Forsaken Love

Prologue: Before Pain

I still remember the day we were wed, my wife Sophia and I. It was a crisp autumn day on our small farm in Silverpine Forest. Our lives were simple, every morning I would awake at dawn to feed our small flock of chickens and tend our vegetable patch while she would collect eggs and clean the house.

The happiest day of my life came when she bore a daughter we named Gabrielle. My heart was so full of joy to see such great things had come to me.

But nothing lasts forever. The vile plague came and took my daughter while she was only one year old. I am no healer but I tried everything to save her but it all met with failure. Sophia and I grieved for months.

Then the plague came to me. I still remember the biting pain as I lay in bed while it slowly consumed me. My wife's tears stained our bedspread as I told her my dying words.

Even death cheated me.