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Hikari, Takeru -16

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Chapter 1


A bullet shot through the air. It hit the man on the chest and he was thrown against the wall. The man who shot him was grinning wickedly. "Take him away," he mumbled motioning one of his men to take the bloody body away. He was just about to slip his gun inside his pocket, when he saw a tiny flash of light. He turned and saw a young girl holding a cellular phone, her face covered with shock and fear. The girl turned and ran away, without a moment's hesitation he yelled, "Get her!" His men tore after the girl. The man who had been calm was now was now sweating nervously. If the girl had done what he thought she had then it would spell big trouble for him.


Hikari's POV

"I'm so tired, not to mention hungry," my purple haired friend Miyako complained as we walked home from school. "That Ms. Kaniko, making us slave like donkeys! What does she think we are…" Miyako stopped, searching for words that would suitably describe the cruelty of our teacher.

"…donkeys?" I suggested giving a giggle. Miyako looked at me and started laughing.

"Just because the school annual cultural festival is coming up in two weeks, we don't have to stay at school till 6:30, you know," she said, "Oh, my poor back," she gave a groan and rubbed her back gingerly.

"Yeah and besides don't forget all the sums, she gave us to do as homework," I agreed. "I'll see you tomorrow then Hikari," Miyako waved goodbye entering the shop that her parents run. "Good night," I replied.

I took the familiar road that led to my house humming 'Things I'll never say' sung by 'Avril Lavigne', (A/N: I just love that song!) I usually like walking but today I was tempted to take the shortcut because my legs were killing me. This is a lonely area and I don't like walking through this street, but I had no choice.

I turned around the corner and saw a cute little kitten. I pulled out my cellular phone, "Wait little kitty I'll take a picture," I was just about to take a picture, when the kitten scampered away. I ran after it but the kitten kept running away. Finally it stopped. Good I thought as a focused to take a picture. Suddenly the cat jumped and I accidentally took a picture of a couple of men standing further ahead. I gasped as I heard a gun shot and saw a gun in one of the men's hand. Obviously someone had been murdered.

End of flashback.

Hikari's POV.

I turned around as the men started to chase me. "Get her!" One of them shouted. The two men began to come after me. I ran as fast I could. I could hear the thumping of their footsteps behind me.

"We can't let her escape." He hissed at the other guy. "If she shows that picture to the police then we're done for" The other nodded in agreement. I could hear their voices. I was scared. I knew that they would kill me if they caught me. And I had to get away fast. I ran and ran till I reached a truck. I was too tired to run anymore so I climbed inside the truck and held my breath. I could hear the men looking for me, hoping and praying that they wouldn't look inside the truck. I began to feel sleepy. My head started to nod. I closed my eyes. I could hear the faint sound of the starting of an engine. Never mind I thought to myself, I could catch the bus back home later. As long as I get away from these men, I'll be fine. So I shut my eyes peacefully and fell asleep.

I opened my eyes. It was still dark. I glanced at my watch. It was 4 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes, trying to remember where I was. Then it came back to me. Those men…the murder… I jumped out of the truck and looked around. I was in a street full of buildings. I didn't know where I was. But one thing was clear I was far from home.

Suddenly I heard a voice, "It's her! That girl!" Uh oh! Without giving a second thought to where I was going I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. What am I going to do now?

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