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Twenty-one year old Drake Matthews was sitting at the airport gate in one of those plastic seats with half a centimeter of padding, as if the thin strip of foam was really supposed to make them comfortable.

Chelsea Jones watched him from her stand at the ticket counter. She had found it hard to believe that the young man was really twenty-one, he looked more like eighteen, but that was the age on his passport, and that meant he was old enough for her to show some interest. He was attracting quite a few other looks from the teenaged girls who were traveling back to their home in New York as well and it was easy to see why he would catch their eyes.

He was thin, perhaps a little too thin and very pale, but he had the most gorgeous white-blond hair there was and it was cut short, but his bangs kept falling into silver eyes framed by the longest black lashes Chelsea had ever seen. She had gotten a close look when she checked over his ticket. He also had a beautiful face with sharp features and he had given her a quick smile of thanks when she handed his ticket back that had nearly made her swoon.

She fluffed her own blonde hair, knowing that she looked very nice in the tight blouse and skirt outfit, and that the white of her shirt showed off her perfect, tanning salon bronze skin, but he didn't notice. He didn't notice any of the looks he was gaining. He was writing something in a journal and from what Chelsea could see of it, it looked like hieroglyphics of some kind.

So she just watched in silence, noticing the way his long fingers tapped out some sort of pattern as he consulted another notebook. The girls from New York all giggled when he pulled off his black sweater, the act exposing a flat stomach with a hint of a six pack as his t-shirt rose up as well. He didn't notice them, pulling the green t-shirt down and going back to work. Chelsea liked his look, the baggy jeans, the t-shirt that brought out the silver in his eyes, and the cool charm he wore on a leather strap close to his throat. It was laidback and casual, but still with a sense of style.

She got the all-clear from the voice in her headset, and paged the intercom.

"Flight 132 is now boarding to New York City," she said. "At this time, first class passengers are allowed to board."

She noticed that Drake Matthews packed up his things in a black book bag, but made no move to join the line of first class snobs. She wondered if he was a student.

He got on with the rest of the coach passengers, and Chelsea purposefully brushed his hand when taking his pass to scan it. Behind him the obnoxious teens from New York were giggling again as they stared at his butt and, for a moment, Chelsea thought he was completely oblivious to the attention as she rolled her eyes ever-so-slightly at their antics.

To her surprise, he rolled his eyes as well in response. She nearly laughed at that, managing to suppress it into a wide grin.

"Have a good flight, Mr. Matthews," she said, and brushed his fingers again when handing the pass back.

He gave her a slight, knowing smirk and his fingers pressed back lightly, and then he walked onto the plane. Chelsea took the teenagers' passes next, glaring at them from behind her smile. She sincerely hoped that Drake Matthews was far away from them on the plane.


Draco settled back into the plane seat, glad that he had gotten the window. The last minute cancellation had served him well, and although he didn't really have a desire to go to the States, he had merely called and asked for the first available flight out of country. He supposed it was better than going to Canada.

He watched the luggage trucks down below, picking up the faint laughter from the teen girls from New York and silently said a prayer of thanks that they were eight rows behind him.

A young man of about twenty-five with a decidedly 'punk' look about him shoved a worn duffel bag into the over head compartment and then slid into the seat next to Draco.

"I'm Mark," he said with an American accent, holding out his hand and Draco shook it, wondering how he had managed to get through the airport metal detectors with the ears full of metal and a few hoops in his eyebrows as well.

"Drake," he said in greeting.

"I was visiting my sister in London," said Mark, settling in his seat and making conversation. "She went to college here and got married to this guy she met. He's a pretty cool guy, I suppose. What brings you across the pond?"

Draco paused, but then mentally shrugged. "I'm running away from home," he said.

"Nice," said Mark, drawing out the word to give it emphasis. "I did that to when I was fifteen. Best thing I have ever done. Me and my old man didn't really get along. He's some big shot lawyer, and I wanted to be a car mechanic. But I've got my own shop now for fixing cars."

