chapter 17: Till 'Morrow

"Lupin, I don't think the Bauderlaires should forget because they may ran into other death eaters and need my- our help." Harry protested with the best reason he could think. To tell you the truth he didn't want his newfound friends to forget, so they may continue to be just that, friends. But the thought of them in trouble or danger did scare him. "But I do agree that they should leave…. For now."

Lupin seems to be deep in thought and then sighed and said, " Okay. But you better take them to your aunt and uncle's house and wait there for me. Then, we will have to erase the Dursleys and Mr. Poe memories of all this."

"Yes, Lupin." compelled Harry as he took the Bauderlaires to the Dursley's. They walked all the way in silence, deep in thought. All of them think about the events of there days together. As they entered the house they noticed that the Dursleys still weren't home, surprisingly.

"Why don't you guys get packed." Harry suggested in a soft voice as he climbed the stairs to his room. He went straight to his desk and sat on the chair and placed his head in his hands. Want can I do now…. I'll soon have to say the words that I dread the most 'good bye'. I had to say it to my parents, Hogwarts my home, Cedric, and Sirius, and now my new friends…Harry thought with a sigh.

No one every really leaves, there always with us as long as we love them. said his inner voice of wisdom.

I guess that's right, but then what can I do for them before they leave……….then Harry got an idea and rushed down stairs to his trunk.

Mean while the Bauderlaires were up stairs packing, Klaus slowly packed thinking about how he never got around to being a friend with Harry having only just became friends. He looked over at Violet wore a sad expression as did Sunny, who was chewing nervously on the leg of the bed. Klaus sighed in resignedly as he knew they were all sad about leaving and fear that they may never see each other again, and more than anything else anger that Count Olaf got away again even with magic. They all sat down on Violet's bed as they finish packing, quietly in thought. When they heard Harry a yell for them to come down stairs, they slowly grab their stuff and shuffled down stairs in sadness.

When they reached the bottom, they didn't see Harry insight and started searching for him. Klaus entered the kitchen to find Harry standing in front of the table with a huge smile on his face. Behind him stood a whole stake of books, a piece of wood, and caldron filled with tools of all sorts. Klaus blow away at the sight, shock to the core.

"How…. Why…What?" Klaus stuttered out as he stepped in to the kitchen. Soon, joined by Violet and Sunny just as stunned at the sight as Klaus.

"Thought to give you something that you might need or like." answered Harry with a grin at their reactions.

"How you get theses so fast?" asked Klaus starring at Harry.

"Well, I dug out my old books from school for Klaus. I charmed a piece of wood to range from hard to soft, from cold to hot, and different textures for Sunny. I went through my stuff to find some of my old tools and equipment and went to the garage and took some of his tools and charmed them to many different things to help for Violet. While you all were up stairs and I also ward them so only you guys can use them and no one else, unless you say they can." said Harry proudly. Klaus and Violet exchanged a glance and looked back at the gifts and back to Harry.

"But we couldn't possible take theses from you. It wouldn't feel right to take anything from you without giving you something in return." said Violet seriously as she watched as the proud smile turned into a frown of rejection.

"You I asked why before. Here's my reason: because I care and I am your friend to the bitter end. I lost many things in my life friends, parents, and even home. I never got to say good-bye. But I there's one thing keeps me going now. 'No one every really leaves, there always with us as long as we love them.' And besides friends give friends gift because they want to, not because they want something." said Harry simply and kindly still wearing a frown. "So, take them I dare say I don't need them."

When he was finished, Violet hugged Harry, along with Sunny and Klaus. "Okay Harry will take them, but know that we care about you and only because we do."

"Now you know why love him so much." said Lupin, who was leaning against the doorway, having witness the whole thing. They all knew how big a heart Harry had now. Harry looked up at him and smiled from within the middle of the hugging pile.

Soon, Mr. Poe arrived and Obliviated of the memories of the Dursley's and Harry. They stood outside on the front yard, saying their goodbyes.

"We'll miss you Harry." said Violet as she hugged him.

"I'll miss you guys, too." said Harry in return and turned to Sunny and picked her up and hugged her, too and then gave her to Violet. He turned to Klaus and shook his hand and suddenly pulled him into a hug as well.

When done with there good byes, the Bauderlaires got into the car and Harry whispered that he would write to them and backed away as the car started and drove away with them waving to him. But before they were out of sight, Harry shot sparks out of his wand into the air of gold and red to form a Phoenix in the sky that sparkled like a star in the night sky. Harry smiled at the sight of the Bauderlaires eyes sparkle with amazement and happiness.

"Till 'morrow." whispered Harry as the phoenix in the sky flew across the sky and turned into a burst of fire in the sky. The fire of a bright, new, and wonderful friendship that will last forever.