AU- Set a few weeks after "Grace" and before "Chimera"

A/N: If I was writing the series, Chimera wouldn't have happened…but don't all diehard S/J shippers say that?

"Colonel, I'm getting some energy reading coming from over here." Carter said, pointing to a room inside the ruins.

"Check it out, Carter." He ordered.

"Yes, sir."

Daniel looked at the walls, and his excitement grew more and more intense.

"Daniel, Teal'c!" Teal'c turned at Jack's words while the archaeologist didn't even register that Jack had said anything.

"Yes, O'Neill."

"Go look at whatever it is Daniel's drooling over. I'm going with Carter."

"Indeed." Teal'c replied.

"Hey! I'm not drooling!" Daniel protested.

"Right." Jack said, following Carter.

"Sir, I think you should take a look at this." Carter said over the radio.

"Good thing I'm already on my way over then, isn't it?" He said, nearly at her position.

"Sir, the readings that I'm getting suggest that this is an element with similar properties to naquadria."

"And that means…" Jack prompted.

"Sir, if we can find a more stable element with the same energy propulsion as the naquadria, we could have massive breakthroughs in science. Particularly hyperspace travel." She said in awe.

"So, this is a good thing." He quipped.

She just looked at him.


"Sir, this may very well be the most important thing we've discovered since naquadri-agh!"

She fell to the floor, engulfed in a blue light.

"Carter!" Jack yelled.

Before his very eyes, the beam managed to get Sam into a standing position within the beam. To say that he was shocked was a complete understatement. Suddenly, a sheet of light began scanning the room and rested on him for a moment. Then, the light vanished and they both crashed to the ground, unconscious.