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Road of Trials

Chapter 4: PDA

"What a funny little boy Ness is."

I closed the door and flipped the controller in my hand, placing it on the floor. "Uhm, excuse me? 'Silly little boy'?" I don't know why, but I was offended by that comment.

Switching the gaming platform off, Marth twirled around in his chair, facing me. He smiled, "Yeah, funny. You were the one who said that in the first place."

I was taken by surprise, so Mr. Badass was talking about me behind my back? "Really, Marth? I don't remember much of what I said. Uh, care to enlighten me?"

Marth narrowed his eyes, placing his chin on his hand, and just stared at me.

Okay, yeah, scary much?

After a few more seconds of just staring, he decided to respond, "Of course I will. I would do anything for you," He took a few more twirls in his chair, before he started talking again. "You didn't say much, if you remember. I asked you why you two were such good friends, seeing how you're both different from each other and all."

I tapped my foot and crossed my arms, waiting for him to continue.

"Whatever, you just called him weird, that's all. And a 'funny little brat'." Marth looked as if he was going to go on, but he just stopped all together.

"That's it?"

"Yes, that's it." He got up from his chair and began walking towards me. Really, with that look on his face, I didn't know if I should be frightened or just amazed.

...Did Marth always act perverted, all the time? Jeez...

In a few quick seconds, Marth had me pinned up against the wall, grinning evilly at me. I never realized how tall he was. "Well now, since that brat's gone, we can get down to business."

"He's not a brat, got it memorized?"

Marth paused for a moment, "You said that wrong." His blank stare went back to his little Marth Grin, and he closed his eyes a little. "Besides, these are the only times we can be together."

I would've moved, but this bastard still had one of my arms pulled up over my head, while the other was on my stomach. "Well Marth, there's always nighttime."

"I don't want to wait that long." He replied, nuzzling my neck.

I groaned a little, my left arm was getting sore, seriously. Man, and I thought Roy was strong. Seems Marth was the top tier here...

"Well, Marth, you can. You see, if we do whatever you want to do now, what if it was interrupted?" I have to ask Roy what this was all about.

Marth appeared to be thinking over that option, but then his face clouded over, and he went back looking at me. "No, now, not later. N-o-w, got it memorized?" He said in a mocking voice. Marth moved his face forward, trying to kiss me, I guess. But I moved my head to the right, so all he got was my cheek.

"...What's up with you, Roy, hm? You're all fidgety. What, do you need to calm down first?"

No, what I need is for you to get off me.

"I got the perfect remedy!" He screamed. Marth then grabbed both of my hands, pulled me forward and shoved me on his bed.

I winced as he landed on top of me, drawing both of my arms over my head. I would have resisted, but I guess Roy's puny muscles weren't strong enough to go against Mr. Man over here.

"Marth, quit it!"

Well, I suppose that was the wrong thing to say, because Marth immediately snapped at me, "Really, Roy, this is getting frustrating. I suggest you don't say anything from here on." He let go of me, and went to my belt.

"Uh, wait, Marth..." Meh, that glare I received from him just made me clamp my mouth shut. I started to bite my lip, I had to do something to stop him.

"Why is your belt always so tight?" Marth asked, pulling it off. He waved it in my face and then threw it to the floor. I was about to scream at him again, when there came a knock at his door.

"Who is it?" Marth asked, rolling his eyes.

"It's-a me, Mario."

"What the hell do you want!"

"Jeez, no need to be harsh, man. Anyway, we need you to babysit the children for us, okay?"

"Why!" He screamed, hurting my ears.

"Quit being such an ass. We're all going out, so we need you to watch Ness, Young Link, and the others. Now, where's Roy? I want to know if he would like to come with us to...The Mall."

Before I could answer, Marth promptly covered my mouth. "No, he's sleeping. Now 'shhh' and leave."

"In your room...? Okay, we'll be back at 10:00 p.m." We both heard him shuffle away.

"Finally..." Marth sighed, turning his attention back to me. "Now that the nuisance is gone..." In one quick motion, he had my pants undone and pulled down halfway.

...Wow, Roy wore Luke Fon Fabre boxers. Amazing...

