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A Way With Words

Previously: It seemed to Peter that everything was moving to slowly. He worried that he wouldn't get their in time? What if they won't be able to save her? What if this was suppose to happen in order to make history right? Would he threaten the safety of entire nations just by saving one of his dearest friends? Peter was confused. He couldn't separate what a king would do, and what Peter Pevensie would do. Why couldn't he focus? He had always been straightforward, never looking back, always knowing what to do. Why didn't he know now? Maybe it was because the fate of an entire world and his best friend depended on what he chose, maybe not.

"Peter, hurry! We have to speed up! We're never going to make it!" Edmund called back to him

whatever the reasons, whatever the outcome, that would have to wait until Peter could get the situation under control. Until then, he had a long ride ahead of him.

"Peter!" Edmund called from up ahead as he broke through the dense trees, "Look! We are farther than we throught! The Great Waterfall is behind us and Miraz is off to the west. We will be there in no time at all!"

"Your right, Ed, but these horses are tiering fast. We're not going to make it" Peter said, pulling out of the forest after Edmund

"You are you? Your aren't by brother. My real brother would never give up. Come on Peter, you are king again. Your in your favorite place in the universe, with your favorite people. You are a born leader, and this is when people need you. Are you going to be the brother I thought you to be or not?" Edmund glared fearcily over his shoulder at his brother. Peter didn't answer, but felt something stirring inside him, a something that hadn't been disturbed in along time. It was pride, belief, and hope.

"yah!" Peter kicked his horse, who sped up, complaining about how Peter didn't have to kick him because he could speak english perfectly well


The brothers dismounted their panting horses a while off from the clearing, and proceded to crawl through the thick green shrubery. Peter spotted Rachel, bound and gagged, standing on the Stone Table, the cruel form of the Witch towering over her.

"Oh the world is such a wonderful place," the Witch was saying, "I can mess up the first time, but then the world gives me a second chance, litterally. I hope you realize that you are going to die. You can stop that struggling because even if you escaped, I could easily catch you on my sleigh, plus everybody is at war. No one knows that I have brought you here. There is no one to hear your screams"

"Why are you doing this?" Rachel asked, spitting the gag from her mouth

"Why am I doing this? Now thats a good question. Poweris a word that comes to mind. To get power is extually quite simple. Just use simple minds with motives already set in stone, minds like Atrox for example. Don't you see? One can only be truely happy is they have absolute dominance, for only then will they be able to control things exactly how they want. They can get their way all the time, making them eternally happy"

"Or eternally spoiled and concited"

"You must wish death upon yourself" the Witch strode over to Rachel and shoved the gag once again in her mouth. The golden sun was setting quickly, casting erie chadows across the plains, forest, and the Witches bony face. Rachel looked away

"Look at me when I'm about to kill you. I want to see fear rise in your eyes"

Peter leaned over to Edmund and whispered in ahushed tone, "Follow me", he abruptly got up and jumped from out of the bushes and onto the dusty, cream colored stone, "You must be confused then Witch, for you will see no fear in her eyes"

"Peter!" Rachel spit the gag out again

"Oh King Peter, how wonderful to see you again. Its been along time. Oh and Edmund! My, you look to old now! Almost old enouh to inherit my empire" The Witch said with a sickly sweetness as she strode over closer to the brothers

"Don't try that on me. It won't work again" Edmund said firmly

"Oh really? How can you be so sure of that? A mind is a week thing at times Edmund,and besides, what seems like a bad choice, but made for the right reasons, can turn out to be a good one" the Witch cooed

"Leave him alone. Just gives us the Princess and we will let you take a few of your men with you in exile" Peter said icily

"Oh hoho, so the great king thinks that he has the upper hand in this? Then he is but the fool I always saw him as. You forget, Peter, that you are but a boy, week, powerless, hopeless, talentless, you are nothing"

"Peter don't believe her!" Rachel called, but was scilenced by a sharp look from the Witch

"You boy,forget also that you have but a petty sword and stand a distance away, where as I have a sharp dagger and stand quite close to the Princess. It is hopeless. You cannot win. She will die, and then Atrox will rule Calormen while I take Narnia, Archenland, and the North. Face you defeat and let me put you out of your misery. Trust me, I can cleave your skull in an instant, you won't feel a thing" the Witch took a step towards Peter

"I've grown up quite a bit since our last encounter. Your banter doesn't frighten me. You know as well as I do that you have the worser hand in this game. If you do kill her, you will be able to do little else. You cannot defeat me physically with a simple dagger. You cannot run, for we are quicker as are our horses and these woods are teeming with Narnian soldiers. You can not smite me with your magic, for every learned person knows that the Deep Magic states that a life taken demands a price. Your powers will be temporarily drained from you if you kill her, rending you incapable of magic. You see Witch, it is I thathas already won" The Witch flinched slightly at Peters words

"What you say is true. You have thought this out young king, but you still have the issue of her death. There is nothing in the Deep Magic that could bring her back. I wouldn't make that mistake twice. You won't let her die, will you?" The Witch dragged the kinfe blade across Rachels cheek, drawing a thin line of blood. Peters face remained emotionless

"You wouldn't dare risk your own life. These woods are surrounded by my men, as I said. They wouldn't hesitate to kill you. You have waited too long to be defeated now" Edmund suddely said. The Witches expression changed slightly

"Your bluffing," the Witch said in a lyrical way, "But you are still right. I hadn't anticipated that you would find me here, so I am not ready to escape from you. Oh the world is a wonderful place. I will see you again boy kings, but not you Princess!" with that, the Witch raised the dagger and thrust it into Rachels chest. Then she turned and jumped through the archway by the Stone Table, and apeared to change into a thousand little particles that were carried away by the wind.

The world seemed to come to a halt for Peter. Everything was moving in slow motion. He saw the Witch jump through the archway and be blown away, he saw the sun finally setting beyond the mountains, he say Edmunds look of horor, and then he saw her colapse.

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