And he proceeded to go into a long spiel about what types of cars he could fix and how to modify engines, but Draco found he didn't mind at all; it was much better than listening to the pre-flight safety instructions given by the flight attendants. He already knew it anyways as he had spent the early morning learning everything he could about airplanes.

Their aircraft began to taxi onto the runway and Draco pictured how the engines were working as they picked up speed and then visualized the air currents and shape of the wing. It really was incredible to think that something this large and heavy could get into the air, but the physics worked, and Draco had faith in the numbers.

"First time flying?" asked Mark, once they were in the air.

Draco figured that he was being rather obvious about it, as he had been staring out the window for fifteen minutes straight.

"Yeah," he said.

"It's pretty cool, isn't it?" asked Mark, with a huge grin on his face, and for a moment, Draco was reminded of a man with long red hair and a fang earring.

He grinned back.

"Yes, it is."




Ahem. "Drum roll, please!" The moment you have all been waiting for. At this time I wish to answer all of your questions, including 'You are going to write a sequel, right?' 'Is there going to be romance in the sequel?' 'Who will Draco end up with?' 'Do other people find out about Draco's secret?' 'Will Draco join the Order?' 'Will Lucius and Voldemort figure out the truth?' And many, many more.

So, first things first.


And, yes, there will be some romance, however, it is mostly pre-romance, as in setting up the romance so if I decide on a third story, Draco can get a girlfriend. While my intentions were first for a Draco/Hermione fic, it is now going to be a Draco/Ginny pairing. Why?

To be entirely honest, at first it was peer pressure. Yes, I caved, however it was more than that. I experimented with writing Hermione's character, just to see if I could get it right, and it was terrible. Like, I tried writing this one scene for the sequel a few months ago, and it was bad. Really bad. I just got her all wrong. So, in respect for Hermione's character, whom I like greatly, I will not be writing a D/Hr fic.

Another thing, one of my reviewers Wizzabee suggested that Draco and Ginny were perfect for each other, because Ginny was touched by Voldemort's darkness, so maybe she could help Draco overcome his dark side, and I was like 'huh, that's a really good point, I never really focused on that side of Ginny before', and so that swayed me.

BUT….perhaps the biggest reason of all that it will be such a good match (Draco/Ginny) is because can you imagine Bill's reaction when he finds out that his sister and Draco have feelings and intentions towards each other? Talk about not knowing how to act!

HOWEVER….like I said before, it will be mostly setting up the romance, so those of you who dislike the romance, relax, and those of you who want it, be patient and content yourselves with the little pieces I leave in. Besides, this next fic will mostly focus on Draco becoming friends with people, because he can't be a boyfriend without first being a friend. And that is very sound advice coming from a girl who is studying Psychology.

As for other people finding out about Draco, yes, people find out. Not all of them, and not all at first, but people do find out, starting with Dumbledore. As for Lucius and Voldemort, they find out nearer the end as well, but not in the way that you probably suspect.

As for Draco joining the Order, not in this fic, at least, not that I know of so far, but hey, things might change, I'm just following my muse, so maybe at the end. What you should know, however, is that just because Draco Malfoy isn't join the Order does not mean that he isn't fighting the good fight against Voldemort. He will be quite instrumental in a Ministry-promoted…thing. I don't really know what to call it.

AND, also in the sequel, Draco finds out that he has a niece, he (in a rather nice silver Cadillac convertible) rescues Harry Potter from his relatives, gets captured by Death Eaters, translates at least one of the Eleven Persian Runes, gets officially disowned (the paper work takes forever to go through) and meets (very briefly) one Sirius Black who returns from the grave all in, but not necessarily in that order, in my new story entitled…(duh-duh-dunnnnn)

"The Code Breaker"

Coming soon to a fan-fiction website near you!

Expect it in a week or so, unless I get tons of reviews, saying "Put it up now!" and in that case...I might put it up sooner. So review! (grins - I just love blackmail!)