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Chapter 6

Takeru's POV

We watched anxiously as that man brought the gun to Hikari's forehead.

"Stop" I shouted. "Leave Hikari alone, you bastard"

"Tsk tsk watch your tongue, kid" the man said icily.

"What are you doing here anyway?" I growled

"Well, I came here to plant the bomb. Fortunately I decided to stay behind and see the fun. I didn't except the plan to backfire but it doesn't matter now anyway, I'm still going to finish you all off."

"You moron" hissed Rei furiously.

"Now I think I'll finish the pretty girl first."

"No" Leo yelled

"Let her go" Ken shouted.

I stared at Hikari who whimpered. Tears were forming in her eyes and she looked really scared.

"You are going to kill us all anyway so why don't you kill me first" I stated without thinking.

Ken, Rei and Leo stared at me thunderstruck.

"No!" Hikari cried. "All of this happened because of me and you're not going to risk your life again"

"So you want to play hero do you? Alright I'll do as you wish."

I stood in front of my friends

"Takeru, don't go" Rei yelled

"Are you crazy?" Leo cried.

"Stay back" Hikari shouted at me.

I didn't move. The man held Hikari and pointed his gun at me.

"Where would you like to be shot? In your brain or in your heart." The man taunted.

I didn't say anything.

"Say your prayers" He whispered.

I looked at my friends. Ken…Rei…Leo and finally…Hikari and closed my eyes waiting for the pain…

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" shouted a loud voice. We all turned around and stared as an army of armed policemen sprung out of the bushes.

"The police" Ken shouted his voice filled with relief.

I was so surprised that I couldn't speak. How did the police know where we were? Questions began forming in my mind thick and fast.

Then I got my answer. Next to one of the policemen stood Daisuke grinning all over his face.

"Daisuke, when did you escape?" I cried as my friends and I ran up to him. The police had rounded up on the man and were questioning him about the whereabouts of his gangsters.

"As soon as that guy jumped on Hikari I ran off before he noticed me. I was worried sick that he had seen me but fortunately I was able to escape and call the police" Daisuke said proudly.

"Well even you can be sensible sometimes" Rei sounded astounded as he thumped Daisuke on the back.


We all laughed. A police officer walked over to us.

"Well. It's over now. We'll round up the rest of the gang by tomorrow night. There's nothing for you to worry about"

"Thanks, sir. We have to leave now" I said politely as we waved goodbye and walked off.

Hikari swung my hand happily, "Finally there's nothing to worry about"

I grinned, "But we sure have a lot of explaining to do"

Hikari's POV

Takeru and I walked home together. It was almost 2:00 am. I was happy that everything was okay.

"Tomorrow we can call your brother and you can go back to your family" He said.

I stopped walking and thought to myself.

Of course I'll be going back home soon. It would be great to see my family and friends again but something didn't feel right. I didn't feel as happy as I thought I would. In fact I felt a little sad.

But why? You're going to see your family again, Hikari, you're supposed to be happy. I scolded myself.

"Hikari hello?" Takeru called me. We had reached his house. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing. Just spaced out I guess" I laughed nervously.

Takeru looked at me worried "I'm fine really" I hastily said.

"Oh ok"

We crept in through the window. I lay down on Takeru's bed and pulled the duvet to my chin.

I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned. Then I looked down at Takeru who was fast asleep.

He's really cute I stared at him and he's a really nice person.

I shook my head. I'll be leaving tomorrow I reminded myself.

But you don't want to go said a small voice at the back of my head

Why? I asked

Simple. Because you're in love with Takeru said the voice

No I'm not I thought frantically. Yes you are calm down and think properly you'll realize I'm speaking the truth said the voice.

I cleared my mind and closed my eyes. Then I realized that I was in love with Takeru Takaishi which is why I don't want to leave.

Tell him how you feel said the voice again.

I turned and looked at Takeru, "I wonder how you feel about me Takeru" I whispered as I drifted to sleep.

"Hikari, wake up" said a voice.

"Go away" I mumbled.

Someone was shaking my shoulders, "Come on, Hikari"

I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. My vision was blurry. I blinked several times and looked into a pair of crystal blue eyes.

I blushed, my sleep disappearing, "Takeru" I stammered.

"Good, you're finally awake. My mother wants to meet you"

"Right" I replied absently. "What! Your mother?"

"Yes, today morning she came into the room and saw me lying on the floor and asked me to explain. So I told her everything. I hope you don't mind." He said. "She's not mad or anything" he added

I smiled. "That's alright. Now that everything is over it doesn't matter if you've told your mom."

"Thanks. Can we go now? She said she's going book a train ticket for you to go home"

I followed him to the living room promising myself that I would definitely tell him how I feel.

I saw a pretty woman with short brown hair and blue eyes. "Hello, I'm Hikari Yagami. It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Takaishi."

She smiled, 'I'm glad everything is okay now dear. I've booked a seat for you in the 11:00 am train today so you can call home and tell them you're coming back."

I turned pale. So soon! But I need to tell Takeru how I feel. Not wanting to disappoint his mom, I smiled

"Thank you so much for all your help. May I borrow your phone to call home?"

