Title: It Can't Be Love

Summary: Draco Malfoy, Veela. Harry Potter, Veela's mate. Draco doesn't seem to think so, but why pass up an opportunity to have the Boy Who Lived bowing to your every want and need? DM/HP

Disclaimer: We know this world and these chars do not belong to me, but the very talented JK Rowling, standard disclaimers apply! This goes for all chaps!

Warnings: OOC, mentions of rape, mind control and a whole bunch of other stuff that's questionable.

AN: Well I figure u aren't a true slave to the HP fandom until you've tried a Veela fic, and don't we just see these little beauties everywhere! So here's my twist on the subject to add to the many others.

Now, on to the story!

"I'm what?" Draco asked furiously.

The young Malfoy paced the Headmaster's office angrily. He huffed as he then turned a glare onto the man who had just delivered news he would have rather not heard.

Dumbledore nodded delicately. "It is true, Professor Snape and I have investigated all possible solutions but we have found ourselves at a standing point."

Draco stared at him for a moment with his mouth gaping. He then remembered proper Malfoy etiquette and promptly closed it, only to spit out another angry retort.

"B-but that's not fair!" Draco cried in childish outrage, the nerve of Potter! He was Draco Malfoy, he could have anyone! He didn't want to be trapped with that four eyed freak for the rest of his life!

The Potions master standing beside Dumbledore scowled as he withdrew from his stoic position and stepped closer to the fuming blond.

"We understand how you may feel, Draco, but again, there is no other option concerning your situation." Snape felt disgusted not only by the boy's behavior, but also its cause of his angst.

"My situation?" Draco repeated angrily. "My 'situation', as you so lightly put it, has just escalated to an unacceptable level!"

"You need to be bonded with someone, Draco, and you knew that you would not have the option of choosing your partner," Snape informed.

"But him?" Draco wailed.

"You're lucky we took the time to help find your 'better half' at all," Snape growled darkly, "I did not have to waste my summer listening to your insufferable complaining."

Dumbledore smiled, as he was prone to do. "Mr. Malfoy, surely it does not come as such a surprise, after all, isn't there 'a fine line between love and hate'?" he quoted, that damn twinkle in his eyes.

Draco's annoyed growl transformed into a slight roar, "I don't care! I don't want him!"

"Draco, watch your tongue," Severus snapped. "Besides," he drawled, "soon you will be lusting after Potter. You can't fight your instincts forever."

Draco seethed silently, choosing to glare at his godfather instead of attacking him as he so wished to do. "I swear, Severus, if you weren't close to me, I would tear out your throat," he voiced his thoughts with a hiss.

Snape smirked. "I care for you too." He crossed his arms over his chest once more with a slight narrowing of his eyes. "But if I were you, I would hold my tongue."

Draco shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts and throw these new findings out.

This isn't happening, it's all a dream. A really bad dream.

"You will be given new quarters now that your powers will be in full bloom." Dumbledore smiled charmingly, as though Draco's little tantrum hadn't happened.


"What?" Snape hissed.

Draco turned impassive eyes onto the Potions professor. "I said no. I will not be separated from my house. I don't want to be treated any differently than before this happened." He waved a hand at his body with a grimace.

"And I do not want the entire Slytherin House drooling and pining after you! You won't be able to control your powers, you know this. And until you bond with Potter you will be attracting too much attention!" Snape retorted angrily, spittle flying past his thin lips.

"I think you're just worried about yourself, Severus," Draco taunted coolly. "Afraid of lusting after me, are you?"

"Now, Mr. Malfoy --" Dumbledore tried to reason with the young wizard.

"I warned you, Albus, he's not going to be controlled until he bonds." Snape pointed desperately at his grinning student. "Why can't you bring Potter and speed along the process?"

"Now, Severus --" the Headmaster said calmly.

"You are!" Draco crowed in triumph. "You're scared of me, admit it."

"How dare you even --"


"Don't try to deny it; I can see it in your eyes." Draco laughed tauntingly.

"Mr. Malfoy."

"You insufferable --"

"Boys!" Dumbledore rumbled with authority, effectively halting their bickering.

Both wizards glanced down and had the decency to look slightly ashamed of their actions. That lasted mere seconds as Draco once more raised his face, a sneer in place on his pale features.

"I still don't want to be separated," he said haughtily. "Won't that draw unwanted attention onto my situation?"

"We will of course think of a plausible explanation, Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore reassured. "For now I suggest you sleep. It has been an eventful day with everything being revealed to you so suddenly."

Draco shrugged and stood. "Thank you," he said, forcing his tongue to twist around the unfamiliar words.

He left the two men and made his way down the staircase leading to the hidden office. No matter, he would figure this out on his own.

He felt a twinge of discomfort in his belly and absentmindedly rubbed his stomach, glaring at the shadows littering his path. He didn't need Potter. Where did they get off even suggesting such a thought?

The blond shook his head, displacing several pale locks from their proper place. It was becoming increasingly irritating, this unsettled feeling deep in his belly. Truthfully he had tried to ignore it, tried to hide the fact that he was something other than a pureblood.

