You, Me and Kitty Makes Three

A/N: Sylvester and the rest of The Looney Tunes belong to Warner Bros and Tom belongs to Hanna Barbera.

"CUT! That take was hot Sly baby! But let's do another one to see if we can top it!" The Director shouted from his high chair.

Sylvester sighed and took his place on the giant red X waiting for Tweety to drop yet ANOTHER anvil on his head. "Another day, another dollar." He thought as the large metal object came crashing down on him.

"CUT! Great job boys! That's a wrap!"

The loud ringing of the studio bell signaled that the day of filming had ended. Stage hands and other studio workers hustled and bustled their way back and forth out of and into the studio. Sylvester pulled himself from under the anvil and blew on his thumb to inflate himself back to his regular state, being a toon and all.

"Aww, poor puddy tat. Good stuff though today." Tweety said to him as he fluttered of to his trailer.

Sylvester just mumbled a goodbye and headed to his own trailer. Upon getting inside he stretched and flopped down on his couch. "Sometimes this job gets way to repetitive." He said to himself. If any one had been listening, they would be suprised not to hear the cat's trademark speech impediment. In truth, Sylvester didn't really talk like that. His Directors just thought that it would be funnier for him to have one. So it stuck, becoming part of the dialouge of his lines in every movie his been in.

Getting up, Sylvester opened up a closet and pulled out his clothes. Another thing that would suprise most people.

In fact, most Looney Tunes did wear clothes when off screen. You didn't expect them to be walking around naked in public did you?

Anyway, Sylvester finally stepped out, wearing jeans and a plaid, buttoned up t-shirt, and walked over to his car. On his way out of the studio, he waved a good bye to Chuck, the elderly gate keeper and headed down the road. He didn't go far as his house was just a few minutes away from the studio. Sylvester parked in the large garage to his even larger house. He never saw himself as a big time movie star but did like to be comfortable.

Walking up the steps, he took out his keys and unlocked the door. He closed it behind him and then came the part of the day he looked forward to most.


From out of the living room came a small, kitten in pajamas, no more than five years old.

Sylvester plastered a huge smile on his face and picked the little kitten up and swung him around.

"There's my little guy! Were you good for Uncle Tom?" He asked his son, while tickling his feet.

"As always." Came a voice belonging to a tall, lean, grey cat. He put on his coat and rubbed the top of the kitten's head.

"I'll see you next time sport. Till then, take care of your dad."

Sylvester smiled and opened the door for him. "Thanks Tom. I really appreciate you looking after the little guy when I'm at work."

Tom flashed a smile, "No problem Sly. I love him like my own. Speaking of which," He paused looking at his watch. "I better get back before the wife thinks I'm out chasing a certain mouse. See ya."

"Bye, Uncle Tom!" The kitten shouted after him.

Tom waved back to him and got into his car and drove off.

Sylvester closed the door and looked at his son who stared back him with a lazy smile on his little muzzle.

"Someday that look will get you into a lot of trouble Sam." The alley cat said to his son with a equally lazier grin.

Sam giggled and hugged himself to his father's chest. "I missed you Daddy." He said, while speaking into Sylvester's shirt.

Sylvester felt his heart melt upon hearing his son's words. "I missed you too Sammy." He said hugging his son back and kissing the top of his head.

"Now then, how bout you head up to bed and I'll read you a story, ok ?"

"Ok." The little kitten said and started to climb up the steps.

Sylvester smiled as he saw his son progress up the stairs on his hands and knees. When most people hear about Sylvester's son, they automaticaly think of Junior, the young cat who played his son on TV. Junior was a child actor during the early days of Looney Tunes and usually ended up in episodes where he wanted his "Father", to catch a mouse which always turned out to be a kangaroo or a puma or whatever. Now Junior was grown up and those episodes had stopped. Sylvester wasn't too fond of those episodes anyway, in fact he wasn't too fond of Junior ethier.

Junior always had a bit of an additude even at a young age. He believed that his acting skill was parallel to Bugs Bunny and should of been in bigger roles. In short, he was a spoiled brat.

Not like his boy though. Sylvester never recalled a time where he had to raise his voice or even ask Sam to do something more than once. The kid was perfect in everyway. He deserved anything he could ever want, which really wasn't that much. Though without telling his father, Sylvester knew what his son wanted more than anything in the world.

A mother.

The truth is, Sylvester was not married and never was.

Sam was adopted by Sylvester a little over two years ago. He had never really expected to be a dad but when he found out about little Sam, his heart went out to him.

Apparently the little guy had been abandoned at the steps of Warner Bros. Studio with a note from his parents saying that they were going through serious problems and believed that their son would be much better off with a more caring and supportive parent.

Each employee, including toons, had a look at the baby to see if anyone was interested. When Sylvester looked at the small bundle of fur, he felt a small twang of sympathy for him. He tickled the tiny feline's belly which caused Sam to look at him with eyes full of confusion and curiosity. Then, so suddenly, he reached out a clapsed a little paw around Sylvester's finger. At that moment, the world stopped for the toon. So much power and feeling was involved with that one innocent gesture that Sylvester fell in love with him right then and there.

Long story short, the past couple of years were the greatest of his life.

But the fact still remained that Sam wanted a mother and to be honest Sylvester was needing some female attention. It's not that Sylvester had trouble getting girls, it's just that most of the women he dated only wanted him for money or boasting rights that they slept with one of the most famous cats in cartoon history.

Not mother material in other words.

Sighing, he headed up the stairs to his son's room to read him a bed time story.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: There's chapter one. Will Sylvester find a mother for his son? And if he does who will it be? I apologize for any Junior fans out there. I actually do like him but I couldn't resist myself. Expect Chapter 2 hopefully soon.