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Chapter 7

"First, you have to sit in my lap," Logan said slyly.

Max was shocked for a moment at the idea. Why? What did it have to do with? Was there some ulterior motive to it? Another smile donned her face

"Sure." She carefully climbed onto him, wary of any pain she might cause him. But the, she recalled, he was numb from the waist down. "What now?"

"Close your eyes. And don't peek!" He whispered into her ear. At the words, her eyes closed, but her arms wound about his neck.

"I won't."

"Good." He slowly pushed them out of the kitchen and into the dining room. The candles were still lit and every thing was as it should have been. Logan looked once more at her face, making sure her eyes were closed. Finding they were, he pushed them to the table and gently picked her up and placed her in her seat.

At the movement, he eyes had fluttered, but his hands went over them before they could see anything.

"No peeking, remember?" She nodded and he removed his hands, rolled himself to his chair and lifted himself into it. For a moment, he hesitated telling her to open her eyes, she was so beautiful with them closed. A sleeping saint, he thought. Somebody's angel. His.

At her fidgeting, he knew he had to let the image in front of him go.

"Open your eyes."

Max opened her eyes and took in the place setting in front of her with some curiosity. Candles were lit romantically. If she counted correctly, she could see twelve perfect red roses. It was the slim black box next to them that attracted her full attention, however. She glanced questionably at Logan.

"Once, you hinted that you liked flowers. Do you remember?"

Oh yes. She remembered that night. The night where he could stand again. The surprise of her life. Her heart had filled with joy at seeing him standing above her. How could she ever forget the look of triumph on his face, knowing that he would be able to walk again, thanks to her? And could she ever forget the look in his eyes when he faced the prospect of not walking, yet again, thanks to her? No. She'd never forget. She shook her head slowly.

"Do you remember what else you mentioned? Other than the carburettor, of course. I was rather surprised you mentioned it."

Max thought back only for a moment before she recalled the words spoken.

" 'Flowers?... Jewellery?'"

"Jewellery?" she whispered. But, how? He was broke. It wasn't possible-was it?

"Open the box and you'll see," mystery crowding his every word.

She took the box into her hands and felt the soft velvet. She tentatively opened the box, and when she saw the locket, she gasped. There was Logan's mother's locket, shining in front of her.

"Logan! No! I can't! She left it to you. She wanted you to have it-" Logan's hand rose to silence her.

"I want you to have it. To keep. To wear. It hasn't been worn as it should have been-" a slight, bitter pause "-for a very long time. Please." His voice had a strange, pleading quality to it.

She pulled it out of the box and looked at it. It had a small, winding rose across it. The chain was slightly old and the locket was a little tarnished, but with only the tiniest amount of doubt, she put it on. It was heavy, but reassuring. She could feel the love from Logan in it.

"What are you going to put inside? It has two spots for pictures, you know."

She opened it carefully, and saw a very small picture already in it. A little boy with crazy hair and a toothy smile.

"But there's already one in it." Noticing his surprise, she took it off and handed it to him. "Didn't you look in it when you got it back?"

"No, I didn't. My mother never let me when I was a kid. She always said it was a secret between her and the locket. It felt like desecration to open it." When he saw the picture, he smiled and Max saw the same grin that was in the picture.

"It's you. The kid." She smiled. "You were adorable." He handed the locket back.

"You mean to tell me that I'm no longer 'adorable'?" the mischievous voice was back and she caught herself winking at him.

"How about I go get dinner ready?" She hopped out of the room with only one thing being said behind her.

"You never answered my question!"

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