Tried to look past the fact he had Veela blood coursing through him.

He cursed his ancestors and their cheating ways. Only through them had he been forced to suffer this undignified 'condition' as he referred to it. His father's blood wasn't as clean as he had first thought, and of course the Blacks would always lack something or another. They had birthed Sirius Black after all. There was nothing better then a scandal within the family.

And what could possibly worse then having a murderer as a distant cousin, permanently removed?

Why, being a half-blood of course.

Damn father and his filthy blood. Draco scowled.

It was his fault Draco would have to suffer with that Gryffindor mutt. It was his father's fault that he would forever hate his blood and the family that came along with it. He was a Malfoy for Salazar's sake! The very epitome of purebloods! This finding of his heritage had been like a slap in the face.

Draco angrily stormed the empty halls of Hogwarts. The silence was a bit unnerving and he wanted to retreat to his quarters as soon as possible, his brooding was really getting him nowhere. Strangely enough he found himself missing Malfoy Manor.

Of course that could be because he hadn't been home for two months.

He had been moved to the castle during summer break under the pretense of visiting his godfather. In reality he had wanted an escape from his father, who had become oddly overbearing after his birthday.

More importantly he was trying to escape his fate, because really, why on earth would he willingly become a Death Eater?

Voldemort's cause was of course very appealing to the young blond, but killing? That was where Draco drew the line. He wasn't put in Slytherin for nothing; he knew how to save his own neck. And if writing a letter to his godfather – begging for sanctuary – was the way to do it, then so be it.

That also meant he would have to converse with Dumbledore, the Muggle-loving fool that he was, and pretend to be broken and desperate to be saved. Their trust in him couldn't be assured just yet, but Draco had the feeling that soon they would be eating out of the palm of his hand. His gloved hand, of course, he didn't want to be infected with their ideals. Surprisingly enough Dumbledore didn't seem too worried about pairing his Golden Boy with a Slytherin, even with their differences in views. That was odd, but Draco didn't really care because he didn't plan on going through with the "claiming" of Harry Potter anyway.

Those thoughts unwittingly brought up the recent events that had played out in Dumbledore's office and Draco found himself cringing as he trailed toward the dungeons.

Harry Potter.

The name alone sent chills down his spine and the Slytherin scowled. How had he gotten himself stuck with Harry Potter of all people as a mate? The fates were obviously against him. Merlin, they were total opposites!

Light and dark.

Good and evil.

Gorgeous and ugly.

Draco sighed and brushed a loose strand of blond from his face. Was it too much to ask for a decent mate? One that wasn't a Gryffindor? He had an image to uphold!

"Stupid Veela 'instincts'," he grumbled with a slightly pitched voice in a bad imitation of Snape. "I think I have enough sense to choose my own bloody soul mate."

"Dear, you should really get help. Talking to yourself is never a good sign, it only leads to madness, you know."

Silver eyes bore into the painting he had stopped in front of. He scowled and sent a dark look.

"Shut up and open the bloody door," he demanded. "Salazar."

"Well excuse me," the woman in the portrait huffed, yet swung open upon being given the password. "Go in, go in, you ungrateful little boy."

Draco sneered and gave her the finger before slipping into the familiar surroundings. The door slammed behind him and he merely chuckled and shook his head as he stepped deeper into the room.

Though he stubbornly refused to be separated from his fellow Slytherins, he was at the moment given his own room. It was only temporary as he continued to tell himself, but he found himself becoming attached to the comfortable décor.

Two months could do that to you.

He glanced toward the couches sitting before the healthy fire. They called to him, their plush cushions looking very comfortable at the moment.

His gaze drifted past them though and focused onto the warm flames, unconsciously fingering the shirt above his navel. He wanted to feel warm; he needed that warmth to feel at ease with himself.

But he also knew who exactly came with that elusive comfort.

It seemed that being a Veela wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Not that he knew what to expect in the future, coming into his powers had been a bit of a shock at first. Before his birthday, he had no idea there was even the chance of him being less than pureblooded!

Showed how much he knew about his own life, now he was stuck with a Gryffindor as his soul mate. To make matters worse, he didn't know how much of his blood was that of a wizard! He could turn into some winged monster at any second!

Draco found himself nodding off as he stared into the crackling fire, despite his agitated thoughts, he was dead tired. It was then that he remembered why he had been sent away from the other men.

Sleep, yes, for now he would listen to Dumbledore. Draco yawned and stretched languidly as he slipped out of his day clothes and waved his wand at his body, clothing himself in a nightshirt and boxers.

He then waved away his dirty clothes and moved toward his bed, reveling in the thick carpet beneath his feet.

The blond sleepily slid beneath the silk sheets that he had charmed to retain a comfortable temperature. Their dark hue accented his pale figure and made him look small in the spacious bed.

He settled his head on a fluffy pillow and soon found himself slipping into worrisome dreams of green eyes and wind blown hair.