Dean was left alone but not for long Riley came up to him. "Do you believe in fate?" "If I say yes will you leave me alone?" smirked Dean. "No sorry really Dean do you?" "Well I'll tell you after you tell me how you knew we needed help."

Sam smiled at Paige this girl was very intelligent. He saw a sketch book sitting next to her and he picked it up. "Can I look?" Paige smiled "Sure you can." She was happy that book had no drawings of Sam or Dean in it. Sam flipped to a page it was a sketch of Paige and a brown hair girl. "These are great draw me." Paige's eyes stood out in shock. "No I can't." "Draw anything then." Sam said turning on his puppy dog face. "Fine but no peeking." Paige started to draw and in a few moments she handed a picture to Sam. It was of the fountain in front of them. "This is beautiful Paige." Paige smiled and thanked Sam as she quickly shut her sketch book closing the page she actually drawn on. The page was a drawing that a 12 year old would have done.

Riley gave Dean a smile but he looked at her putting up a brow. "So you want me to believe that you were doing a school project and suddenly found Sam and my names on the internet." "Listen okay I have lived one other place Lawrence, Kansas heard of it?" Dean looked at Riley with anger who did this girl think she was! "If you heard of us in Lawrence then you would have seen a picture of us when I was 4 and Sam was a baby. Do tell me how you knew what a 4 year old and a baby would look like at 26 and 22."

Paige walked with Sam to Dean and Riley. "Hey Riley." said Sam as he gave Paige her sketch book back. "Hi Sam hey Paige." Riley said as she walked away. "Dean what did do you?" Sam questioned as Paige had a pain over come her. Dean held Paige making sure she wouldn't fall. "I didn't do anything Sam. Are you okay?" "Yeah thanks" Paige smiled "Sam give me call if you want to talk." Paige walked away and Sam and Dean looked at each other. "She is hiding something." They both said simultaneously and looked back at each other.

"Which one were you talking about?" Dean questioned. "Um Paige which means." "I was talking about Riley." Dean finished his brother's statement. The two went to the library to look up some research on their new friends.

Paige walked into her apartment and went to the kitchen. The fridge door was opened and Paige jumped when a brown hair girl revealed herself behind the door. "Hey Paige." said the woman who was known as Sophia to Dean. "Not now Sophia please I can't." Paige said as she ventured to the living room couch. "Aw is poor little Paige falling for a Winchester?" Sophia smirked as she sat down next to Paige. "I know I can't okay you always get the easy job." "You think seeing Dean is easy try again." "Well then sister what are we going to fix?" "Paige get drawing your vision you had earlier." Paige looked at Sophia and to a picture hanging on the wall. "Okay let's go someplace else for this." Paige said as the two girls got their stuff and walked out of the building. When the door shut the picture on the wall shook a little it wasn't any picture it was a drawing of Sam.

Dean kept looking in the books but he found nothing. He places his head down on the table. "Looking for something?" Sophia asked. Dean smiled as he saw her. "Are you following me?" he asked as a smirk came on his face. "I think the question Dean is who or what is following you?" Dean opened his eyes he was at the library he must have fallen asleep. "Dean, Riley just called she wants you to meet her at the ferry."

Dean walked over to Riley who was looking out to the river. "So finally going to tell me the truth." Riley smiled "No I plan on making you believe me." Dean ran a hand threw his short hair. "I doubt that will work." "Maybe I should have asked for Sam instead." Riley said.

Sam walked into a café and took a seat. "Feeling lonely today?" said the brown hair waitress. Sam looked up to the girl's ruby lips. "A little I guess." "I have a gift of knowing what people are feeling." she said as she poured his coffee. "So someone you love past away?" Sam looked very surprised. "You are good." "Listen whatever may have happened always know that you will have something else to look forward to." she said as she started to walk away. Sam put his money down and walked over to her. "Are you sure about that?" "Yes everyone has a destiny and it will unfold in time." she said as she gave Sam a smile. Sam left the café as Sophia watched him. "Miss." a customer said and Sophia looked to them. "One minute buddy."

