CH 1

Mark Callaway sat in the empty Nationwide Arena watching them set up the cage for a hell in the cell match at King of the Ring that was more than a normal match for him. This match had everything that mattered in his life riding on it. He sighed listening to the clanging sounds of the cage being snapped together knowing all to well the pain he would feel hitting into those chain link walls. That pain would be nothing compared to the pain if he lost tonight losing the only person who truly mattered in his life. He rested his head in his hands thinking about what had happened in the last three months to lead to this moment. The moment where real life and his wrestling life were meshing into one, something he swore he would never let happen but she was worth all of it. He would go through anything for Lisa Bradley.

(Three months ago)

Mark was not in mood to be at work after being stopped for speeding on the way in. Lucky for him the police officer was a fan letting him off with a warning. He wanted to keep riding right past the Hartford arena but he couldn't let the fans down like that. He pulled into his parking spot seeing Dwayne Johnson coming out of the arena doors stopping suddenly when he saw Mark. Dwayne looked nervous slowly approaching him.

"Hey Mark, how was your break?" Dwayne took off his sunglasses.

"It was ok too short for my liking," Mark turned off his motorcycle getting off. "Cut the small talk what do you want?"

"I don't want a thing. Vince asked me to pass the message to you that he wants to see you right away but he insists you knock first," Dwayne said watching Mark frown.

"Knock first?" Mark rubbed his chin as Dwayne nodded yes. "Oh I'm going to knock first real hard." Mark brushed past Dwayne hating when Vince pulled his surprise meetings. What the hell could he possibly want now, Mark thought going through the halls. He was about to pound on Vince's door when he heard the sweet laughter of an unfamiliar female voice. Mark leaned near the door listening for a minute hearing the laughter again followed by voices.

"Hey Vince maybe her entrance music should be Van Halen's Runaround since she loves playing hard to get," the deep male voice echoed through the door followed by her sweet enchanting voice.

"I'm not playing hard to get anymore as long as you behave," her voice said as Mark heard the deep voice sigh happily.

"I always am on my best behavior with you and that song does fit you," the man's voice boomed.

"Don't worry about her entrance music. The biggest problem with be her new partner. He is not going to be happy about this but he is going to have to deal with it because I love the direction the storyline will go once you return from injury leave. Which reminds me you have a plane to catch rehab is waiting," Vince's voice was filled with pride as Mark listened not feeling guilty at all for eavesdropping.

"You're right boss. I wish I could stay to see my sweet girl's debut on Raw but I need to get back to 100 quickly so I can be back here permanently," the other man's voice sounded familiar to Mark but he couldn't figure out who it was.

"I can't wait. I will stick to my promise that you two will be a couple in the ring as soon as you return," Vince said as Mark wished he could see through the door.

"Thank you again Vince for this opportunity I promise to do my best," her sexy voice filled the air as Mark felt his curiosity growing.

"I know you will. You two better hurry along," Vince said as Mark heard all the goodbyes. Mark couldn't wait any longer banging on the door.

"Come in," Vince's called. Mark was disappointed when he opened the door finding only Vince. He looked around seeing Vince's company had gone out the other door. "Mark, I'm glad to see you."

"What have I done now?" Mark sank to the nearby chair trying to get the woman's voice out of his mind.

"You haven't done anything. I'm going to add some spice to your storyline," Vince rubbed his hands together obviously excited.

"Spice? What the hell do I need spice for? I have the hardcore title isn't that enough spice," Mark hated when Vince came up with brilliant ideas to improve his character.

"Just give this a try tonight you're going to be involved in a tag team match for the new inter-gender tag team title belts," Vince reached behind his desk pulling out the new belts.

"Are you out of mind McMahon? I'm not doing that," Mark jumped out of his chair heading towards the door.

"Mark, you walk out your career is over. This is a new title who better than the Deadman to hold it first and just think you'll be holding two titles," Vince tried to turn on the charm.

"Hold it with some airhead who will be stripping her clothes more than wrestling leaving me to do all the work in the ring. Let me guess its going to be Trish or better yet the annoying Stacy," Mark was about to have a fit at the thought of working with either of those two.

"I'm glad to hear you think so highly of your coworkers," Vince gave him a sarcastic smile. "It will be neither of them I have hired a new girl and I assure you she is not an airhead and will be very involved with the ring action. She is a very bright, athletic, sexy and attractive woman. Just give her a chance and if you still have a problem I'll kill the storyline after a few shows."

"You swear you'll kill it without any bullshit?" Mark wasn't about to be put in a never ending storyline.

"Yes," Vince swallowed hard.

"Put it in writing and we have a deal," Mark refused to do anything with Vince unless it was in writing.

"I'll have the paper drawn up immediately," Vince sat down in his leather desk chair knowing it was pointless to argue with Mark. "You will be meeting your new partner tonight will have to do a quick rehearsal before the Smackdown taping starts. She had to run to the airport to say goodbye to her boyfriend."

"Can you at least tell me something about her?" Mark was curious he couldn't help it.

"Her name is Lisa Bradley. She is 27 up to a few months ago she was a cheerleader for one of East Coast football teams. She is 5'7 with wavy blonde hair and her body is amazing. She is very good shape should have no problems in the ring. If you don't believe me you can ask Trish about their practice match yesterday. You'll have to find out the rest about her yourself that should be no problem with your charming personality," Vince smiled knowing he had made Mark's curiosity even stronger.

"I'll check her out. See ya later Vince," Mark headed out of Vince's office still hearing the woman's sweet voice in his head wondering who she was.