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Vergil/Lucia –

31. Sunrise – By the sword/bushido

She bore two blades, and he was struck by the memory of holding Yamato and Force Edge (the one he had inherited, the one he had no right to), and even though the red and white were reversed she still bore those colors.

For a moment he was trapped in memory of his dishonor, then she tilted a blade, reflecting new light, inviting an attack: an opening, not Dante's taunt.

Lucia wasn't one to mock her opponents, as much as he felt he deserved mockery. Nor was she one to attack a distracted opponent.

He wished he'd been that honorable.

32. Sunset – Pride before the fall

As much as they once would have wanted to claim nothing in common, the parallels were inescapable.

She had challenged Arius, and fallen. He had challenged Mundus. The difference? Dante had caught her.

He knew that was Dante, with his obsession with protecting the weak humans (especially women), and that it was perhaps a mark of respect that he had not left it all behind to save Vergil, had left Vergil to fight his own battles.

Lucia had been denied the opportunity to fight her final battle.

They knew it was wrong, to resent their beloved savior: a shared shame.

33. Too Much – You wreck me

Even though he had been born of the flesh of his too-human mother, raised by her, and Lucia had been born of twisted magic and science and then raised as what she was: a hybrid, she seemed the more human of the two of them.

They normally knew where the line was, how much they could share, say, reveal in a sitting before they had to change the subject.

Sometimes, though, they let too much slip and then Lucia, whose demon-red hair branded her the more unnatural, was the one to break down and cry. Over Vergil!

He hated it.

34. Not Enough – Mother's Betrayal

Dante had always been Eva's favorite. Why? Vergil had tried so hard to be just like Father, but he had failed and Dante had taken his place, his inheritance. He was the eldest, he should have been the one to fulfill his father's legacy.

Lucia had resented Dante before she saw him. This land was hers to protect. Why had Matier called in this outsider? Why did Matier not trust her with the truth? If she had known, then she could have done something!

They had never been good enough for them. They weren't even good enough for each other.