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Flowers?... Jewelry?

He looked at the phone. It was so close, so simple, and yet, with it, he could bring the most complicated thing in his life to his side. Max.

He thought of her sweet face. Her brown, almond-shaped eyes. Her curling, dark hair. Her smirk. Her smile...

He grinned.

For a few more minutes, he sat staring at the phone, just thinking and dreaming about her.

Suddenly, he was jerked back into reality by that same phone he was staring at. He shook his head lightly, disentangling the webs in his mind, and answered.

"Hello?' he asked cautiously.

"Hey. How's the liquidation going?" Max's voice practically purred into his ear.

Only for a moment, he couldn't breathe. Couldn't speak. Couldn't think. A second later, he was all right.

He looked around at the barrenness of his apartment. Everything that been on the walls, was gone. A few chairs and lamps were now missing. He sighed.

"Oh yeah. It's going wonderfully," sarcasm ringing through his words.

"Well, I was just calling to-uh-" she paused, and he could tell she hadn't really had a reason for calling.

"-To rub it in that I'm a-what was it? 'Dope?'"

She chuckled. And-was that-a sigh of relief?

"Of course! A genetically enhanced killing machine has got to get her laughs somewhere, right?"

"Right. No actually, I'm glad you called. I was wondering if you would like to come for dinner. I don't want to think that because I'm broke, that I can't cook a culinary masterpiece for you." He could almost feel her smile.

"Sure. I'll head over once I've done my last run for Normal. Or, do you want me come at a certain time? I wouldn't want to rush the chef."

"It doesn't really matter. Just make sure nothing stops you from coming," he said softly.

A slight pause from Max let Logan know that she had heard his tone.

"How come? Some serious mission you going to send me on? Or is it-something else..." her voiced trailed off. Her X-5 worries were popping up.

"Oh! No! Nothing like that," understanding her now serious tone. "It's just-well, we haven't had dinner for such a long time and I really want you come. Besides, I think I have something else for you. A surprise, let's say." His voice was mischievous again.

"Well, if 'surprises' are going to be involved with a no doubt miracle dinner, I'll make sure to be there. See ya in a few hours." The dial tone was the only sound after the click.

Logan hung up his phone and wheeled himself from his computer to his bedside table. He opened the second drawer. Inside the drawer were a few personal things. He moved his journal and stopped when he reached a certain picture. It was beautiful brunette woman with her arms around a little boy. Logan and his mother. After a moment's pause, he pushed the picture to the side and reached for the locket beneath it. He picked it up and watched it glisten and shine. Of course, I was slightly old fashioned, round and heavy, but her didn't really think Max would mind. She had once hinted that she liked jewelry. It wasn't a special occasion really, but he would give it to her anyway.

He then looked across the room to the crate that held the exoskeleton. Clasping the locket into his palm, he smiled again.