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"SHIGURE!" Kyo slammed Shigure's door open. Shigure stared up at him with wide eyes. Crazed red ones stared back.

"My my, Kyon-kichi. Did you leave Tohru at the dance?" He stared at Kyo. Kyo's forehead was covered with small beads of sweat. He ran all the way from the school to the Sohma house. Shigure looked toward the door to see Tohru catching up.

"Shigure-san! We have to tell you something!" Her hair had fallen out of the perfect bun that she had four hours ago. Sweat trickled down her delicate neck.

"What is it? It must be important that you two came right from the dance." He set down the papers that he had been reading. In the back of Shigure's mind, he knew what they wanted.

"Watch this!" Kyo said with excitement and confusion. He grabbed Tohru and hugged her tight. Shigure's eyes widened.

"How did we do it?" Kyo asked. His eyes burning.

"Calm down, Kyo. Sit down." He nodded towards the floor. "You too, Tohru-kun." Kyo quickly sat down and Tohru sat next to him.

"Kyo It is obvious that your curse is broken. I'm guessing that you would like to know how you did it." He grinned at him. Kyo nodded furiously, Tohru mimicking him with her eagerness.

"It's pretty simple. Someone accepted you and loved you for who you really are." Shigure leaned back and smiled at them.

"Wha? But Kagura said she loved me all the time?" His brow raised in confusion.

"She is also cursed by a zodiac spirit though. Only someone who truly loves you can break the curse. Tohru, I thank you for freeing Kyo.." Kyo stared at him. Comprehension dawned on his face. Tohru's face had a huge smile on it. Tohru had accepted him. All of him. His mistakes, his appearance, his personality.

"Tohru!" He turned toward her. They grinned at each other. Kyo glanced at Shigure.

"Don't mind me!" Shigure said in his pervy voice.

"Gah!" Kyo grabbed Tohru's hand and lead her outside.

Kyo released her hand when the got outside. "Kyo-kun! This is so exciting! I'm so happy!" Tears were tricking down her cheeks. A smile on her face. Kyo wiped away the tears with his thumb.

"Tohru. Thank you. Thank you so much." He stared into her turquoise eyes. He was on the verge of tears. He lifted his hand to wipe them away but Tohru caught his hand.

"Kyo-kun. It's alright to cry." She smiled as another tear fell down her cheek. She then saw something in his eyes. Lust, love, and passion. Something she recognized when she saw her mother and father.

Kyo pulled her to him quickly. Their mouths meeting. He slight bit her bottom lip causing her to open hers. Her arms went around his neck. He softly caressed her neck, deepening the kiss.

They pulled apart when Kyo heard something in the bushes.

"Kyo-kun?" Tohru stared at him questioningly. She listened to the air. She heard soft giggling.

"Oh don't mind me!" Shigure popped out of the bushes, Ayame snickering behind him. "We were just admiring young love!" He sighed romantically.

"Godammit, Shigure!" Kyo flung himself at him, but a hand flew out of nowhere to grab his head.

"Kyo. You shouldn't attack elders." Hatori's deep voice said to him. Kyo stared at them all with a big blush across his face.

"Haa-san! I'm not old!" Shigure crossed his arms in mock anger. Ayame smiled and Tohru started to laugh.

Everything was as it was supposed to be. Tohru and Kyo would begin a new life. Together.