Title: My Family, My Clan

Author: lorency

Disclaimer: I do not owe Stargate SG-1, NCIS, Charmed or Harry Potter. I do however owe Logan Tracy, a character I've added to the story. But not the other charcters. I'm writing this for fun. Not making a dime on this story.

Summary: Harry's new family is not really normal. But hey, since when has his life been normal?

"Okay, let me get this straight. You work on a secret military base, you found out recently that your mother was a powerful witch that was murdered. Your father, which is a magic wielder as well, erased you and your brother and sister's memories of the events, but you got the memories back, found your brother that works for the NCIS, found out that your sister was dead from a gas leak explosion together with her husband and son only to find out that the son still was alive and living with your sister's stepsister's family that are assholes. You and your brother that after months of not talking to your father because of what he did, decides to become friends with your father again so you could fly to England and retrieve the son of your sister, which is me. And you're married to a air force Doctor and have a adoptive daughter."

Daniel Jackson Halliwell nodded at his nephew.

"Yeah. Oh, did I mention that Tony, Janet and I are one of the Charmed Trios that exists around the world?"

Harry Potter looked at his uncle in disbelief. The Charmed One was a legend among the Wizard world. It was a fairy tale. They didn't exist. Even if they did exist. They were girls. Harry was kind of sure that his uncle was not a girl. Not that he had checked that clearly, but come on.

"Sure. Next thing you're gonna tell me that aliens are real?"

"Uh...yeah…about that…"