Elliot heard Olivia's sobs and instantly turned around, losing his balance and ending up on the ground, which only added to his pain "What's wrong?" he frantically called out to anyone who could hear him.

"We're coming," Kim responded as she supported the distraught Olivia in her arms as they walked towards the spot where Elliot now sat on the ground.

"I think that we should take a rest," Nathan suggested as he sat down on the ground next to Elliot, allowing Halley to stand in his lap.

Kim and Olivia reached the place where the men sat and Kim helped Olivia sit down next to Elliot. Kim turned to Nathan and gave him a knowing look. The two moved off just far enough that they couldn't hear what Elliot and Olivia were saying but not so far that they couldn't see them.

Elliot reached gently for one of Olivia's hands and slowly drew her closer to him. He ignored the pain in his body as he pulled her into a tender hug. He was as careful as he could be as her body shook from the sobs. He knew that something was definitely wrong. She never cried this hard, at least not for this long "Olivia," he whispered "Its ok, I promise it's gonna be ok."

Her sobs did not diminish as she answered him "No it won't be," her body shook so violently that Elliot fought to hold back the groans of pain as he struggled to hold on to her without hurting her.

Kim looked to Nathan "Something's really wrong with her," she turned and picked Halley up from the ground where she was playing with her brother. She turned back to Nathan "You go on ahead to the house and call for an ambulance," she gave him a quick kiss on the lips "I'll keep an eye on them just please hurry." Nathan gave a quick nod to his wife and turned, heading for their house which was easily visible through the trees. Kim turned back to watching the two people on the ground a few yards from where she stood.

Elliot was now lying on the ground on his least painful side, holding Olivia tight "Shhh Shh," he whispered "We'll get through this," he kissed the top of her head.

"No we won't Elliot," she made no effort to keep her voice down "Do you think it's a coincidence that Kimberly Philips lives here, where ever the hell here is. The place where White brought us," she choked on her sobs as a fresh wave came in full force, making it impossible to talk for a few moments.

Kim froze. She hadn't heard all of what Olivia had been saying and what she had heard she hadn't been able to make out all except for one word and it was the one word that made her blood run cold 'White'. Halley let out a short whimper and Kim realized that she had been holding her extremely tight. She relaxed only enough to let the little girl breathe but her grip was still vice like. She found herself unable to move as she tried to find her voice. Frantically she called out in a strangled whisper "Ben. Ben come here. Please come here Ben," she pleaded with her son who only stood two feet away.

"I'm here mommy," he told her, coming up to her.

She collapsed to the ground and enveloped her son in the same tight embrace that she held her daughter in. She had thought that part of her life was over. She had moved away from the city so that Lila White would no longer pound on her door, demanding to see her grandson. It wasn't a coincidence that these two detectives were here. The last time she had seen Richard before they had arrested him, he had told her that he would settle his score with 'that bitch of a detective' and then he… it hurt for her to remember it but if he hadn't done it, she would have never been blessed with her precious son. Kim felt her own tears forming as she strained to hear what Olivia was saying. Privacy was not important anymore. Her family's safety was at stake.


Nathan got to his house and hurried inside. He ran to the kitchen and practically ripped the wall phone from its proper place. He held the phone to his ear expecting to hear the familiar dial tone. His heart stopped when he heard absolutely nothing. He turned and looked out his kitchen window. He saw a man climbing down from the old maple tree, the one that the phone line ran right next to. Nathan's blood ran cold. What lengths would that woman go to, to steal her grandson from his mother's arms? He ran out the door and to where he had left his wife. It was no longer safe for them in this place, for any of them.

He pulled the keys from his pocket and jumped into the pickup truck. He knew it was risky, the noise would alert the intruders to his movements but with the two injured detectives, Nathan refused to leave them behind, they would need the advantage.


Crawford dropped onto the ground from the tree after cutting the phone line. He turned to Sullivan "Why are we here again?" he groaned.

Sullivan shook his head "Rich is an ass, that's why we're here. He thinks that somehow this ex of his is gonna make up for that hot piece of ass that we almost had."

