Dean Winchester looked at the red light hoping it would change. As it turned to green Dean sped up. It was a dark night out and Dean looked around the vacant road. Just as he turned a sharp bend he saw her, the girl from his previous nights dream and slammed on the breaks. The girl stood there in shock as she walked over to Dean's window. "Dean?"……..

Dean, Sam called trying to wake his brother up from a deep sleep. "How long was I out?" Dean said as he woke up. "Well for starters its noon. Did you have that dream with the girl again?" questioned Sam. Dean gave his brother a look before heading to get dress.

Dean and Sam walked outside to the impala when a young girl with blonde hair and baby blue eyes came up to them. "You are Dean and Sam right?" The two looked at this girl not knowing what to say. "I'm sorry I'm Riley Nicole, no last its kind of like Cher." "Nice to meet you Riley so how did you know are names?" Sam questioned.

"I just do okay I just wanted to warn you." The girl leaned in, "Supernatural forces are coming and I don't think you two can stop them."

Dean gave Riley a look saying you're crazy girl. "Now Dean trust me ok I know stuff." "Like hell you know anything lets go Sam", said Dean as he got in the impala. Sam gave Riley a smile and a piece of paper with his cell number on it, "See you later." Riley jumped on her bed, "Them guys are idiots!" "Well you didn't say you were their sister Rile you should of." said another girl with lighter blonde hair which had pink streaks in it. "Listen Paige we don't need to do this now okay just get one of them visions and tell me where my brothers are."