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Epilogue: From Another's Eyes


It was the perfect day for the ceremony. Things were going smoothly according to plan. But of course, all will go well. Standing silently along with the observers, Uchiha Sasuke watched as Tsunade-sama passed on her Hokage title to Hatake Kakashi. It was no wonder to many that he was the most appropriate candidate for the next leader of Konoha.

Looking young and cool as ever, Hatake Kakashi, 40, stood tall and proud as he accepted the honor of being Konoha's new Hokage. As of now, he was the role model for all male ninjas in town. Not only was he a certified genius of skills and jutsus –he was also father to four children and a faithful husband to the very young Hinata. It was certain that almost every one in Konoha wanted to be in their shoes –both Kakashi and Hinata's.

Older and younger men were obsessed with the idea of Kakashi being so smart and being wedded to a young beautiful woman while old and young women alike were envious of Hinata marrying a good-looking, ageless and capable man. They were the town's favorite couple and now that Kakashi was Hokage, surely, it was legal to put the spotlight on them twenty-four-seven. And Sasuke bet that the townsfolk wouldn't mind if Hinata's face was carved along with the six Hokages.

And thinking of Hinata, the voluptuous wife was seated on the front row of the audience with her children, all smiles as she gazed up on the stage at her husband. Love was written all over her she stared at the face of the man she gave her affection to. The smile on her face was natural and it was clear that pure happiness was emanating from her.

As he stared at her, well-kept memories of yesteryears flooded back to him. If anyone would be given the chance to read the mind of the Uchiha genius, one would find him guiltily occupied with only one woman. Ever since he was invited at her wedding, he couldn't help but keep a watchful eye on her. Secretly he was very updated with the surprising events of her life. From the moment she said 'I do' to the moment she squealed happily when she found out about the news that her husband was going to be the next Hokage.

If Konoha thought he was going to be all brave and expose himself for all to see –like several idiots did ten years ago (the teahouse incident) –Konoha was wrong. He managed to keep himself on-guard at all times. Little rumors had indeed started a decade ago that he, too, was smitten with the Hyuga-soon-to-be-Hatake girl. Sasuke made it sure; if there would be someone spared from wild-fire rumors, it would be him. He thought he deserved the silence anyway. Didn't he handle enough since he was a child?

Throughout the years, he dodged every single ninja elder –even that unlucky old Tsunade- telling him to get a girlfriend and hopefully, start a family as well. He gave them a silent glare every time they suggested it, though secretly he considered it greatly. How could he not think about reviving the Uchiha Clan? But after hearing the reality of the rumors that the Hyuga heiress was to be engaged to his former sensei –all hopes were powder gone with the wind.

But still, truth be told, the supposedly growing rumors were very much true. How could she not be the choice?

Then, Hyuga Hinata was a girl who grew up to be a very fine woman. He did pity her though, since most of her lifetime would be spent serving that smartass Kakashi. If only he could convince her that she should at least spend most of her young womanhood scouting for more suitable, much younger males to marry, or master more skills herself –tell her that she was too young to settle down. She proved to be such a talented medic-nin and later proved to be a wonderful mother, teacher as well. And of course, everyone knew how happy, content Kakashi was to have her as his dear wife.

Sasuke could never forget the cute image Hinata was when she was expecting her first baby. It seemed that Kakashi got her pregnant as soon as they got married. Himinoru, their first born son, was born on the same date as Naruto's birthday. It was apparently a double-celebration that day, but the baka kitsune wouldn't stop fretting the moment Hinata was rushed out of the party that was celebrated in the ramen house. Kakashi was out on a mission then and though he came back as soon as he heard she was in labor –guess who carried her to the hospital with lightning speed?

Sasuke could vividly remember how his heart pounded with unexpected anticipation as he carried her in his arms that day. Many times he wondered how much more nervous he could have felt if it was his baby Hinata was carrying. Perhaps more than ecstatic. That's what Kakashi's appeared to be. For the first time in years, one of Konoha's deepest mysteries were revealed –Kakashi revealed his face. He remembered the unfolding drama when Kakashi told Hinata that he wanted to show their son his face when it opened its eyes for the first time. If only Sasuke could tell him that babies couldn't really see anything at all except for lights and shadows –but hey, it was their out-of-this-world moment so what the hell.

