On Borrowed Time


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It was nearly midnight, and Olivia Benson was tired. She had been at work much longer than she had anticipated. The case that she and her partner Elliot Stabler had been working on that day had really taken its toll on her. She had seen some pretty horrific things on her job as an SVU detective, but today's case was among the worst. Some sick bastard had been kidnapping young girls and chopping them up into little pieces. Over sixteen hours at work, and they had no leads.

Olivia shook her head, trying to push the horrors of the job from her mind. Work had to be left at work, or she would never keep her sanity. She nervously walked the few feet from the police precinct to the entrance of the subway station. Olivia knew she was just being paranoid, and that if anything were to happen she could take care of herself. That didn't stop her from being a bit jumpy when she was alone in the city late at night.

She walked down the stairs to the subway station. It was a bit of a relief to be in the brightly lit station. The station was nearly empty, with the odd person passing by every now and then. This was both frightening and oddly comforting. It didn't take Olivia long to get to her train. She didn't have to go far. Only four stops and she would be home. The 11:50 p.m. train arrived exactly on time, and Olivia got in.

There was only one other passenger in the car. An elderly woman sat near the back of the train, reading a book. Olivia settled down in one of the plastic seats. She tried her best not to think of today's case. She was only vaguely aware of the subway stopping. A man in his late twenties entered the subway and stood right next to the door. He was dressed in all black, and his hood was obscuring most of his face.

There was something, other than the way that he was dressed, that just didn't feel right to her. It made the hairs on the back of her head stand up. Her fingers gripped her on duty handgun still in the inner pocket of her jacket. It wasn't as if she was scared. It was just in case and that was all. She tried to ignore the man, but her gaze kept returning to him. Her instincts were telling her that there was something off about him. Olivia always trusted her instincts.

The subway arrived at another stop, and she watched the man out of the corner of her eyes. The old woman stayed where she was, flipping through her book. She felt threatened by him, and she wasn't letting him out of her sight. He hadn't done anything, per se, but it was just the way he held himself. His eyes were sweeping the car. He looked nervous.

She was on edge as the man moved towards her. He moved ever so slowly. If she hadn't been watching him, she wouldn't have noticed him approaching. She froze, and reached for her gun. She had no time to pull it, for the man was directly in front of her in what seemed like seconds.

It all happened so fast that she had no time to react. As if on cue, the train jerked, knocking her from her seat. That's when the man made his move. He was behind her in a flash. He pulled out a damp rag from his black jacket. She recognized the sickly sweet smell; chloroform. Olivia tried to maneuver herself out of the man's grip.

She broke free for a moment, but the man was too quick for her. He had reached her in almost seconds. He attempted to move the cloth closer to her mouth and nose. She already felt a bit light headed from the fumes. The old lady was still in her seat. It looked as if she was frozen in shock. After a few moments, the man put the chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose.

She instantly felt the dizziness and nausea. She tried to fight back, but her limbs felt weak and heavy. The blackness gathering at the edges of her brain was threatening to engulf her. Olivia looked at the other occupant of the car desperately. The elderly woman offered her no help. She was falling; falling through the darkness.

The man caught her. Olivia had no strength left in her. Fighting seemed next to impossible. Never, in her many years on the job, had she thought that something like this would happen to her. If it did, somehow she thought she would fight back more. Before this moment, she had a feeling of some sort of invincibility. It was as if she thought herself better than other women. Now she knew she was just as vulnerable as everyone else.

It could have just been her delirious state, but she could swear that this man was strangely familiar. Just as she was on the brink of unconsciousness, she heard a deep menacing voice speak. "You're on borrowed time detective Benson", said the voice. She struggled desperately for a final time, until she neither saw nor heard anymore. Everything went black.