"Aww, Roy, they're so cute. But this one doesn't compare to your little Klarth one's."

What the...

"MARTH. Get your pansy, femme, floating, defy-all-gravity ass downstairs."

"Freaking bastard..." Marth jerked me up, and dragged me off the bed. "We'll finish this downstairs."

"But Marth! That's PDA!" I gasped, trying to pull my pants back up. He swung the door open, flew past Mario, and went to the living room downstairs.

The plumber took one good look at me and said, "Why are you wearing Luke Fon Fabre boxers?"


"Who wants popcorn?" I asked, placing the bowl of it on the small wooden table.

"I do. Man, nice choice of a movie, Roy. I'm beginning to like your taste." Young Link said, plopping himself next to Popo.

I laid down next to Marth, on the comfy black couch. Roy was next to Pichu, Pikachu and Kirby, and Nana was next to Popo. We were all watching Resident Evil, which Roy wasn't all.

Marth didn't really care for the movie, he spent the first half of it cuddling with me. Not like I did anything back to him, I just sort of giggled. Roy stole a look at us a few times, scowling at me, before he proceeded to knocking Kirby on his head a few times.

While I watching the last 15 minutes of the movie, I could feel his fingers inching closer and closer to my belt...again. I had decided to put it back on, for the very fact that everyone kept questioning me on them.

Luckily no one could realize what he was doing, seeing how I was smart enough to bring a large quilt to put over us. But that was really a downfall, it didn't really deter Marth's actions.

I slipped my right hand under the blanket and grabbed his, giving it a squeeze to try and stop him. Yet he just flicked it off, literally, and kept his advance going.

I made a little squeak, something was seriously wrong with this man...

Roy's POV

Oh, like I didn't hear that little noise Ness just did. I knew what Marth was doing, and it was beginning to make me angry.

Why the hell were we so inquisitive!

So, slyly, I began shuffling backwards, over to the couch they were both laying in. Taking a peek behind me, Marth had his wicked grin on and I noticed Ness' face was extremely red. There was a sharp gasp from him, and he shut his eyes tightly.

The other bums were busy staring at the Plasma Screen with dumbfounded looks to note anything.


...Oh no! Did he just moan!

I clenched my fist and totally rolled over to their vicinity.

"Would you quit it?" Ness begged, shifting under the quilt.

"Uh, no." Marth answered bluntly, retreating under the blanket. Ness let out another gasp, louder than the one before.

That was the last straw! "PDA!" I shrieked, ripping the covers off from them. I fell back from the force, and landed on my ass.

"Double-u tee eff?" Young Link cried, actually using the letters 'W-t-f'. The kids, the Pokemon, and Kirby turned their heads to what was happening.

"It's the dreaded Public Display of Affection!" Popo bellowed, grabbing Nana and hightailing his ass out of there.

I threw the covers off my face to see what was so horrible. I mean, yeah, Marth's hand was down Ness' pants, but still-

"Double-ya tee eff!" I found myself saying, with my face all screwed up.

Ness' eye was twitching as Marth pulled his head away from between his legs, making a small sucking noise with his mouth. "You idiots aren't on the internet!"

"What were you doing to him?" Young Link shouted, screwing his own face up.

I covered my mouth with both of my hands. Why did I just see that?

Marth zipped Ness' pants back up and got to his feet. Leering at me, he pointed, "What the hell is your problem, anyway? You are so bothersome!"

" were...I can't even say it!" I covered my face with the blanket again. I heard Marth snicker and kneel down in front of me.

"Yes, that is right," He whispered to me, chuckling to himself. "And I was getting quite far too. Just look at the bulge in his pants. You damn well know it's not a banana. Besides, no banana could ever be that big." And with that, Marth lifted the quilt from my head, grabbed my cheek and made me look over at Ness.

The idiot had a pillow over him as he tried to, stealthy, sneak away from the scene. Marth looked back at me, "Is it not just so sexy?" he asked, with a sneer on his face. Then he skipped away to the kitchen.

"Double-ya tee eff. W-t-f, got it memorized?"

"Shut up, Young Link." I retorted, scratching my head. Man, oh man, I have to talk to that Fox as soon as he got back.

Before anything else happens...

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