Crawford just threw his head back and laughed at his friend "I'm not the one who lost her up in the room. I might have gotten knocked out outside but I was alone man. You had Daniels."

Sullivan silently fumed. Since he had been knocked out at the time, he wasn't sure who it was who had shot Daniels but he knew that whoever it was, was in for a world of pain. Daniels had been his cell mate and through the years they had become like brothers. They had protected each other against prison fights and watched each others backs for years.

"I can't believe that he made us carry his sorry ass all the way here," Crawford bitched to his partner.

"I can hear you, you know," White said from where he was leaning against the tree. He was still pale and shaky but he felt up to the job at hand. After all Kimberly Philips was a much easier target then Olivia Benson.

All three men turned in the direction of a sudden noise,

"Damn it," White cursed as he drew himself up into a standing position. They all watched Nathan Barkley pull away from his house in his pickup truck. "Follow him," White firmly ordered Crawford and Sullivan.

Both men turned to him "You're fucking crazy man," Crawford told him "There is no fucking way that we are going to follow a fucking pickup truck on foot. You fucking idiot!"

"Go!" White shouted, pulling a gun from behind his back. His hands trembled fiercely but not from fear, it was from the infection that was quickly overtaking his body.

Crawford stared him down "You wanna shoot me? Okay man you go ahead and fucking shoot me. If you kill me, there's no fucking way that you're getting what you want." Crawford was confident that White wouldn't shoot him.

He was sadly mistaken however as White squeezed the trigger. White's hands were shaking so badly though that the bullet flew past Crawford. Crawford could feel the breeze the bullet made as it went past and he and Sullivan wasted no time in reassuring White that they would follow the pickup truck.

The truck was still in sight. Nathan had to steer carefully through the trees to get to where Kim and the others were and that meant that he couldn't go very fast. Crawford and Sullivan managed to get within five yards of him before he even noticed them. Nathan would have loved to run them over but amidst the trees he was unable to maneuver the truck to accomplish such a thing. He managed to speed up a little bit and increase the distance between them to about fifteen yards.

"Kim!" Nathan shouted when he reached them "Get in now, all of you! We have to go!"

"What?" Kim asked as she handed Halley up to him and then gave Ben a boost. She had a bad feeling she knew what it was.

"No time to explain!" Nathan's heart was pounding.

Kim turned to where Elliot and Olivia had been lying. Although Olivia was still sobbing and shaking, the two had managed to get to their feet and had started to make their way towards the pickup truck. Kim helped them as quickly as she could. When they had reached the back end of the pickup truck, Elliot made as if he were going to give Olivia a boost but he nearly doubled over before he had even lifted her off the ground.

"Elliot," Olivia managed to croak out through her sobs. She was concerned and she bent to help him into the truck. He made no objection as Olivia and Kim hoisted him into the back of the truck.

Olivia was just about to climb in after him when someone grabbed her from behind "You're not getting away that easily you little bitch," Crawford growled.

Olivia didn't have the strength to fight back but Kim did "Let her go you bastard!" she screamed as she swung at his face. The blow surprised Crawford who let go of Olivia who managed to land a, not as powerful as she would have liked, kick to his crotch before Kim helped her into the back of the truck.

Kim was on the verge of climbing in herself when Crawford recovered. Sullivan had also arrived on the scene, a little more out of breath then Crawford had been. The two men pulled Kim down off the truck. She tried to fight them off but it didn't take long for her to realize that her efforts were useless.

"Drive Nathan!" she screamed. There was no way that she was going to let these creeps get their hands on her family or on Elliot and Olivia.

"Kim!" Nathan cried out to his wife. His heart was being ripped apart at this moment.

"Drive the damn truck Nathan!" she screamed and in one second as Nathan looked over his shoulder at his wife as she fought in vein against the men, trying to prevent them from getting any closer to the truck. Their eyes met and Nathan knew that his wife was hell bent on protecting all the people who were in the truck and he regretfully sped off, leaving his wife at the mercy of Richard White's two cronies.

As Olivia lay on the floor of the truck, Elliot holding her tight and whispering "Thank God," over and over again, she felt the guilt over what had just happened as Ben and Halley cried out for their Mama.


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