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SPD Academy

Syd was really bored. Nothing was up and it was her break.

'Stupid Grumm! Why can't he just attack already! Everyone is so dull!'

She looked around the room to see what her fellow rangers were doing. Jack, Bridge and Z were all playing checkers.

Then she looked at Sky. He was being typical old Sky and reading.

'Boy is he gorgeous. I just wish he was mine. If only…'

Then, Syd came up with an idea. She got up from her seat and sauntered over to Sky.

"Hey Sky, come here. I've got something to tell you," she said.

Sky leaned toward her to listen.

"What's up?" he said casually. Yet inside his heart was racing and his mind running.

'Boy, she sure is hot! Whoa, Tate, she's so out of your league.'

As Syd leaned closer, he felt the heat rise in his cheeks.

"You gotta catch me to find out!" she whispered and ran out of the room giggling.

Sky sat there confused and then ran after her.

"Boy, I hope they tell each other. They've been dancing around it for too long," Z said.

"Well, we all know Sky. He is all stubborn and doesn't take a hint," Jack said back.

"But, it won't matter. They're bound to say something sometime. Or we could drop them each a hint!"

As Sky chased after her, he finally caught up. Then he tackled her to the ground.

"What's up? So will you tell me?" Sky asked.

All Syd did was kiss him. Such passion and love was in that kiss.

"Wow! I didn't know you liked me!" Sky said and kissed her back.

"I love you Syd."

"I love you too, Sky."

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