Title: Falling From The Light

Main Characters: Anakin/Padmé/Obi-Wan/Bant/Luke/Leia/Han/OC

Secondary Characters: OCs/Qui-Gon

Summary: The sequel to "Slipping Into Darkness." Palpatine knew that Anakin might defeat him, so he left something behind which may not only destroy the Chosen One, but his family as well.

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A/N: Originally, I wasn't going to write a continuation to "Slipping," but my wonderful readers on TFN convinced me to. The Lord blessed me with an idea, and "Falling" came about. This story takes some very interesting turns, and I hope that it will surprise you. :) This first chapter begins as a flashback during "Slipping." The next post will take place around the time ANH would have occurred.

A/N2: As always, this story would never be what it is now without my wonderful beta's (Darth Mom's) help. "Slipping," began with an idea she had, and she was kind enough to let me borrow and expand on it, and she is always patient enough to listen to me talk about the sequel. :)


Falling From The Light

Eighteen years before the events of "Falling From The Light"...

Darth Sidious walked the halls of his citadel on the deep core world of Byss, his black robes making him indistinguishable from any other shadow, the passageways silent aside from his steady footfalls. The few he had allowed to remain here as servants knew that any infraction of noise would be severely punished. This was, after all, his place of rest, the one place in the galaxy in which he had no need to cloak his presence from the meddling Jedi. Here, he was free to revel in the darkness, to embrace the fury his power demanded, and here, his greatest plans were brought to fruition.

For many years, Sidious had used this sanctuary of the Dark Side to study paths to immortality, to learn the secret of defeating death itself. He had felt that he was growing closer to accomplishing his goals, and dreamt that one day soon the Jedi would be gone, and he alone would rule the galaxy forever. No one would dare to oppose him.

But all of that had changed when he saw the boy. The boy. Anakin Skywalker, the precious "Chosen One", the embodiment of an age old prophecy. Few could have guessed the role which the disheveled slave from Tatooine would play, but Sidious had known from the moment he had laid eyes on him. The boy was powerful… and he was a threat to everything that the Dark Lord had striven to accomplish.

So, understanding that the "Chosen One" had been created by the Light specifically to put an end to the Sith's goals, Sidious began devising a way to direct the prophecy in his favor. The strategy he had created was one of sheer brilliance. If the child were to be a great force for good, then surely, he could become an even greater force for evil.

It was with this reasoning that Sidious began to slowly weave his way into the boy's life, offering him council and encouragement, gaining his trust, and slowly planting the seeds which he would later reap in order to make the boy his. Using the guise of Palpatine, the Sith began to subtly encourage the unease and stirring anger he sensed in the former slave. Over the years he had watched the child of prophecy grow into a strong young man, and an incredibly powerful Jedi.

And then had come the war. It was essential to the Dark Lord's plans, the dissention it created allowing him the perfect opportunity to seize power. But at the same time, it had proven to be the ideal device to shape his young charge, to hone his rage and aggression. It caused the flickering shadows which Sidious had sensed in Anakin to strengthen, until they became a simmering darkness that ever lingered just below the surface, awaiting release.

Sidious had sensed that it was almost time for him to make his move, to claim his prizes, both the galaxy and the Jedi's precious "Chosen One." But, just as he was about to play his hand, he had felt the current of the Force shift. The tides which had once moved in his favor, suddenly became eddies of confusion and uncertainty. Attempting to understand what had caused such a change, the Sith Lord plunged deeply into the energy field that bound all things, and searched for an answer.

Reaching into the endless abyss of the Dark Side, he found the reason for the altered course of the future. The boy was going to be sent a vision by the Light. It would reveal the truth of Palpatine's identity, as well as the fate which awaited him, and those he so foolishly cared for. Then, the "Chosen One" would have the chance to prevent all of those events from taking place, and would come to confront the man whom he had once held in high esteem as friend and mentor.

Sidious knew that Anakin would arrive with every intention of killing him. And though he loathed to admit it, he knew full well that the boy might succeed. As a result, Sidious had begun to prepare for such a scenario.

He had always been wary of the "Chosen One," realizing how dangerous it was to attempt to reshape a prophecy. His plan, though meticulously thought out, could yet fail at any moment. So, while Anakin was still a naïve young man, the Dark Lord had begun a project that he felt would allow himself to emerge victorious from any contest with Skywalker. Utilizing the cloning technology which he had been exploring as a possible means for prolonging his life, he began devising a way to create the perfect warrior, a creature able to counter all of the "Chosen One's" strengths, and exploit all of his weaknesses.

It was the successful result of this experiment that was Sidious' destination this day as he moved through the endless corridors of his hidden base. At the end of a narrow hallway bathed in blackness, he came to a small chamber. Pausing for a moment to call on the Force and awaken the mind of the creature sleeping within, Sidious stepped across the threshold.

