Really, he didn't need this. He spent enough time worrying about the mountain's security and Markus's that he didn't need this on top of everything.

Not that he minded of course, it was Markus and he'd go to hell and back for the guy any day but he really, really doesn't need to learn all the dirty secrets of Markus's personal life, not that he didn't already know them all of course. He wouldn't be chief of security if he didn't, but he already gets hardly any sleep and he really doesn't need to spend every night shift watching the security cameras so that he can go back and painstakingly erase Jeremiah fucking Markus through the floor from every tape and file.

Its not like they stick to a schedule either, never the same room in a week, never the same time a week, he's considered starting a branch of security just to cover for them.

Although he does kinda like lording it over Jeremiah and making hints that he knows. He already saw the tape where Jeremiah asked Markus if he knew and Markus, the man who cannot lie to save his life actually got Jeremiah to believe him when he said no, though it might have had something to do with the fact that the next words out of his mouth were 'I want to blow you'.

But whether he likes Jeremiah or not, its Markus and he'll dance in hell with Megan before he'll let something happen to him. And plus, torturing Jeremiah with hints is just too fun.

Heh, sorry it jumped into my head during world religions. If anyone wants to make a drabble request let me know, I do

Jeremiah/Markus, funny and hot.

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Do we ever actually see Daniel?

Does anybody have the second season episodes who'd be willing to burn them for me? I can pay or swap and I have the blank disks.