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Types of Power

Chapter 1:

Why do they hate me? I see their glares and looks of hatred directed at me, they call me a demon, why?

Naruto Uzimaki

Normal: POV

A small boy about 6 with blond spiky hair and blue eyes named Naruto Uzimaki was cornered in an alley in the slummier part of the Hidden Leaf Village.

"You filthy demon, you shouldn't be allowed to set foot in here!" yelled on of the guys

"Yeah, it's amazing the hokage even lets you live!" another roared

The gang advanced upon Naruto when a voice from the mouth of the alley spoke.

"Hey what's going on here?"

The gang turned around to see a man about 20 years old with straight brown hair and green eyes, standing at the alleys entrance. He wore a dark green traveling cloak, a suit of armour made of silver scales, a pair of brown finger less gloves, and a pair of tan traveling boots. He also carried a wooden staff with a falcon carved into the head.

"That is none of your business!" yelled one of the goons.

"You're attacking a child, so I'm making it my business." The stranger calmly replied.

"Then we'll take care of you!" roared one of the men charging the stranger.

The stranger merely stepped to the side tripping the guy and cracking him on the head with his staff. The man fell to the ground unconscious. With a roar the rest of the gang rushed at the stranger hoping to overwhelm him with sheer numbers. Twirling his staff expertly the stranger knocked every one of the guys out.

"Hey are you ok?" the stranger asked turning to Naruto.

Naruto merely nodded in reply.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you, where are you're parents." The stranger persisted.

"Don't have any." Was Naruto's response.

"Well who takes care of you?"

"Old man Hokage comes by some times to give me money."

"So you live on your own?"


"In that case if you can tell me were I can find I good place to eat I'll treat you to a free meal."

"Okay!" was Naruto's energetic response "I'm Naruto, future Hokage! And you are?"

"So this kid wants to be the Hokage huh?" The stranger thought, the finally answered. "Call me Feneris."

5 minutes later at the Ichiraku Ramen Bar

Feneris sighed as he looked at the rapidly growing mountain of ramen bowls. He didn't think the kid could eat that much!

"So, you want to be Hokage, huh?" Feneris asked looking up from his bowl of chicken ramen.

"Yep, that way everyone will acknowledge and respect me!"

Feneris mulled over his thoughts for a few minutes then said "Naruto I have a deal for you. You come traveling with me for a few years and I'll teach you stuff that no one else knows."

"Really!" was Naruto's response.

"Sure. Just met me at the gates in about 30 minutes." Was the answer.

With a cheer Naruto took off leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

With Naruto well out of sight Feneris turned to the owner of the bar and said to the owner.

"There's something strange about that kid I could sense another presence within him." He then noticed the owner stiffen for a second, and continued "and you know something about it. So don't try lying to me."

The owner sighted. "Well you know about the attack of Kyuubi?"

"Yeah, but don't believe a word about the 4th hokage killing him. You just can't kill something that powerful with anything short of godly power."

"Well… your right, the 4th couldn't kill the Kyuubi so he sealed it in a baby, that baby is now Naruto."

"Well that explains all the glares we got on the way here. So how much do I owe you?"

"Umm... Let's see, 152 bowls of miso ramen, which comes to $120.25." the owner calculated.

"Here" said Feneris as he tossed a couple of gold coins on the table. "That should cover it."

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto tossed all his stuff into a back pack he owned after filling the pack with some books, spare clothes, and 50 packs of ramen from his emergency stash.

"I'll leave old man hokage a note to tell him I'm gone." He though as he scribbled out a note to leave for the hokage.

He then jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night."


Feneris sped over the deserts of wind country a sleeping Naruto on his back.

The guards at the gate hadn't given them any trouble in fact they seemed eager to get Naruto out of the village. He'd have to tell Naruto about Kyuubi it is only fair that the boy knew, plus he could teach him how to control Kyuubi's power. He'd tell Naruto when he woke up.

Next Morning

Naruto woke up in a hotel in the hidden sand village. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he saw Feneris enter the room.

"Naruto there is something I need to tell you."

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