Disclaimer: My first (and possibly last) foray into the Narnia fandom. Obviously, anything you recognize belongs to CS Lewis. I first read "The Chronicles of Narnia" back in Grade 4 (1978/79) so I've been waiting an awfully long time for a movie version that would do it justice. I wasn't disappointed. This story involves an implied relationship between Lucy and Tumnus (with a side of Eustace/Jill) so, if that sort of thing bothers you, please feel free to read something else as there are plenty of great stories out there. This story takes place after "The Silver Chair".

Lovingly dedicated to all my loyal fans and friends who supported me during one of those 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that life threw at me. You all rock mightily and I send you virtual Godiva truffles. I suppose a Hermione/Severus story would have been a better way of saying thanks but, given the situation, I thought this was more appropriate.

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Memories of Snowflakes

The question had caught her completely off-guard.

It was Christmas Eve and Lucy Pevensie was watching her siblings skate with their cousin, Eustace Scrubb, who had come to spend the holidays with them. He had brought along his best friend, Jill Pole, although Lucy seriously doubted they were only best friends.

The snow was falling gently…large fluffy flakes that settled on the eyelashes and didn't immediately melt away. You know the sort…they can cover everything with a soft blanket of wintry whiteness and sparkle with an iridescent magic all their own.

In a word, the sort of snow that made winter such a beautiful season.

She had listened to Jill prattle on about various happenings at her school and how the coming term was going to be so exciting. Jill was a sweet girl and Lucy loved her dearly…but she never seemed to stop talking and Lucy, already entranced by the dancing snowflakes, drifted further away in thought.

So many memories…

"So, have you seen it, Lucy?" Jill suddenly asked.

Jolted from her reverie, Lucy turned to Jill and blushed. "I'm sorry, Jill. I think I was somewhere farther up and further in. What were you asking?"

"Have you ever seen the Great Snow Dance?" Jill asked again. "Eustace and I saw it after we rescued Prince Rilian from that awful witch. You and the others were there for such a long time…you must have seen it at least once."

Lucy closed her eyes for a moment and let the bittersweet memories wash over her…

The hauntingly lively strains of Narnian music in the moonlight.

The soft sighs of a gentle lover.

The scent of spiced mead wafting through the air.

The scent of musk tickling her nostrils.

The cold winter night, her breath misting.

The warmth of soft fur and another's breath misting and melding with hers.

The harmony of dancer and musician and snowball-throwing dwarf.

That perfect harmony between soul mates…a bond that transcended all else…not knowing where one ended and another began….

Her breath caught in her throat and her heart spasmed painfully.

She still missed him so badly.

"Are you ever going to answer my question, Lucy?" Jill asked in frustration.

"Yes," Lucy answered shakily, in a voice just above a whisper. "Yes, I've seen it."

"Lucy…why…you're crying," Jill took out a handkerchief. "I'm so sorry…have I upset you?"

"Don't be silly," Lucy scolded, without any real rancour. "That's just the snowflakes melting."

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