Water cascaded without inhibitions over the rock. It was after
all, the duty of the river. The rock was merely something that
tried to subvert fate. It was also a thing highly sought after.
The ball of Jubei's left foot barley touched the cold black
surface of the rock and took flight again, and again and again to
land soundlessly on the rivers far bank. In a crouch he pushed
his nindo outward, listening to the blades of large wild grass
that commanded the rivers edge. Nothing. Widening his eyes he
unfocused the pupils. His breathing stopped. waiting. His breast
didn't move. waiting. stock still. waiting. senses kicked into
overdrive. waiting. The sounds of a burbling river. cicadas.
slight warm breeze in the upper branches. waiting. disfigured
cloud shadows formed a moonlight play before him. waiting. And
then *IT* sounded. A shrill crying set his body to motion toward
a quarry located deeper into the forest.

- [*] - [*] - [*] -

The Ed Wood school of fanfic


NINJA SCROLL : Picnic in the woods

The Crudmeister entropy@mpx.com.au

This takes place after the anime in which Kagero dies.

- [*] - [*] - [*] -

"Quiet bitch." A slap up the side of the head. low wimpering
murmurs. another stunning slap. tearing. Her intricately put up
hair was not holding up well, but considerable better than her
pale blue yukata.

Silent footfalls brought Jubei up behind on of the larger
girthed pine trees. He counted five brutes of varying sizes, and
all were too involved in the act of molesting their captive. Her
struggles heightened as her senses started to come back.

"Excuse me." Jubei stepped fully into the clearing, "I don't
think that the lady is feeling quite up to your ministrations
today. What's say I take her home and you go find yourselves a
frisky pig or mule."

"Whaaaat? You dare insult US? Get him!"

The tallest of the men became aware of her struggles to escape,
latched onto her arm with one large hand and belted her squarely
across the jaw, knocking her senseless. In one fluid movement he
hoisted her prone body across his shoulders and took to the
forest. One of the smaller stiletto weilding rapists took off
behind his master.

Three men remained. Jubei looked them over. The first man
reached behind him and drew out two Ri Yue Hu Xing Jian and
started waving them around wildly. The second picked up his Qing
Long Dao from the ground next to his shirt, the third a
Kusari-Gama*3. Eyes gave off an inner ember red glow. unnatural
in the least. daemons. He was facing off three daemen.

"My, very impressive for ronin." Jubei mocked them "an unarmed
woman against five daemen". A scraping sound issued from the
drawing of his Katana.
"We could talk about this" he offered half heartedly. eight
feet scramble. manic screaming. A three-on-one ensued.

Three to one. three skillful opponents. bad odds. Part of
Jubei's mind flitted from one strategy to the next whilst another
part of his mind kept his senses alert and yet another part
coordinated his honed body. thrust. spin. feint. It was more
than he could handle. Two separate hits drew blood.
"I think the human is getting dizzy." one of them said.

He edged back, trying to keep all three in eye shot. sinking. a
quick glance downward. mud? Working them backward, he forced.
pushed. goaded. Back toward where most of the melee had taken
place. it was all churned up.
"Stand still you cowardly human!"
Jubei charged the one who had spoken. Confidence fled from the
daemon as his foot moved out of position in the mud. Katana
passed through sinew, clipping the collar bone. It was a bad
strike, but a killing one none the less.

Dog like screaming reprimanded him. 'Reflect on your mistakes
later, not during battle.' More training came to the forefront
as his body reacted to the out of control daemon. 'Fear, Rage,
Hatred, Love. They will kill quicker than any sword.'

It didn't bleed, it erupted. blue-black gouts. Frothy slime
shot from the severed stump of the daemons arm no more than a
blink of an eye after Jubei's sword passed through it. There
came a guttural roar as it clutched the profusely bleeding limb.

Iridescent moonlight sparked in artificial flashes, given off
by the Katana pirouetting and weaving with the Ri Yue Xing Jian.
man versus daemon. tickled by steel. a cut. a slash. ferocious
but precise movements.
"You sure know how to use those potato peelers." Jubei grunted
out. The two continued to circle around, attempting to land a
strike. The humanoid daemon showed his teeth, gloating after
drawing some blood from Jubei's forearm.
"Your better than most ronin we find on the road. I'll enjoy
rutting your body once I finish you off." Its short barking
laugh turned into a gurgle, three strikes in lightening quick
succession lanced its body.
"All talk and no play." Jubei said, turning his back.

He started off at full speed, deeper into the forest the moment
the last daemon's body spasmed. twitching. intestinal juices all
over the ground. He didn't even bother looking back. The path
to follow was simple. clearly defined. A stand of bulrush had
carelessly been parted by those he persued.

