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(Raven's POV)

The alarm on my bedside table beeped obnoxiously. I slammed my hand over the snooze button. I rubbed my eyes. I stared down at my pillow; it was wet, wet with tears. I blinked back the memories. Never did I want to think or even witness something like that again.

The warmth of my bed made me not want to get up; but I had to. 'Stupid.' I thought. I glanced over at the clock. 8:45 shone in bright red numbers.

I sighed heavily as I threw back the covers of my bed. 'Today is the day.' Knowledge reminded me.

"I know." I said as I walked over to my closet and pulled out a leotard.

It had been three days since the horrific accident. Today is the day we are finding two new titans. I told myself that it wasn't going to be bad. But everyone thought that Starfire was dead too. And Robin wasn't going to let anyone find out that she was alive, not yet at least.

I slipped the smooth material of my cape over my shoulders and put my hood up.

Instead of going to the main room, I decided to go to the medical lab. I wanted to see Starfire and I hadn't seen her since the night of the accident. The doors swished open and the smells of disinfectant filled the air. I pulled back the curtain. Tears came to my eyes and I blinked them back.

It hurt to see Starfire in the condition it was but it made me cry to see Robin sleeping next to Starfire. Starfire was his first love. She was his joy, his light, and it hurt to see our leader upset. I walked over to the side of the bed quietly.

"Robin." I said softly. "Robin!" I said louder, poking his shoulder.

"Raven? Raven!" He said sitting up quickly and jumping off the bed.

"Have you been here the last few nights?"

He sat down on the chair beside her bed. "Yeah." He nodded. "I can't leave her."

"Robin," I started, trying to hold back tears, but then again show no emotion. "Robin, for your sake, you need to just leave her be, if you keep coming here, it will be harder for you to get away. Star would want you to be well."

"Alright." He said looking at her. "Today is the day." He sighed.

"Yeah. It won't be so bad. Let's get something to eat." I said.

Robin and I walked down to the main room. He made himself some breakfast and I ate some cereal and was now drinking some herbal tea.

Soon Beast Boy came in. "Today's the day." He said and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. I held him close. 'Poor Robin.' I thought.

'He lost Starfire.' Love said.

'No, he didn't lose her. We didn't lose her.' I informed my emotion.

'He looks so sad.' Happy said.

'Hey aren't you supposed to be happy?' Rude shouted.

'I am, but-'

'Now is not the time for that.' I said as I released Beast Boy.

Beast Boy walked over to the huge windows looking out over Jump City Bay. "Whoa! Guys look!" He shouted.

Robin and I ran over to look where he was pointing.

"Those must be all of our candidates!" Beast Boy laughed.

"Wow." Was all I could say. "I didn't know there were that many superhero's."

Hundreds of little dots surrounded the tower.

"We better get started then." Robin smiled and we walked up to the roof.

The cool morning breeze and the morning sun greeted us as Robin pushed open the heavy metal door.

We walked to the edge. "Are you two ready?" Robin asked.

I concentrated, my eyes glowing white and a black platform appeared. I put my hood up. "Ready when you are."

We stepped on and I lowered it off the roof to about ten feet above the people's heads.

They started to cheer and go wild. Beast Boy smiled and waved as Robin put his hands up to quiet them.

They silenced immediately at his command. "Hello everyone, we will be taking one hero at a time. We will see you all shortly." Robin said and motioned for me to get us up on the roof. I nodded and the platform rose and the heroes cheered.

The aura dissolved as we reached the roof. Robin sighed.

"What?" Beast Boy asked.

"Those aren't superhero's. Did you see them? They are just fans." He said.

"Great." I said monotonously. "Just great."

"It looks like we have some loony's here with us today!" Beast Boy laughed.

"Let's just get down to the main room, and the sooner we get this over with the better." He said.

Beast Boy and I were left silent by his statement as he pulled open the large door. "He doesn't want to do it." I said.

"But he has to. For the city." Beast Boy finished.

"He doesn't, we do." I said as I walked to the big door and pulled it open.