"Sure, I'm leaving to work. Takeru make sure she leaves safely. It was nice meeting you, Hikari. Bye" She left shutting the door behind her.

"Call home, Hikari. We have only one hour to eat breakfast and leave." Takeru told me.


I quickly spoke to big brother everything and joined Takeru at the breakfast table. I hoped that I would be able to find the courage to tell him.

At the train station.

"It's 10:45" announced Daisuke.

"It is almost time for me to leave" I told the guys as I gave them each a hug.

"Thanks for all your help" I smiled

"It was nothing. Take care, Hikari" Rei smiled at me.

"It has been nice knowing you" Ken said.

"Hope we meet again" said Leo.

"Don't forget us" added Daisuke.

"I won't" I laughed.

Suddenly Takeru appeared. I walked over to him and threw my arms around his neck giving him a huge hug. I felt Takeru's arms around me.

Go on tell him your feelings the voice in my head urged me.

I took a deep breath. It's now or never.

"Hey Takeru" I whispered, my face buried in his shoulder.


"I- I want to tell you something."

He didn't say anything.

"I- Um- well- I really like you" I whispered "I- I think I l-love you" I said quickly.


I waited with bated breath. Come on. Say something, please.

"Me too" he finally whispered. I felt so happy. I stepped back and looked into his crystal blue eyes.

Before thinking, I suddenly leaned forward and kissed him softly. Then realizing what I'd done, I pulled away hastily looking down. I didn't want the others to see me blushing.

I could hear the guys snickering behind me. I glanced up and saw Takeru's face was beet red.

A voice blared through the speakers announcing the departure of my train. I had no luggage.

"Well, bye guys" I turned and ran forward. Then I turned back and waved at them

"Bye, Hikari."

"Don't forget to write"

"See you soon"

"Bye guys thanks a lot" with that I turned on my heels and disappeared into the crowd. I felt happier now that I knew Takeru returned my feelings.

Takeru's POV

I returned Hikari's wave smiling as she disappeared through the crowd. I felt elated. I never knew that Hikari had any feelings for me.

Ken cleared his throat loudly.

"Takeru, my god, you've made a hit" Leo said.

"Hit?" I retorted, breaking my train of thoughts.

"Wish I had your technique" Daisuke said enviously.

"Shut up" I said my cheeks burning.

"Look you're blushing" Rei laughed at me.

"Come on we've got basketball practice. The coach's going to get mad" I said walking away.

"He's trying to change the subject" Ken hollered at me as the guys followed still laughing.

"Let's go Hikari" I said absently. Then I remembered Hikari is not here anymore.

Fortunately for me the guys were too busy laughing to notice.

I glared at them. Bunch of idiots.

One month later

It has been a whole month since Hikari left. We have the finals of the basketball match today. If we win today then we'll win the tournament.

"Come on, Takeru. The match's going to start." Daisuke called me.

"Coming" I yelled in reply. Somehow I was unable to concentrate on the game.

The game began. We played really badly. By the end of the first half, the opponents were two points ahead.

"What's wrong, Takeru? You're not yourself today" Rei asked me concerned.

"I don't know, Rei" I replied ignoring Daisuke who was swearing loudly that the opponents were cheating. Ken and Leo were trying to calm him down

The coach wasn't pleased at all.

"I want you to play better in the second half" he said, frowning.

"Yes, sir" we replied gloomily.

"Listen, Takeru. Tell me what's wrong" Rei insisted.

"I can't concentrate. I keep thinking about her" I mumbled.

I knew that Rei knew I was talking about Hikari. (A/N: Sorry if that's confusing. You get it don't you?)

"This is a very important game, Takeru. I know how you feel but you must try to concentrate."

"You're right, Rei. I'm just being stupid"

"Not exactly. I would feel that way if I were in your place too."

I looked at him gratefully.

The second half began. I hoped that I would do better this time.

Daisuke passed the ball to me. I was in a perfect position to score. But I couldn't concentrate.

The basket looked like it kept changing places.

"Shoot" shouted my teammates

"Throw it in" yelled the coach red with excitement.

Suddenly a familiar voice rang out


I glanced up in the direction of the voice. On the top of a fleet of steps stood…. Hikari with a big smile.

I smiled back at her and threw the ball with all my might. The ball flew into the basket.

"Threeeeeeeeeeee pointer" yelled the commentator in his mic. "Odaiba High school wins the game by one point."

A deafening roar erupted through the stadium. I saw the coach dancing a jig in his happiness. Daisuke was boasting about his amazing pass to me. All the others were cheering.

The opponent team captain came over.

"Well done"

"Right back at you" I replied shaking his hand.

I looked to see Daisuke trying to run over to me but Rei stopped him and smiled at me.

I took my cue and ran to where Hikari was.

Finally I reached the bottom of the staircase on top of which she stood frozen.

I gave her big smile and letting out a shriek of happiness she ran down the stairs and launched herself at me giving me a bear hug.

I returned her hug as she whispered, "congratulations"

"Couldn't have done it without you."

I glanced at Rei who gave me a thumbs up sign. I smiled back.

Hikari's POV

I was so glad that I could share this moment of joy with Takeru. And I'll never ever regret the day I witnessed that murder because that was the reason I got to meet Takeru.

And that was the best day of my life…

La fin.

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