Riley and Dean sat in silence until Sam appeared. "Sam find anything." Dean asked. Sam nodded his head and looked to Riley. "You know something don't you?" Riley shook her head. "You told him and wouldn't tell me." Dean complained. "All I know is that you two are up against something you can't stop." she said as she walked away. "Since we believe her check on the other one now." Dean said as he made his way to the impala.

Sophia went over to Paige "Well I think I helped them." Paige opened her eyes and looked at her drawing. "We might have helped them but we didn't help us." The two looked at each other and started to walk.

"Give me the knife, Sam." Dean said as he tried to open Paige's locked apartment door. "Should we really do this Dean?" Dean already walked into the apartment and Sam followed. "Does this answer your question Sam?" Dean said as the two looked at the drawings that were taped on the wall. The two slowly looked at all of them. There had to be a couple dozen up each of a hunt the boys had went on through childhood and up until now. "She lied to me." Sam stated. "I never lied to you Sam." said Paige as she and Sophia walked into the room. Dean looked at Sophia. "Dream girl?" "Wait this is the girl that's in your dreams. She was my waitress." Sam said as they both looked at the girls. "Answers please." Dean said as he looked at a drawing of his car.

"Are you following us?" questioned Sam as he sat across from Paige. "No you know how Riley knew you were in trouble with the spirit." The two guys nodded. "Well she didn't really know until I got a vision." Paige said. "Here is the deal Winchester" Sophia said looking to Dean. "Paige gets visions of supernatural stuff and it's mostly about your brother and yourself. Then she draws them and I send them to you Dean." "How do you get visions you wouldn't draw a picture of me earlier." Sam questioned. "Look" Paige handed Sam a drawing. "I can't draw this is the picture I really drew earlier. I get visions and when I close my eyes I can draw but that's only if I get a vision." "So why us?" Dean asked. Sophia looked at him. "That's a dumb question. Why can I go into your dreams? Why can Paige get visions? Why are your brother and her falling for each other? It's all the same answer its fate." Sam looked at Paige who was blushing. "You see visions before they happened and tell um Sophia and she sends signs to Dean in his dreams." Paige nodded. "Yeah there is a legend that two brothers, hunters of supernatural will have their fate tested and will need the help of two supernatural girls to save them."

"See Sammy I knew I needed you to hunt with me." smirked Dean. "The test you two have well it got messed up" Sophia continues to reply "What happened to your mother well whatever did that it messed up your test." "You know what killed her and Jessica?" asked Sam. Paige looked to him. "No sorry but we know since that happened your test isn't the way it should be, fair." Dean looked at a picture of the girls with his dad. "You know are dad?" Sophia smiled. "We met him once around the same time Sam was getting the dreams of what happened to Jess." Sam looked at Sophia. "Did you send them to me?" Sophia looked down. "No but your dad knew something was wrong and contacted us to help him." Paige took over for Sophia. "He wanted us to make sure we helped you the best we can but the visions I get have no clues to what killed your mom or Jess."

"So why are you two here?" Dean questioned as Sophia put a worry face on. "It's about helping you." Sophia said putting on a fake smile. Dean looked at Sophia. "Really?" Paige handed the guys a drawing. "It's about your sister." Dean and Sam looked at each other then back to the girls. "Riley?" the boys said.

Across town Riley walked into her hotel and laid down on the bed as she felt something on her head. Riley let out a scream.

The four got into Dean's impala and started to drive to Riley's hotel. "We aren't sure if she is your sister or maybe cousin." said Sophia as Paige got a vision. It went so quick lights flashed and her head started to pound. "Paige!" Sam said as Sophia handed the girl her sketch book but Paige threw it back to Sophia. "It…she they thing it's getting her." Paige said as she opened her eyes which were now a black instead of an ocean blue.