Long time no see!

With a soft thud the motorbike landed and the three lunatics, erm, I mean girls clambered off.

Sundus cast the room a dirty look, "Where in the name of Bob are we?" Kate shrugged while Rose twirled round looking at the ceiling,

"I think guys I think we're in the Chamber of Secrets!"

Sundus blinked, "Shouldn't we have been here three chapters ago?"

"Hey" Kate answered, "It 'isn't called Random Adventures for nothing you know!"

"Oh look there's Harry" Rose pointed at the dark haired twelve year old who was trying to stare down a rather tall sixteen year old.

"Fine! Let's match the power of Lord Voldemort against the famous Harry Potter!" the sixteen year old declared turning around to face the statue of the random hobo, well it looked like the random hobo.

Six feet under Slytherin turned in his grave and shook his fist at the author.

"Tommy!" Rose screamed running over to the memory who at turned back round by now, his eyes widened, "I know you! You're that random girl I met fifty years ago!"

"Fifty years? Honey, you don't look a day older!"

"Aww! You know how to make a memory blush!"

Kate lent over to Sundus, "Where'd they get those chairs and cups on tea?" Sundus shrugged.

"It's a gift! So, what you been up to?"

"You know, the usual. Planning the end of the world, recruiting all evil to me, all that mind you, while juggling an education, part time job and popping out for some Ben and Jerry's ice cream in-between meetings" Riddle replied counting them off on his fingers.

"You've been busy!"

"Immensely, what about you?"

They both took a sip of tea, pinkie raised in the air.

"Time travelling mostly, me, yes. Though we did end up in Italy a while ago, so it's not all fun and games"

"Italy? What did you do there?"

"Run for our lives mostly, how was I to know you could get stoned two thousand years ago for singing badly?"

"Oh I don't know, can't trust anybody these days!"

In the background Harry did various Matrix moves at the oncoming Basilisic.

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