Title-If you can imagine

Summary- It has been a few years since the Pevensie children made the fateful discovery of the wardrobe. They lived happily as the rulers of Narnia, before accidentally falling into the real world again. The children haven't gone back to Narnia since then, but they all secretly wish that they could. The children have lived happily for some time now, forever awaiting the return of their long absent father. Their mother came into some money, which she insisted went into funding Peters university tuition. Peter didn't want to go to university. He still wasn't used to not being king. He felt it his duty to become the man of the house until his father returned. His mother, however, knew that if the army began enlisting, Peter would be the first to sign up. To keep him from doing so, and to keep her heart from getting closer to breaking, she sent him to university. To Oxford University actually. (apologies to Mercury Gray if this story seems to be duplicating hers. It will change I promise)

Abriged Summary: (PeterxOC) Peter Pevensie is off at school. All he thinks about is his family and Narnia while he is making friends and learing skills he suposedly needs to know for the life ahead of him. But what if he wants the life behind him?

A/N- everything from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe happened the same way. So did the things in the other books, but very differently. The Pevensies, or any other humans, ever went to Narnia after that. Not, Eustace Scrubb, not Jill Pole, nobody.

Meeting the Roommate

Peter stared. He didn't know what else to do. He was at the last place on Earth he wanted to be, and he was there against his will. Full of depression and anger, Peter stared. This was how his roommate found him, lying on his back, staring at the ceiling, blond hair hailloing his face, his blue eyes cloudy, but a smile playing on his lips.

"Hello. Are you alright?" the boy asked. He was tall, not unhansom, but unruly looking. Peters eyes cleared, all thoughts of Narnia blown out of his mind by the intruder.

"Oh yes I'm fine," Peter said, half through gritted teeth. Calm down, he doesn't know that he just interrupted the best reminiscing you have done in a long time. Listen to yourself Peter, you already sound like one of these snobbish Oxford kids. "The names Pevensie, Peter Pevensie. Who are you?"

The tall boy shook Peters hand, before sauntering over to the unclaimed bed, "Emmet is the name. Emmet Diggory" Emmet's last word sent a shiver down Peters spine. Digory was the professors name, a name already claimed by one far superior to this boy. Oh well, at least its only his last name, not his first.

"Ah. I think I saw your name on my schedule. We have allot of classes together"

"Were suppose to. Thats why they made you and I roommates. They put together people who have the same schedules purposely. Didn't you know that?"

"No, well we learn something new everyday, now don't we" Peter said sarcastically

"Hey mate, roommates are suppose to be friends. Whats with the cold tone?" Emmet said, moving to the large mahogany desk by the alcove window

"Lets just say that there are places I would rather be" Peter said turning over, so Emmet couldn't read his expression

"I know what you mean mate. We all had to leave our family's to come here. Whats your family like?"

Peter warmed a bit at the thought of his family. He turned to face Emmet and sat up, "I'm the oldest. Susan is sixteen. Shes beautiful, smart, bossy,and the best sister I could ask for. Then theres Edmund, hes a week shy of thirteen. Hes a thinker, not really a loner, but he's different. Then theres Lucy, Shes the baby. Shes just turned ten. Shes the light of everyones life. Always, running, laughing, playing. I miss them all so much."

Emmet shook his head of dark curls, as if to clear it of something unwanted "Ah your lucky. I'm an only child. Me mum is almost always out working, and me dads is fighting for England."

"Thats where my father is to. It must be hard for you. I mean when we didn't have my mum, we had each other. I can't imagine being alone" Peters blue eyes shimmered once more with the thought of his family.

"Well I guess thats why you're having such a time here. I'm used to this loneliness, you on the other hand, are not. Its all part of growing up, becoming a man, getting an education so you can take any occupation you want. Especially at Oxford. With Oxford behind you, you could become anything,I mean anything at all. Well except king of course. I think you have to be born one of those or something like that" Emmet laughed at his joke. Peter also chuckled, but at the irony of Emmet's statement.

"Well we had better hurry mate, our classes are starting. From the looks of the way I found you in here, I doubt you have packed your books, or given much thought to the rest of the day at all. Hurry just grab your bag and some random books and we'll hope for the best" Peter laughed and did as he was told. Peter was still angry, still regretful, still basking in self pity, but not as much as before. Now he had found a friend.

Ok, kinda lame, but its only the first chapter. I know that this sounds like a complete rip off of Murcury Gray's "Not All Of Us Can Be Queens" (my fav fanfic btw) but I'm gonna make it different. Please read and review!