He smiled, but his expression held no warmth, merely a dark satisfaction. He gazed about the confines of the small cell which he had entered, assessing the various pieces of equipment and monitoring devices that surrounded one of his greatest achievements. Then he stepped toward the center of the room, his focus upon a large cylindrical object: a stasis chamber.

Peering into the vessel, the Dark Lord could easily discern the features of a creature which appeared to be human. In fact, the visage he saw could only be described as beautiful, and clearly female, with high cheek bones, full lips, and pale skin. Yet even now, with her face covered in shadow, it would have been clear to any observer that she was not a product of nature. Something in her countenance suggested incredible power, and extraordinary grace beyond that of any natural occurrence.

Sidious' smile grew as he traced the outlines of her face in what could almost be considered a paternal way, but the woman did not react to the gesture, her eyes remaining closed and unmoving, the stasis chamber keeping her body from realizing consciousness. Yet her mind, her spirit was completely aware. The Sith could sense her reaction to his presence, the rush of dark energy filling the small space in seconds as she welcomed her Master.

A laugh escaped the lips visible beneath Sidious' hood, the irony all too delicious for him not to savor, as he considered the nature of the woman before him. He had sent his servants to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to acquire the various DNA samples that completed her genetic makeup, even using DNA from the creatures known as ysalamiri, animals capable of blocking one's connection to the Force. She, of course, possessed that same ability, and Sidious knew she would make her genetic ancestors proud, alluding her Force-sensitive adversaries just as they did. But the core of her genetic template, the source of her power, was the DNA which the Dark Lord himself had obtained: that of Anakin Skywalker, the "Chosen One."

The enhancements which Sidious' scientists had made, including a rapid healing capacity and an inability to feel pain, ensured that she was a formidable warrior, and the inclusion of Anakin's genetic strands guaranteed that she was as strong in the Force as he was.

Aside from Sidious himself, she was, in all likelihood, the only other being in the galaxy who could hope to best the young Jedi Knight. And that was precisely the purpose of her existence.

The Sith Lord had originally conceived of her creation as a means of controlling Skywalker once he had pledged his loyalty to his new Master. After all, the boy was volatile and unpredictable as it was, and those traits would only increase once he accepted the Dark Side.

Sidious had thought that with his ultimate warrior, this incredibly powerful and unquestioning servant, he could continue to dominate the "Chosen One". That way, should the boy ever try to betray Sidious and assume his place as Master, he would find himself facing an adversary unlike any other.

The Dark Lord had hoped that Skywalker wouldn't turn against him until long after the Sith's goals had been realized, as the boy would be invaluable. And though Sidious' creation was utterly loyal and strong in the Force, she was designed purely to serve, not to command. She could never take a place at her Master's side, could never become a true Sith.

However, if Skywalker never fell, and instead fulfilled the prophecy as he was meant to, the Dark Lord's plans for the woman would no longer matter. Sidious had thought of several ways that he could still turn the situation with Skywalker in his favor, using the boy's own fears and doubts to sway his thinking; to fully convince him that his true enemies were the Jedi. But this tactic was far from fool proof, and Sidious had returned to his Dark Side sanctuary to prepare for what would be one final strike.

Child, he called through the Force, smiling once again as he felt his creation's presence rise in answer, I am threatened. Anakin Skywalker may yet defeat me. He felt girl's essence stir, then continued. Should I die at Skywalker's hand, I order you to awaken, and hunt him down. Make him suffer. Take his family, and break his spirit. Then, and only then, will you kill him.

The woman before him answered through the Force, accepting the command without question or hesitation. Yes, my Master.

The Dark Lord allowed himself one last small laugh, the sound echoing in the space around him, then turned to leave. He needed to return to Coruscant to resume his role as Chancellor, and continue the work of turning the boy. But, should he lose his life in the process, he would not be denied his revenge…


It was always dark in the small chamber. Light never touched any portion of the room, its presence seemingly unwelcome. In truth, the being who's entire existence had been spent there had never once seen the rays of a sun; she had merely learned of them from her Master. He was all that she had ever known.

Day after day, she lay, awaiting the time when the great Dark Lord would call for her service. It had been this way for as long as she could remember. But things were about to change, this she knew. She could sense the shifting currents of the Force, feel old futures unravel and alternate pathways form just as quickly.

Thus, when a blinding flash of intense energy swept through the plains of her conscious mind, and she felt her Master's presence ripped away, indeed she understood that her time had come.

She would need to prepare to fulfill her Master's last orders. And when she was ready, when she knew she could not fail, she would kill Anakin Skywalker. She would make him suffer, make him pay.

With that last thought, she had drawn upon the Force, calling on all of the power she possessed, the energy she drew into herself quickly overcoming the sedatives in the stasis chamber. And, for the first time, black, inhuman eyes snapped open and gazed upon the world…




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