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"You look beautiful, Hinata-chan."

She blushed, of course.

She took insults far better than hearing compliments. It was easier to hear something painful, her father trained her well. But to hear something so flattering from someone or maybe from anyone else assaulted her to severe blush attacks.

How could she be called beautiful anyway?

Maybe it was because of her hair -her father told her to let it grow to show that she was a woman and that she needed to express grace of an heiress. He said boy-cuts were not feminine and it did not match her frail personality.

Yes, maybe it was because of her elbow-length hair, it even amazed her how fast it grew in three years. It must be the hair because surely, it wasn't because of her eyes! She did not like her white eyes. Her pale skin did not help because she thought she looked like someone weak and blind.

"Hinata-chan? Are you okay?"

She glanced at him once, nodded and she turned away quickly. Embarrassed and always shy, she expertly hid the mixed emotions that stirred her heart. This man confused her so, no matter how many times she tried to think of why and how he mystified her, she arrived nowhere… like she thought, she was blind of reason of the attention and affection he gave her.

Hatake Kakashi was a weird fellow, yes, but she never thought that he would actually take notice of her. He overdid it though. It came to the point that he would be actually stalking her and it frightened her. Being stalked was something that should and normally would make a girl mad but every time she caught him, the way his eye smiled at her made her blush, look away and smile.

They were walking back to the Hyuuga Mansion after a warm dinner at the ramen house. He insisted that he walk her home. He even joked that it would be better if he did that publicly so it would be formal and so that he wouldn't be tempted to continue his stalking her privately. She managed to stutter an 'all right' and he seemed beaming behind his mask that he immediately put back on after eating.

Yes, he had revealed himself to her. And he was simply handsome, his features unblemished and perfect. Hinata even wondered if anybody has seen him take the mask off before.

This was not the first time he treated her for dinner but she didn't think of it as a date. She also has been getting used to his weird countenance and his twisted jokes. And yes, his often compliments of her.

Her fingers entwined with each other, she looked up at the darkening sky.

"You're still waiting for him, aren't you?"

Her steps went to a full stop, her gaze torn form the sky now on the back of his white head as he walked steps before her. He stopped too, as he felt she did.

The question stopped her world. Waiting for who… Naruto? Was he talking about Naruto -the boy who brought the smiles and encouraged her when everybody was putting her down? It has been years since she last seen him. He left without even saying goodbye but why would he…?

It broke her heart but that was years ago. Mentally she shook her head and said a loud 'no' but unfortunately, this man before her did not hear or feel it.
She raised her hand and reached for this man -Hatake Kakashi, the hentai reader of Come Come Paradise, the Copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi, the masked ninja, the genius, Sir Gai's rival, team 7's, Naruto's sensei…now her stalker, her admirer, her personal clown…

He caught her hand with his, raised it to his lips and brought it close against his chest. He smiled at her behind his mask. "Hinata, Hinata… you're so innocent. You're still infatuated with my student?" A deep laugh escaped his lips, but he did not sound so amused at all.

He sighed. "You're so wonderful, Hinata. If only I could explain how you make me so fond of you."

Was it his words, his actions or these strong feelings of his that made tears sting her eyes? She began to tremble as she felt that same sad feeling she felt three years ago. "A-ano…"

He pulled her closer, their hands between their bodies. "I'm just older than you, not old like Hokage-sama or Jiraiya. But I am patient with time like them. So, don't be scared…"

He had told her not to be scared before but not this way. She did feel awkward before but now, she couldn't even believe she was hearing this from him. Her heart ached with such loneliness she did not know even co-existed with passion. She shook her head quickly -hoping that she made him understand that no, she wasn't scared of him that way. Shaking her head, wishing to say 'no, it's okay.' But as she opened her mouth to speak, no words came out, just the tears from her eyes fell on her flushed cheeks.

"My little Hinata… How I love to see you. Now that you're here so close," he whispered, a sigh coming after his words. He closed his eyes and felt their warmth, cherishing her closeness. He looked down to meet her eyes once again and with a quick pull of his mask, he captured her lips with his.

Hinata's eyes widened with his sudden actions but when she felt the comfort and emotion in his kiss, she closed her eyes. So this is what it felt like… Her sight was spinning, she was dazed and his grip on her hand tightened. Her fingers went for the collar of his vest, pulling him closer not wanting to let go.

He felt this and he smiled as their lips were still pressed. He drew back and breathed. He wrapped his arm around her to bring her closer and he buried his nose against her soft hair and inhaled her sweet perfume. Kissing her head, he sighed. "So… which do you prefer? Me stalking or me kissing you or me-"

Giggling, she buried her face against his warmth and not once in her life did she feel so attached and secure. How could she possibly tell him why she felt so lonely? Did she fall for him...? She had to find out in the future but her words came swiftly from her lips -as if meant to be. "You, Kakashi. You."