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Olivia Benson stared up at the wear house. It was old and unused. It had been many years since it had been used as a holding place for overseas cargo. 'Yes it's come to this' she thought 'could there be a bigger cliché?'. She and Elliot were at an abandoned wear house on the docks searching for an escaped prisoner from Riker's.

The criminal they were pursuing was one of four rapists that had all broken out together. The two guards who had been involved in the escape conspiracy had already been arrested and in questioning they each gave up the location of one. Unfortunately it had been the same one and not the one that Olivia was hoping for.

Richard White the bastard who seven years ago had murdered an ADA and then turned is women hating vengeful sites on Olivia had been one of those who had escaped. When Cragen had broken the news to her, she had had a momentary lapse in her usually calm being.

The captain had looked concerned when he had noticed it "Olivia," he had said gently "be honest, tell me that you can be objective in this."

She had put his fears to rest and reassured him that if at any time she felt to emotionally involved she would ask to be taken off the case.

Now as she stood outside the dismal wear house she knew she had been lying. As she took in the whole sight she had one thing in mind. To find this bastard Andrew Crawford and get him to tell her where White was. That Bastard was serving a life sentence and she was going to make sure that he spent it as miserable as possible.

"Okay," said Elliot "I'll go left. You go right." Because they were after one guy it would be better if they split up because they could cover more ground. Elliot fully trusted his partner's capabilities and he felt that it was a safe decision to make. Besides it was a big wear house.

Olivia proceeded down the right hand side of the wear house. Although it had not been used in a long time, stacks of wooden and cardboard boxes and metal containers were piled high. As Olivia looked back and saw that her view of her partner had been obstructed by one of those large metal containers she unconsciously reached for her gun. It afforded her some sense of security in this tense situation.

All of a sudden she noticed ahead of her not one but two of the suspects. As she tried to follow them inconspicuously she reached for her radio. Then out of no where someone grabbed her from behind.

"We can't have that now can we," a man's voice said as he grabbed the radio and threw it on the ground. She tried to move her gun to fire at least a warning shot but before she new it somehow her gun had left her hands too. 'You weren't meant to be a juggler Benson' she said to herself as she clawed at the guy. Then she stopped clawing, she felt a rim of cool metal pressed against her cheek. She looked at it. Damn Bastard had her at the mercy of her own gunn

"Don't scream," said the voice from behind her. She hadn't been planning on it. What she had really wanted to do was kick his ass but that no longer seemed like a viable possibility.

"Now where's your partner?" the man asked as he squeezed his arm into her wind pipe.

"Other… side… wear house," she choked. This was obviously bad. She now felt two men behind her and could still see the two suspects in front of her. One of the men in front of her was giving her a strange look, she didn't like it.

"C'mon Rich I need me some action," said the man whom she recognized as Andrew Crawford. Her heart stopped 'Rich as in Richard White is he the one who grabbed me'.

"Keep it in your pants Crawford," said White. She recognized his voice now. It had been a long time but she would never be able to put it completely out of her mind. She felt his breath against the back of her neck as he spoke his next sentence "This ones all MINE!"

Her heart pounded in her chest. She hadn't felt this kind of uncertainty in a long time. White's words witch in effect kept her safe from the other rapists scared her. Seven years ago he had expressed what could be described as a desire for her.

White had given one of the other men the duty of holding the gun trained on her. He proceeded to move himself and her into a sitting position. Because he was behind her she ended up sitting in his lap. He held his right arm in front of her neck. He was staring at the back of her neck and he kissed it.

She tried instinctually to move her head away but because of his arm her head was basicly stationary.

"You know Olivia," he said in his low sadistic voice "Your even more beautiful now then you were seven years ago,"

She just sat in silence. Now was not the best time for sarcastic remarks. She was already in enough trouble. She had to think clearly witch became hard to do as she felt his erection behind her. 'Calm down' she told herself 'Elliot will come looking for you soon. Just try to keep them from leaving the wear house.'

But she didn't have to worry about them leaving. Richard White was even more sadistic then she had thought.

"Where's your phone?" he asked momentarily tightening his grip around her neck. He wanted to here her gasp when she answered.

Olivia tried to reach into her coat to retrieve her cell phone but White slapped her hand away.

"Just tell me," he said angrily gripping her tighter.

She gave in "Left… inside… pocket…" she gasped.

His grip relaxed a little.

What did he want with her phone she thought as she looked up at the three other men. The man holding the gun was taking his job very seriously but the other two were taking in the scene and enjoying it thoroughly. She wished she could hurt them. 'Calm down' she reminded herself 'Just stay calm and wait for your chance'

She heard him using her phone. She was planning to escape but she couldn't think of anything that wouldn't end with her getting fatally shot.

Elliot had checked his side of the wear house as carefully as possible. Looking in any abandoned boxes, crates or containers he could find. All of a sudden his cell phone rang. He jumped 'Damn' He new he should have set it on vibrate. What a total jackass he was. He looked at the caller ID. It was Olivia. He answered the phone as he started to quietly make his way to the other side of the wear house.

"Hey Liv," he whispered as soon as he answered the phone "Did you find the guy?"

"Not exactly," a man's voice came back over the phone.

Elliot froze "Who is this?" he asked almost forgetting to wisper.

"Hello Detective Stabler," the voice said "Your partner can't come to the phone write now. She and I are going to have a little private time together."

"Who is this?" Elliot repeated. He was finding it hard to think straight.

"Oh come on Elliot you remember me," the man said. With every word the man sounded more and more depraved "Remember? Central Park, you tackled me before I was able to get what I really wanted."

"White," Elliot muttered.

"That's right," said White who had obviously heard him "You know I really did miss this little game of ours."

"It's not a game," Elliot growled into the phone as he approached the point where he had last seen Olivia.

"Sure it is," White continued "My wits against those of you and your partner. The winner gets the girl," he laughed, a low frighteningly evil laugh.

"We are not your pawns," Elliot tried to keep his voice level but the way his words slipped out it was easy to tell that White was getting the better of him "And my partner is not a prize."

Olivia could hear Elliot's voice on the other end of the phone as she sat in White's lap. She no longer cared about her own safety, as long as Elliot got away "Elliot just run!" she screamed "Get back up!"

"Shut up bitch," White snapped as he tightened his grip once again.

Olivia once again began gasping for air.

White returned to speaking with Elliot again without loosening his grip on Olivia "I wouldn't do that Detective," his tone was mocking, almost sing song "If I hear a single siren or see any other cops besides you, I will kill her,"

Elliot's heart flew into his throat "No," he whispered hoarsely. He never thought that he could actually lose her but in this situation that seemed more and more hopeless by the minute, he found their whole partnership flashing through his mind. He knew that he was unable to live without her "What do you want," he conceded.

White laughed, he knew that he had Elliot right where he wanted him "Keep coming to this side of the wear house," was White's only instruction.

"Okay, okay," Elliot said softly.

"I knew you would," White replied, sneering menacingly at Olivia.

She felt her heart sink. It didn't look like White would let either of them get out alive. She resigned herself to doing whatever was necessary to make sure that Elliot got away.


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