Chapter 7

Draco landed with an undignified thud. Rubbing his backside, he stood and growled, "That's going to leave a bruise Severus! You better have a potion for it!"

"Oh shut your snivelling trap, you ungrateful simpleton! Now, if you all will come closer." Snape pulled a piece of parchment out from beneath his robes. "Everyone please read and memorize the contents." Everyone including Albus progressed slowly over, dusting off dirty robes from the unexpected lay on the grassy land. "Now if you all will turn to look behind me."

Dumbledore chuckled and cleaned off his spectacles. Putting them back on he squinted at the establishment before him. A small castle stood before them. The grounds immaculate, hedges trimmed and flowers blooming. The lawn consisted of animated shrubs and bushes made up to look like magical beasts. The girls ooh and ah'd at everything as they trek to the gates. Snape, with a flourish of wand movements and murmuring, unspelled the gate's defenses and they were allowed admittance.

"Where are we Professor?" Hermione tentatively asked.

"Why Miss Granger, you haven't figured it out yet? I'm surprised, and I thought you knew everything." Severus smirked, "This Miss Granger, is my mother's home. This is what she fondly called, The Prince's Castle." Swinging around to eye the people before him, he glared at each of them intensely."Now do remember this is my family home. This is not Headquarters, this is not Hogwarts, you will treat everything inside with respect. And be sure not to touch anything! I have long ago bespelled random artifacts and portraits to repel intruders, and that is just what you are, intruders. So don't think you can go around snooping through the floors. I will know if you do." Giving one last hard glare he spun and opened the front door.

"MASTER SNAPE! You's be coming home early Sir! The rooms! Oh my. Ebby is a bad elf! Bad Ebby! Bad!"

Hermione gasped as the surprisingly well dressed house elf started to slam her head against the nearby closet door.

"Stop you feebleminded creature! I didn't expect to be here either. Now go collect the rest of your staff and get the appropriate rooms ready. I need you to remove any of the dangerous objects from the rooms, put them in one of the unused studies. We will be in the main parlor have Dowbs bring us refreshments. What are you waiting for? Go!" Snape made a sweeping motion with his hand and the elf cowered back and with a flick of fingers was gone.

"Why did you do that! You were so mean to her! You could have been nicer, there was no need to yell!" Hermione went on a tangent, screaming loudly and pointing an accusing finger. Ron kept picking at her sleeve to shush her. He paled as Snape came closer to loom over Hermione.

"What did I just say Miss Granger? Is your Gryffindor brain that thick! This is MY home, that means what I say goes! Would you like to be one of the things that goes Miss Granger!"

Hermione visably gulped and looked at the floor, "No sir."

"Harry are you alright?"

Harry was backed up against a wall, almost hidden by a large statue in the corridor, he was visibly shaking, his knees drawn up to his chest. Remus walked over to Harry and leaned down towards him, laying his hand gently on Harry's arm he frowned as the boy shrank back.

"What's wrong with the boy wonder?" Draco asked, popping his head out from the parlor doors located a few feet away.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny glared in his direction and raised their wands. With a little squeak he fled back into the safety of the sitting room.

"I think its best we get you up to bed now Harry. Harry? No one's going to hurt you." Remus gave a meaningful look to Severus and Albus.


"Yes Master Snape, how can I help you sir?"

"Potter's room. I need it ready now! And have Dowbs bring a Dreamless Sleep Potion."

"Pop.Pop." Ebby was gone and back in seconds. "All ready Master Snape sir."

"Harry come on, let me help you..." Remus hooked his hands underneath Harry's trembling knees and hoisted him up. "Alright then, Ebby, show the way please."

Harry's friends watched as Remus carried him down the hall and out of sight.

"What just happened? What's wrong with him?" Ron questioned.

"I believe that Harry still has much healing to do Mr. Weasley, more then we anticipated." Albus walked and opened the doors to the sitting room and if the scene wouldn't have been so tense, they would have laughed as one Draco Malfoy plummeted to the ground flapping his arms like wings on the way down. Albus didn't seem to notice, he simply stepped over the groaning form. "Ah, tea and biscuits."


Now don't go booing at me. If you don't understand psychological problems of individuals who have been beaten then guess what? You won't get Harry at all. Anways...not alot of people seem to like this story, so I was thinking of rewriting chapters 1-6, if you have suggestions, get them in now or forever hold your tongue.