Téa and the Beast

By: Seto's Princess

This is the revised version of my old "YGO Presents: Beauty and the Beast." For those of you who read the old version, you will notice that I changed the story completely. It is now SetoXTéa, rather than SetoXOC. It just was not working for me. Also, this fic will have many more serious romantic themes, but it should still be as funny as the old one. If you hate SetoXTéa, then do not bother reading this. If you want to read the old version, go to my xanga – www(dot)xanga(dot)com(slash)Maki(underscore)Kaichi(underscore)X(underscore)Seto(underscore)Kaiba… I know it's long, I'm sorry, but that's where the old one will be posted.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction… A Broken Heart…

Téa Gardner ran home, as fast as she could, regardless of the flow of tears streaming down her face. It was over. She had finally gained enough courage to go through with it and it blew up in her face. She was utterly heartbroken.

"Yami! Um… Could I… err… that is…" she called out to her dear friend's darker half as she finally found him wandering around Domino Park.

"What is it Téa?" Yami asked as he stopped and the two sat down on a bench under a wonderfully shaded area. It was a bright summer day; the sun was high and bright, yet the trees provided a nice cool shade for the pair of friends.

"I wanted to talk to you… Actually, I need to talk to you."

"Is something wrong, Téa?" A concerned glance crossed his face. Téa seemed distressed somehow and Yami was worried.

"No, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to… to talk to you."

"Yes, Téa?" Yami asked.

"Uhh…" she mumbled and looked down. 'This is it Téa… Don't blow it… This is your chance to finally tell him how you feel…' she thought. Ever since the group of friends had found a way to keep Yami in their own world and in his own body, Tea's love for him grew tenfold. Nothing held her back anymore. She could finally proclaim her love for him without having to feel ashamed that he was in Yugi's body.

"Yami… I've wanted t-to tell you this for a-a while now. See the thing is…" Her beautiful azure eyes rose to meet his deep garnet ones.

"What is it, Téa?"

"I-I… I love you." She immediately turned away, afraid to see his response. After a moment of silence, her curiosity overtook her and she glanced back at him. She searched his eyes for some sort of sign, something that would tell her he felt something for her as well. Yet, she could not see anything. His eyes swirled with something, but it was not love, it was… confusion?

"Téa… I…"

That was all Téa needed to hear. He was speechless, and she took that as her sign to leave, to run away and leave it all behind.

'Yami… I thought you… might have felt something for me too…' Another tear rolled down Téa's cheek as she stepped inside her one-family house. She quickly checked the mail before she dashed off to her room and found a package addressed to her. She grabbed it and ran up to her room, locking the door behind her.

Téa wanted something – anything – to distract herself with so the pain would stop. She tore open the package, not noticing that there was no return address, and dropped the contents onto her comfy twin-sized bed. Her brows furrowed as she examined the sole item – a royal blue wand with a large diamond star on top. Her fingers grazed over the star and her eyes widened as she realized the overly large diamond star was a real diamond.

'Who could have sent me this?' She quickly searched the box the wand came in to find a return address, but she frowned as she noticed that there was not one there.

'It certainly looks expensive… but who would want to send me something so precious?' She racked her brains trying to think of anyone who would be rich enough and willing enough to give her something that was clearly very valuable.

'Do I know anyone rich enough to…? Wait… Yes I do… Kaiba… but why would he give me something like this? No, it can't be him… Perhaps Duke… or maybe even Mai? Neither Joey nor Tristan nor Yugi could afford something like this… and Yami…' Another tear made its way down her porcelain-like face as the pain of the young Pharaoh's rejection came flooding back to her. She laid the fragile wand on her pillow and curled herself into a ball on her bed, crying herself to sleep.

"Yami? Is something wrong?" Yugi asked as his doppelganger sulked into the room.

"What? Oh it's nothing…" Yami answered.

"You're lying. Please tell me what's wrong, Yami," Yugi pleaded.

Yami sighed. "You don't miss anything, do you Yugi? How do you apologize for something that you can't do anything about?"

Yugi gave him a perplexed look. "What do you mean?"

"Téa… She told me… that she loves me." His eyes traveled down to his shoes; he was upset for unintentionally hurting one of his best friends.

"Téa… said that she… loves you?" Yugi repeated, not because he did not understand, but because he was shocked.

"Yes…" Yami looked up and saw something flash in his dear friend's eyes – a spark of sadness and perhaps even… jealousy? "Is something bothering you, aibou?"

"No… What did you say to her?" Yugi quickly changed the subject, his eyes focused on the floor beneath him rather than on Yami. For a long time now, Yugi had a secret crush – no, it was deeper than that – for Téa. Hearing Yami say that Tea loved him shattered Yugi's heart. Knowing this, he could not just stand there and face Yami; the risk of breaking down upon seeing the true object of Téa's affections was too great for the young sensitive boy to bear.

"I… I couldn't say anything… Before I could think of anything to say, she ran off."

"Do you love her back?"

"I… don't know, Yugi. I don't fully understand what I feel for her, but I know that I love her at least as a friend."

"But do you love her in a different way than you love me?"

"I could never love anyone the way I love you, Yugi. You've been a part of me ever since you awakened me. As for what I feel for Téa… I can't be sure if it's anything more than just friendship."

"I see…"

After a restless sleep full of Yami's hesitant response repeating itself over and over in Téa's mind, she awoke to a glowing light coming from the direction of her pillow.

"Hmm? What's that?" she mumbled as she shaded her eyes from the bright beams of light emitting from the star.