After seeing the sweet transition of girl to mother, how could Sasuke ever choose among the women of Konoha? All of them were acting childish. They were oblivious to who he really was. He was dark and it was clear he needed only one light –but someone else took it before ever got the chance. Small wasted opportunities are truly life's biggest regrets. But who was to blame? He was too concerned with surpassing and killing Itachi that he forgot about his own being.

Hinata and Kakashi were a happy family. Their first son was a mind-blowing experience for both. Sasuke wanted to be bitter about not getting what he wanted but… seeing the permanent smile on Hinata's face was priceless. It seemed that Kakashi was serious about reviving his clan. After a year or so, Hinata was pregnant again and it wasn't long enough since she gave birth to a set of energetic twins –Fukumi and Taka. Hinata's children were eye-catching. Himinoru was a combination of gray hair and white eyes. Taka had dark violet hair and white eyes as well while his sister Fukumi had gray hair and dark eyes from her father. Sasuke even got to see the family's youngest, Suzume up close one day when she was walking around the ninja academy, probably ran out of her mother's grasp to find her father. Her eyes were one of a kind. The shade was of Kakashi's but the pupils of her eyes had Byakugan. Numerous nights Sasuke wondered what powerful combination could have been if Byakugan and Sharingan combined.

For ten years, Sasuke had been living in silence of his inner-most thoughts. There was no use voicing out what he felt –there was no more space for him anymore. If only he figured life earlier, maybe Hinata could have been his. If only he saw how powerful love was –it truly could conquer all.

Hearing a couple of joyful cheers –Sasuke was surprised that the ceremony had gone by quicker than he thought it would be. He sighed as he tore his sight from the only woman he learned to really love and adore. He stood up from the seats and went on his way. Before leaving, he felt a hold on his shoulder. He turned his head and found the man who owned Hinata's heart. Smirking, he raised a brow. Did the man want him to congratulate him? Airhead. "Congratulations, Kakashi –or should I call you, Hokage-sama?"

Kakashi gave him a snort. "Still cold as ever, eh, Sasuke?"

"That's me."

"I never really got the chance to say thank you," Kakashi said, taking his hand and giving it a firm grip. After a nod, he spoke, "Thank you, Sasuke. For everything."

Before being appointed Hokage, Kakashi was a very busy ninja. His missions kept his schedule busy. There have been many instances when Konoha had surprise-attacks from another town. Guess again who was at bay those times. Sasuke never kept records though –but it looks like Kakashi did. Naruto was not there most of the time like his other fellow godfathers; they were also too busy to stay in Konoha. Unlike him, he lay off the missions for a while and kept an eye on Konoha (Hinata, rather).

Without word and only a nod, Sasuke left. He heard Hinata calling out for him, but he kept on his way. He caught sight of everyone important in Konoha, taking note of how they all changed and matured during the years. Sometimes they were a little childish but they were now responsible adults who were capable and accomplished. Konoha was gifted with people of skill and heart. There was no place like it. There was positively a celebration some place but Sasuke decided to go home and relax. He knew Hinata was safe, being surrounded by the Hokage himself and other high-ranked ninjas.

As he reached the Uchiha residence, before opening the door to his house, he noticed a small envelope on his doormat. Curious, Sasuke picked it up from the floor and opened the seal. Unfolding the letter, he read:

My dear friend,

I know you decided not to go to the town's party in celebration of Kakashi's new title. So I decided that our family have special friends over for dinner tonight. It will be a very small gathering, so please do come. My children will be very glad to see you and play with you as well!

I am looking forward to see you in my home tonight to celebrate with us.

Thank you.

Your friend,


Sasuke put the letter down on the table and sat on his sofa. He leaned back against the cushion and sighed again. Waiting for time to pass by quickly before he got ready to go to the Hatake household, Sasuke did his math and some analyzing. Only a few things were clear to him. Here he was, a twenty-seven-year-old bachelor craving for his former sensei –correction, the Hokage's wife.

One word came to mind: Wait.

Besides, Kakashi wouldn't live to a hundred anyway… right? Maybe Tsunade's skills will be of use to him after all. Unless Kakashi had it in mind first.

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