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True Power

Chapter 26: The Rasengan

"The Rasengan is deadlier then the Chidori for the simple fact that it causes more internal damage"

Jiraiya, Super Pervert

"Can you teach me a new jutsu?" Naruto whined.

"No," Jiraiya answered annoyed.


A vein bulged in Jiraiya's forehead. 'Damn brat,' he thought to himself. "Okay fine, I'll teach you a jutsu called the Rasengan. It's more powerful then Kakashi's Chidori even. First, pop this water balloon. Here's a hint swirl the water."

Jiraiya pulled out a water balloon and tossed it to Naruto. He just turned around when he heard a pop and was showered with water. He turned around to see Naruto holding the remains of a popped water balloon.

"What next?" was all Naruto had to say.

"Destroy this," Jiraiya said shakily, handing Naruto a rubber ball.


Bits of rubber rained down form the air.

"How did you know how to do that?" Jiraiya asked.

"Feneris taught us how to destroy matter by rotating the particles within it," Haku said, before Naruto could answer.

"Fine, here's how to do the final stages of the Rasengan," Jiraiya explained, showing Naruto the technique. "I'm sure you can figure it out from there."

"Okay, got it!" Naruto yelled as he started to form an orb of Chakra in his hand. Then…


Te smoke cleared to reveal Naruto lying in a huge crater in the middle of the road. Gaara lowered the sand shield a gazed at the destruction.

"Heh, heh, I guess I need work on this part," Naruto said sheepishly.

Naruto practiced the Rasengan while they traveled. He even managed to avoid explosions.

Finally the group made their way into a town.

"Okay brats, find an inn and get some rooms. I'm going to be looking through the pubs, bars and casinos," Jiraiya instructed.

"You are looking through those places, why?" Haku asked raising an eyebrow.

"Because…" Jiraiya explained, getting annoyed, " the lady we are looking for likes to gamble, and then drink herself into a stupor, when she loses all her money."

In the hotel room, five minutes later…

"Hey guys!" Naruto yelled out, "I just had ideas for new techniques for you!"

"What do you got?" Gaara asked.

"Well, Haku, with your technique you spin chakra around your hand and use it to puncture the target. You then use your power to freeze their blood. It stops the circulation of the blood and damages the cells."

"Interesting," was Haku's response. "What about the technique you designed for Gaara?"

"Well, Gaara, you create blades with your sand, after you have stabbed someone with them. You expel the sand outwards; effectively sandblasting their insides," Naruto explained.

"I like it," was all Gaara said.

Then Jiraiya burst into the room. "Okay, get some sleep, we head out tomorrow. The person we are looking for was last seen in Casino Country."

Somewhere in Rice Country

"Damnit!" a sound ninja swore, as he tore through the bush. "We must warn Orochimaru-Sama about this drow plot."

"Did you find out about the leaders?" his partner asked, as he joined the fleeing ninja.

"Yes, the whole plot is masterminded by "The Copier of Bloodlines" Derilk Darkblade. He is one of five elites who pull the strings. The other four are "The Black Bezerker" Gerian Bloodreaver, "The Dragon Puppeteer" Selv Metalshaper, "The Explosive Illusionist" Feliel Moonshadow, and "The Smoke Weaver" Heliop Darkweaver."

"Good," His partner said. "I have also discovered that they plan to launch an assault on the Akatsuki."

Suddenly, they were stopped in mid jump by a giant spider's web.

"What the hell!" one of the Sound-nin screamed.

"Well looks like we caught a few sound nins, Aria," a drow said, floating into their sight.

The Sound Ninja felt slight tugs in the web. They turned their heads and saw a giant white spider crawling towards them. Panicked they tried to use chakra to escape, only to feel their chakra being drained away.

"I forgot to mention, Aria is a special spider from my homeland," The drow remarked. "Her webs drain the body's magical energies."

The spider had arrived at one of the Sound Ninja and had begun wrapping it in webs.

"Don't worry, Arian's poison works fast," the drow said, a smirk on his face.

The only thing Orochimaru knew, was that two spies never returned.

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