A/N: I got this idea when I was watching spongebob…and I thought it would be soo funny!

When Squirrels Attack!

It started early one day as Sesshomaru and his group were walking down a road in a small forest. Rin was gazing up at the trees while riding Ah-Uhn. Jaken was trailing after Sesshomaru thinking about how hot he was. Sesshomaru was contemplating killing Jaken because he had noticed that the little imp had an unnatural obsession with his butt and it was starting to freak him out.

Everything's so peaceful. Sesshomaru thought. Nothing can go wrong today. Just then, two freakishly huge squirrels launched themselves at his head making him fall to the ground.

"Attack!" the squirrels screamed. "Don't let him get away!"

Sesshomaru clawed and scratched at the squirrels while Jaken, Ah-Uhn and Rin watched with barely concealed laughter.

Sesshomaru twisted and moved, trying desperately to remove the offending squirrels from his head. Finally, out of pure frustration, he ran to a tree and started to scratch his head against the tree trunk.

It actually did look kinda funny: the great Sesshomaru Lord of the Western Lands and great dog demon was moving around on the ground twisting against a tree trunk with several killer squirrels on his head.

" I hate you you stupid Squirrels!" he screamed. The squirrels laughed at him and dug their evil little claws even deeper into his head. When he finally had the sense to remember what his father had said about killer squirrels, he flicked his head in this weird rotating movement and the squirrels left his poor abused head.

He looked at his followers who were staring at him.

"What! I don't have to explain myself to you!" They just shook their heads and followed their offended leader away from the evil Forest of Doom.

What Sesshomaru did not know though was that there was someone watching all this…just like with his father years ago. And he was plotting his demise just like his father's.

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