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Fire – Jackpot

Just beautiful.

Red and gold, lion color, bravery. Red was red, his color. Blood color, demon color, but still. His color. Mom's color too. Gold was her color too. Her hair.

Vergil's was blue and white. Typical.

Well, he was using a gun just this once, maybe there was hope. And the tentacle blob went bye-bye, under twin shots. Just like they'd played, back when she was alive, before this whole mess started.

No, it started before then.

His powers were red and gold. He liked that.

Stupid reason to like something evil. Whatever. He'd do as he pleased, now.

- Cuttings – Lucia

Pineapple smoothies instead of Coke, with a green umbrella. He and Vergil had used to bug Mother for straws. Lucia was contentedly sipping on her drink while Matier bossed around workmen rebuilding her house. The island was in the temperate zone, no sleeping on the beaches here.

Lucia looked like a surfer girl. She was, she'd agreed to teach Trish.

Identical twins, clones, same thing. Nelo Angelo, Secretaries. Pawns versus players.

She was a nice kid. Listened to her mother. Was that it? He wondered what the difference had been, for both of them. Why they alone had escaped hell.

- Everywhere – Vergil

Nothing here but blood. He fought to drink it when they let him. No human food, no water. Nothing but his own agony, and they took that away, laughing.

He remembered pancakes and syrup, cool milk, apple juice, chocolate cake. Warm hands and smiles and a soft bed. His twin.

He remembered in dreams, sometimes. He would have sobbed when he woke up, but he didn't remember what tears were. Tears healed. Nothing healed here.

He knew he had to keep fighting, but he had to fight everything, and he never won.

Tired. So tired.

He wanted to go home.

- E.T. – Trish

Dante made her memorize the number. The human world was easy to get lost in. After the first few times tracking her down with magic, he'd given her a phone card and muttered about buying a GPS.

The motorcycle had extended her range, and she took off every so often.

She phoned home a lot. Dante would yell at her to get off the line. She'd laugh at him. She'd come back, kill things, learn things, take off again.

Dante was sweet, letting her stay. She didn't know anyplace else to go, but she didn't want anywhere else. Just home.

- Rent – the shop

How hard could it be to repair a building by magic? He needed to learn, Mother's shops had kept blowing up. And he didn't have enough for a security deposit after buying so much ammo. Not that anyone would be crazy enough to rent to him.

He wanted another location, though. Too close to the Love Planet, too close to old friends wanting him to drop by and blow a ton of cash.

He was transforming into a demon to fight, magic was less bad if you thought about it.

He didn't want to do any singing or dancing, though.

- Dogsbody – Cerberus

"Quit complaining. I could have made you the size of a Chihuahua. Or left you in the weapon."

"What is this Chiwawa?"

"It's a really teeny, yapping dog that I could squish with one boot. Now hold still while I get the collar on." Snap. "There we go."

"Why must two of my heads be covered?"

"Bits of ripped-up invisibility cloak. It won't hold up to a close inspection, but anybody that close you'll be attacking."

"You wish me to attack you?"

"Don't even think about it."

"You said there would be pizza."

"Here you go. Good boy."

Tail wagging.

- Ambrosia – Matier

She had done her best to honor the god when he had come to save them. She had been honored to fight beside him, thankful she was the Protector of the island.

Now she was old and crochety, but she remembered how hard it had been to study and train long hours. Lucia was a good girl, never complained. A little eerie how she never complained.

She had cooked for him and carefully dressed (disarranged in the first battle). She had fought hard to impress him. Sighed over him with the others. Unattainable. The folly of youth.

He'd been divine.