Author's Note: If you're familiar with my fairytale stories then you'll know what to expect here. If not, or if you read this and want more, try Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and my current WiP; Robin Hood.

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Hello everyone and welcome to 'Snow White - SGC Style', brought to you courtesy of MGM, ShowTime, Gecko Productions and the Sci-Fi channel. We hope that you are sitting comfortably to enjoy today's show and that you have taken the opportunity to purchase the terrible over-priced sweets with noisy wrappers and soft drinks from our conveniently positioned stalls before entering the auditorium.

"Excuse me?"
Um, sorry?
"I said excuse me. What is this - a promotional ad break or something?"
I'm only trying to do my job here.
"Well try harder! What happened to the old narrator anyway?"
Well, as I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted... Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our regular narrator is unavailable this evening. Luckily a replacement has stepped in to save the day.
"The replacement is you, isn't it?"
How ever did you guess?
"Female intuition."
"Oh yes. This is going to be great."
Sorry? What was that?
Oh good. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
"I can hardly wait..."