Chapter 1



It was just about twilight, and the wind was blowing……… Once again I am stuck here in a colorless room reading another sappy love novel. I mean, I have nothing against them or anything, it's just they always end the same; either it's a happy ending, or both lovers die a tragic death so they can be together forever. What a load a crap that is!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kagome Higurashi, the badass of the asylum, you know a crazy house. But hey, why put some crazy people in a room of white, you think their brain would expand about three inches, and then their head would explode. C'mon, who'd wanna clean that mess up.

Well I guess you're wondering how I got here in the first place. Even if you didn't want to know I was going to tell you anyways. Ahem, now where to begin:

It all started back in first grade. It was recess, I, of course, was sitting under a tree taking a nap. The nice, warm sun shining on my face, until -

"What are you doing?"

Ugh! How I hate bothersome little people… Well I'm little too, but hey, who cares. Anyways, the little pest wouldn't go away. So I opened an eye, lazily.

"Why is it so important to know what I'm doing? Is it any of your business? No? I didn't think so. Now go away!"

I closed my eye, but it seem rudeness didn't work. Whoever the kid was sat down next to me. How annoying.

"I like you. You don't seem to care about anything. I like that in people, by the way, names Inuyasha."

He stuck his grubby, little hand out for me to shake; I didn't even spare it a glance, and you know what he did, he laughed. God! He was gonna follow me around forever, like a lost puppy… But hey, he's still young, it won't hurt to teach him a few new tricks. Maybe I'll even give him a Scooby snack if he's good…

Too bad he had to start all of this, the ass, anyways where was I…

Ah, the good old days, when children were still innocent, ignorant, and naïve. Such a blessed life, to bad for me. I had no innocent, carefree life of an average six year old. Nope, mine was a livin' hell. I had a mom and a "where's daddy." Oh yeah, my life was the shit, how in the hell do you think I ended up in this mad house. Staring at white walls all frickin' day. Damn… Well it could've been worse, which by the way, it did.

My fuckin' so called mother, tried to fuckin' pawn me off to some rich guy lookin' for a good fuck, for my nineteenth birthday. And she thought I was gonna say, "Oh, mother, this is the best thing you've ever done for me. I've always wanted to be some stranger's little bitch."

Ha! Yeah right! Like that was ever going to happen. So I took door number two. I threw on some warm clothes, ya know, some jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Put on some shoes, gabbed a few hundreds out of mommy dearest's purse, and walked on out that door.

I ain't seen mommy since. Too bad for her, and thank god I tolerated Inuyasha. I crashed at his, twenty-five bed, eight and a half bath, two kitchen, three pool, two hot tub, with a fountain in the front, mansion. Ah yes, he, and now me, had the life.

Well that went down the toilet fast. Turns out he, "wanted me," for his little, "games." And that's how I got here; the asshole tried to rape me, oh, but he didn't get to far… Kids never play with fire, and always make sure your hair, and clothes, aren't flammable. Yup, I set his ass on fire, I had a good laugh, but, no one else did. Thought I was crazy! Ya know what, I think I am. No worries. Insanity is a way to freedom, but… WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL LOCKED AWAY FROM EVERTHING! GOD DAMNIT!

Well, being locked away isn't that bad. I mean, no on ever bothers you or anything, but you know what's funny, today I get to leave this place and explore the world, well sorta. More like down town Kyoto, with 24/7 surveillance. Well ain't I the luckiest thing in the world… Whatever, at least I'm getting out of this hell hole. Go me!

Ah, man! I can't wait for that death bringing air. And I can always do what I wanted to be, a serial killer. What fun that'll be. No I'm not going to kill the innocent, what they do, other killers, I wanna be different. I'm not going to be some one who kills for the fun of it either… Well, maybe sometimes. But I'm going to be… I don't know? I just wanna kill something.

But before I can do that, I gotta get the hell away from this place and go somewhere, where I can get caught, but won't, yeah, Tokyo. The "big apple" of Japan. I'm gonna be playin' with the big dogs there. What fun!

Finally, those stupid guards are here, maybe they'll let me keep the straight jacket as a souvenir. But first, I really have to pee. Then after I use the little ladies room, I can get my clothes and run. Yes my idiotic plan will be in motion within two hours, I think. As long as it works, I'm fine.


Well what do you think. It came to me all of a sudden and It just kinda stuck, but hey don't worry I'll update my other story soon, I'm just kinda stuck where I am right now… Laters,