I wrote this about three years ago. It was meant to be 'season-length' but isn't now, nor is it finished.


Part 1

The Digidestined


It was in the Digiworld. Two Monochromon stamped and growled at one end of the gigantic tan stone stadium. At the other, a lone silent Digimon watched them. It was like a mix of dinosaur and human, tall and strong with shining red scales and green stripes. Its reptilian head with bright yellow-green eyes was topped with a sweeping crest of

bone and feathers. Its human-style tunic, pants, cloak and gloves covered all but the tail.

Above in the stadium a voice called out, "Begin." And within the dark mind there a thought flew, Now is the time for Velasamon to prove his loyalty.

The Monochromon pair charged forward. One was nearly on top of the cloaked Digimon. Fluidly he leapt over it, his black cloak flapping behind him , and landed behind it. It was turning around to charge at him when he began his attack. The name was said quietly so the watcher could not hear it, but he knew it anyway; raptor claw.

White lightning appeared from Velasamon's palm and ripped through his glove to slam into the Monochromon. It roared and fell onto one knee. Data streamed from a wound in its chest. The second one was turned around as well and charged at a run at Velasamon. He whispered the attack again-this was not a Digimon who screamed their attack, and then the attack was proved weak. The raptor claw, a ball of white roiling bright light energy, was held in the clawed hand and collected there, and only as both Monochromon charged toward him did he let the energy go.

The hulking armored Monochromon dissolved into data; their dying screams echoing around the stadium. Velasamon crossed his arms and fell silent.

"Excellent." The dark one spoke directly into his servant's mind. "There is one more."

The doors at the other side of the stadium opened and another Digimon prowled out. It was feline, tan colored with a mane of black fur. A silver mask was over its face, only revealing bright eyes and the bottom half of a hooked beak. Its feet as well were covered with metal, but still it walked silently. Long, thin spikes protruded from the

mane below the eyes, and they moved up and down as it walked. The double tips were wickedly sharp looking.

Velasamon simply turned around to face it.


The feline made the first move. It ran along the side of the stadium, gracefully dangerous. Velasamon simply turned with it. He would let it attack first, so that he could judge its strength and tactics. He was a calm, thinking fighter.

The feline took a stand to the left of where it had entered the stadium. It shook its head as though it hurt, and Velasamon took a step forward. Then the mysterious feline called out its attack, "Light Blade!" Its voice was loud and growly.

It whipped its head to one side and a wave of energy not unlike Velasamon's own sliced through the air toward him, from the spike at the feline's side. Velasamon jumped and flipped in the air over it, but a second one was coming from the right spike, and it hit him directly. He fell to the sandy floor in an ungainly heap, tail over head. He got up again and retreated a few paces. The other Digimon came closer. Velasamon snapped his tail out and hit the creature in the head. A sonic boom from the tail breaking the sound barrier filled the stadium, but there was no mark on the other's metal facemask.

The feline leapt forward, aiming its claws at Velasamon, but he slid away. He threw a ball of raptor claw energy directly at the feline and it burned away some data but did not phase the creature. It stood firm, and shouted another attack. "Fire Storm!"

Velasamon readied himself, stood on four legs with his cloak draped down to the ground. But the blaze came from everywhere around the feline and swept down on him. He was burnt, then thrown backwards. The fire raged, filled the whole stadium, then was sucked back by the feline Digimon. It roared in triumph, stretching its beak wide, then sat calmly on its haunches in the center of the stadium.

Velasamon was crumpled against the far wall, barely conscious, flickering. He knew he was beaten. He dragged himself out of the stadium.

The dark watcher met him in the corridor that lead all the way around it. "So you have met Cerurumon."

Velasamon looked up at him.

"He is your successor."

The slitted green-yellow eyes widened. "No..."

The dark one held up a digivice, and spoke a few choice words. Velasamon's scream echoed in the small corridor.

In the wide stadium, Cerurumon hissed in satisfaction.