He slowed down then stopped altogether. The architecture of
the forest had changed. The closer to the base of the mountain
range the daemon brought him, it became less marshy and more
harsher, more scrub like. rock. trees. greater openness.

The atmosphere flickered and dimmed as clouds were layered over
the moon as he came opon it.

It was laying face up and directly in his path. Jubei
carefully skirted around the daemons body fearing a trap. A
quick nudge gave no result. curious. He stepped up to it for a
closer look and was shocked. A long bo-shuriken protruded from
its throat. It was perfectly centered, and only the tail was
exposed. It was an intricate circle containing the design of a
four petaled flower.

Moving around the body he kept on down the path, his ears leading
him onward, toward the faint sounds of a victims struggles.

He soon found her.

A pale form lay crumpled in the grass, limbs askew. The girls
pale blue yukata was torn wide open. inflamed pink scratches.
finger marks. the beginnings of a bruise lay high on her cheek.
A crimson-blue froth oozed from her vagina, mouth and down over
chin and chest. Jubei bent down and placed a gentle hand on her
throat, hoping he wasn't too late to save her life, even if he
was too late to save her from being sodomised and torn. She was
alive at the least. unconscious. it was a soft slow pulse.

The daemons attack came in loudly to Jubei's trained ears. a
sloppy strike. Obviously this one was the boss purely by sheer
size and nothing else.

"My toy is broken" it said. "So now I'll play with you!" the
daemon grabbed jubei by the forearm, spun and put its elbow into
his ribcage and cast him across the other side of the clearing.
his katana flew of his grasp.

Jubei landed heavily and rolled limply several times. damaged
ribs. bruises. Groaning he got to his hands and knees and
felt a rivulet of blood dribble over his lips. a heavy kick to
the ribs made him roll again.
"The broken one put up more of a fight than you."
Jubei blocked as much pain as he could and managed to get
"Well then, shall we go another round?" he asked the daemon.

The two went round and round the clearing trading punches and
kicks, all of which were taking a greater toll on Jubei than the

Pal azure light. flickered. warped. Jubei caught it in the
corner of his eye and spun out of the way. He began to study up
the new adversary and weigh him into the equation. pale skin.
short black hair. breasts. long legs. no visible weapons.

"KAGERO!" he screamed it and ran towards her, his eyes
fascinated by her moonlit luminescence. Two bo-shuriken winked
from her hand and across the clearing, embedding themselves deep
within the daemons eyesockets.

Jubei managed to make it almost across the clearing as she
began to flit amongst the trees. The look she wore was that of a
sad smile and of loneliness.
"Kagero" he said more quietly and fell face first into the
grass. Looking backward he saw the unconscious woman whom he had
tripped over. a victory, she was still alive. He looked forward
to the darkened forest. Kagero had gone. a loss. he had lost her
again, it was the second time he felt like this. He scrambled up
and looked at the woman at his feet again, then gingerly gathered
her up.

Shifting her weight for better balance, Jubei cradled the
unconscious naked woman in his arms, a heavy sadness making him
look back to where Kagero had been. He began backtracking
through the forest toward the road.

- [*] - [*] - [*] -

He studied the red-gold aura projected around the mountain from
the suns feeble setting rays. A warm slow wind ambled along with
him toward the inn. tonights destination. sanctuary.
"I hope this lasts." he said aloud to himself. "I'd really
like to have a good nights sleep."

- [*] - [*] - [*] -

questions, notes and so forth

hmmmm maybe oneday i'll actually write something bigger than 8kb
^_^ i guess its weird, strange and plain unreadable as my other
stuff is so its no deviation from the norm. sigh.

hmmm i just reread the beginning half and it reminded me too much
of the opening of the film between Jubei, Kagero and Tesai. that
was NOT my intended on my part.

words n stuff.
Nindo, presence, battle sense, kinda like a sixth sense.

Stiletto, not a shoe ;) its a knife.

Ri Yue Hu Xing Jian, Two curved blades meet in the middle
making an X shape, the middle is a circle which you hold on one

Qing Long Dao, A scimitar style sword. very hard to weild with
skill, sharper than most swords with a very thin blade of
chinese origin (iirc)

Kusari-Gama, think of a sickle with a chain attached to the
handle, You hook your opponents weapon with the chain and go
carving with the sickle.

Bo-Shuriken, the more uncommon type of ninja star. This is the
long nail like one. Not the star kind. (Remember Enter The
Dragon? in the feast room the woman puts one right into the
orange... hmm nasty :) Kagero's bo-shuriken had the circle
with the 4 flower petals type design inside it. I assume its
her Koga ninja clan symbol?? dunno.


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