'What the...? Why is it glowing?' Once her eyes adjusted to the luminosity, she reached over and grabbed the glistening wand. The instant her hand touched the wand, the light engulfed the room completely and then died out in a split second.

"Tea," a voice spoke.

"Who's there?" Téa asked and looked around the room.

Suddenly, a beautiful angelic-looking girl appeared. She had long blonde hair and beautiful emerald eyes. She wore a long white strapless dress with a floral pattern sewn onto the hem with pearls. A breathtaking pair of wings spurned from her back and a sliver diamond-encrusted crown adorned her head.

"Who are you?" Téa asked.

"My name is Aria. I am the fairy princess of love and games of the heart," she said and with a swift movement of her hand, the wand lying on Téa's bed floated to her.

"Fairy princess of love?" Téa inquired.

"Yes, and I see you're going through some heartache. You are confused and upset. However, there is another chance for you."

"With Yami?"

"No. He is a complex one. He is not a fit candidate for you."


"You summoned me, did you not?"

"Summon you?"

Aria raised the wand.

"Do you know who sent me that?"

Aria shook her head. "It was your destiny to receive this wand. You summoned me with your tears. You want to mend your broken heart. I can't guarantee anything, but I will try my best."

"You mean to say that you can find someone who will make me forget about Yami?"

Aria replied with a nod of her head. "You will learn to love him, and he will hopefully learn to love you too."

"But who could I possibly love more than Yami?"

"That is something that you must make happen, not something that necessarily will happen."

"So… It could be anyone?"

"No. There is one condition. It must be someone you already know. Also, I must decide the candidate who will join you in this test of love."

"I don't understand."

"You will in time," Aria replied and waved her wand. Flashes of all the men who have been significant in Téa's life flashed through Aria's eyes. She scanned each and every memory. Téa remained in her position, unaware of what Aria was seeing.

Aria's eyes stopped at some memories of Yugi. "Hmm… This boy… He loves you dearly."

"What? Who?" Téa asked.

"I cannot tell you that. He would have made a good candidate, but you do not feel the same way about him, and it's unlikely that you ever will."

Aria continued searching through Téa's mind. With every passing memory, Aria found it harder and harder to find a candidate for Téa's heart.

"Hold on… Here's an interesting young man. Yes, he will make a perfect candidate. And I know the perfect setting to put you all in."

"I don't understand. What are you going to do?" Téa asked.

"You will understand soon enough." Aria replied and with a wave of her wand, Téa blacked out and fell onto her bed, unconscious.

Aria smiled down at the sleeping girl. "And so our story begins..."

Meanwhile, in another part of Domino...

"Seto! You've been working all day! Can't you just take a break for one hour?" Mokuba Kaiba pleaded. He looked up at his older brother with puppy eyes and an equally adorable pout to match.

"Mokuba, I told you I can't. I have to finish these schematics for our next project before this weekend," the older Kaiba explained, trying his best not to look at his brother's irresistable puppy expression.

"But Niisama!"

"No Mokuba. I'm sorry kiddo but I-" Seto stopped at mid sentence as his eyes darkened and he collapsed at his desk.

"Seto? Niisama!" Mokuba cried in desperation as he tried to return his brother to consciousness. "Seto, wake up!" At that moment, his own body failed him as he collapsed alongside his brother.

Yugi lay down on his bed with his arms behind his head, staring blankly at the ceiling. Yami had wandered downstairs to the kitchen for some orange juice a short while ago.

'Of course she loves Yami... Tea always loved mysteries. I remember that one day a few years ago when she read a mystery novel without stopping for seven hoursbecause she claimed it was so good. It's so obvious that she would fall in love with someone so vague...' the violet eyed teen thought to himself.

"What's wrong, aibou?" Yami asked as he walked into the room and noticed his light half staring at the ceiling with a sad expression plastered on his face.

"It's nothing Yami, really," Yugi mumbled and turned over on his side.

"Yugi, you can tell me anything," Yami said.

"..." No response came from the smaller boy.


Yugi remained quiet, lying on his side.

"Yugi, please speak to me!" Yami cried out and turned Yugi over. He gasped as he saw Yugi's darkened eyes. "Yugi!"

"He won't wake up. Not until the girl's heart mends," a voice said from behind the ex-pharaoh.

"Who are you and what do you mean "until the girl's heart mends." What girl? What happened to Yugi?" Yami asked frantically as he turned around and examined the figure before him.

"Who I am is of no importance to any but those who summon me. However, you may call me Aria. As for the girl, you will realize in due time who she is. Your friend will be fine. His mind is simply in another universe. For now, I have a job for you to do," the blond fairy princess requested.

"A job? What sort of job?"

Aria smiled and explained to Yami what he needed to do.

"Ugh. What the hell just happened to me?" Seto Kaiba groaned as he woke up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, which certainly was not part of his mansion. 'Where am I?' He took a look around the strange room. He was surprised to find it about as equally comfortable and elegant as his own room in his mansion.

A sudden loud shout sounded from outside the door of the room and it sounded distinctly familiar. "Mokuba?" Seto realized his brother was no longer by his side, as he had been mere minutes ago. "Mokuba!" Seto literally sprinted out of the strange bed and ran out of the room. What his eyes met in the hallway astounded him to no end.


Ah, well how was that for the first chapter? I know it wasn't funny at all, but the humor will start soon. This was just an introductory chapter to set the cause of the main plot. Anyway, I cannot guarantee fast updates, due to my vast amounts of homework. There is also the fact that I have to finish A Life At My House Christmas and work on Life At My House, The Rose Duelist, and The Rose Duelist: War Stories. Well, let me know what you all think of this so far and have a nice day!