It's Already Over


What do you see Battousai?

I see a hypocrite, like all other Ishin hypocrites. But YOU were different, once.

Afraid of change, you cling to this alien era; haggard, bleeding, too weak to survive my fiery baptism of this misconceived Japan.

This world is food for me, you shall be too. I am the true demon, that the shadows can no longer hold.

If it takes me a blizzard of blood and burned bones, so be it, I shall have my world.

So we are not altogether different...

If only you were more, a challenge...

xxx Kenshin is thrown back from the blast of Guren Kaina, sailing slowly, gracefully through the heat haze and the choked smoke... xxx

It's already over...what a waste...


Author wannabe notes: My pathetic attempt at a 100 word fic(- the X X of course). The timing is from the start of the fight scene to the end of round-1.

Repost... 7th May 06..