calling me 'Roy' and Roy 'Ness'? And why am I so tall? And my voice! It's so deep!

I skidded to a stop when I saw who was sitting on Fox's bed...


"N-Ness? You're okay,"


'Roy' nodded and jumped off the bed, falling flat on his face. He instantly got up and wobbled over to my side. "Damn, I didn't know I looked so damn fine! Well, the transformation worked."

My eyes must've been popping out of my head, Roy was me! I was him!

And I just noticed, I had a big head.

"The transformation worked. Don't look at me like that! Yeah, you just noticed how BIG your head is! Saint Elimine, save me! It's SO big!" He stopped joking and pointed to the door that lead out of here. We exited his room, upon hearing Fox come out of his lab, crying over his invention.

It was weird walking, Roy was taller than me. It felt so different, I could see everything now.

And I didn't feel fat either, Roy's body was pretty buff!

"Ness...Ness! Ness! Hey, quit checking my body out! Like I was saying, Ness, we can't switch back."

I stopped flexing my muscles, and stared up...wait, down, at Roy.

"What? Why!"

"Fox...he dismantled the invention before I could tell him what happened. He seemed so crushed, and since I'm sadistic and all...I didn't say anything."

"We should go tell him!"

Roy shook his head, putting up his hands, "No! Don't! He'll be so mad!"

I didn't get it, but I wasn't going to question him.

Roy's body...hmm...maybe I should try it out for a while...

"What should we do now?" I asked Roy.

He adjusted the cap on his head, "Since I am sure we will be stuck in these bodies for a while-"

Roy didn't get to finish, because Marth had just came out of no where, bearing a wicked grin on his face.

I heard Roy gasp, and began muttering under his breath, "Go along with it, don't resist..."

What is he talking about?

Marth reached out and grabbed me, pulling me to him. "Hello dear, how have you been?"

What the hell!

I looked down at Roy, with a look of pure shock on my face. He stared back up at me, his eyes pleading me not to do anything drastic.

Marth's fingers began playing with my hair, as he drew my head down to his chest. "Hmm, you smell nice. How are you this fine morning?"

His fingers moved down to my cheek and stopped on my lips.

What the hell is wrong with him?

His hand then went to my chin, making me look up at him. "What's wrong? Do you need a kiss?"

...What? A...kiss? A KISS! Eww! I would never kiss a girl, and I will NEVER EVER kiss a guy!

I pulled away, glaring at him. "What the heck is wrong with you Marth! You're GAY! Nasty!"

Roy's face went pale instantly, and he just gazed at me.

Marth was also startled, looking at me, then Roy, and then me again. "What did I do?"

"Uhhh, Roy was having a bad dream about you dying."

Marth's eyes slowly narrowed as he turned his head, ever so slowly, to face Roy. "Silence, Ness, I wasn't talking to you," He turned to face me and smiled. "I will be seeing you later."

With that, Marth left, nearly hitting my face with that cape of his.

Who wears a cape indoors?

Roy let out a sigh, "Ness, as long as you are in my body, and until I find a way to revert this, there are a few rules you have to follow..."

My face dropped, I hate rules...

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